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The Oggai are organized into squads, each with its own squad leader. There exist at least two squads: Squad A (あー班, Ā-han) and Squad B (べー班, Be-han).[1] They are among the elite within the Commission of Counter Ghoul and were created using Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou under the authority of newly-appointed bureau director Kichimura Washuu.[2] Kichimura utilizes this squad along with the the Suzuya Squad as an efficient substitute to the previous S3 Squad Led by special class investigator Kishou Arima and his few subordinates, Kichimura himself believing more in the power of overwhelming numbers and force rather than a small group of elites. The Oggai Squads also served the hidden purpose of being sacrifices to Ken Kaneki.


The squads are composed entirely of children who have undergone experimentation in Lab 4 at the CCG Laboratory Division, created using Akihiro Kanou's perfected kakuhou transplant surgery.[1]

As they share a single kakuhou source, all members possess a powerful rinkaku kagune. Whether they likewise possess the superior healing witnessed in other Eater-types is unknown at this time. However, several demonstrate a heightened sense of smell which was able to track down ghouls who have managed to escape regular searches.




The Oggai squads are assisted in their missions by a select group of investigators, forming another support squad. Many of these individuals are in fact Quinx created through Kanou's experiments on "deceased" investigators.[4]

Investigations and Operations[]

Post-Clown Siege[]

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  • The letters identifying the squads are pronounced as in the German alphabet: /ɑː/, /beː/, etc.


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