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Nanao Yasuhisa (安久七生, Yasuhisa Nanao) was the father of Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa, and president of the Sphinx Trading Company.


He seemed to be an average man with long hair.


Nanao was loving and caring with his family. He owned a library with world literature, business administration, and children books. According to Tsukiyama, he was the symbol of happiness.



Nanao Yasuhisa created the Sphinx Trading Company with funds from his father's wealth. Living in a mansion with his wife and twin daughters, he apparently lived a peaceful life running a reportedly prosperous company. According to Akihiro Kanou, this was a falsification as Nanao failed in his business ventures, exhausted the Yasuhisa fortune and sustained a massive amount of debt. The Commission of Counter Ghoul offered Nanao a transaction to assume the Yasuhisa family's debt. In exchange, utilization of the Yasuhisa Mansion as a front for the construction of an underground laboratory beneath the manor for the CCG's ghoulification experiments. Nanao reluctantly agreed but eventually became horrified by the barbarity of the research and attempted to inform the outside world. This compelled the CCG to eliminate the Yasuhisa couple.[1]

One day, a ghoul broke into the mansion, murdering Nanao and his wife in front of their daughters. After this tragic event, Kurona and Nashiro were taken in by the CCG and trained to be ghoul investigators.[2]

Raid of Kanou's Lab[]

Many years later, his mansion would be taken over by Dr. Akihiro Kanou, and used as the site of his experiments. Kanou convinced Kurona and Nashiro to side with him, and become one-eyed ghouls, promising to help them take revenge against the CCG, the true party responsible for their parents' deaths.[3]

Takatsuki Sen would later visit Koutarou Amon, sharing with him that the facility built beneath the mansion belonged to the CCG and that Nanao Yasuhisa had been doing business with the CCG in secret, selling them a liquid made from the dissolved bodies of ghouls. Based upon this information, Amon concluded that the CCG had somehow been involved in Nanao's death.[4]