Mutsumi Chino

Mutsumi Chino


Name Mutsumi Chino
Japanese Name 千之 睦 (ちの むつみ)
Romaji Chino Mutsumi
Species Human
Status Unknown/Declared Dead (Manga)[1]
Alive (Anime)
Gender Male
Height 177 cm[2]
Weight 70 kg[2]
Affiliations CCG
Occupation Ghoul Investigator
Ward 23rd Ward
Quinque Lily 1 (Bikaku)
Division I[2]
Rank Associate Special Class
Manga Debut Chapter 64
Anime Debut Episode 10
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Mutsumi Chino (千之 睦, Chino Mutsumi) is an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator. He was assigned to the 23rd ward with Hirokazu Tainaka as his partner.

Appearance Edit

Mutsumi is a middle-aged man, with short black hair and glasses, just like the other investigators, he wears a formal suit and tie.


Plot Edit

Aogiri Arc Edit

In the 11th ward, Chino participated in the 11th Ward Battle against Aogiri Tree as a member of the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit.[2][3] He was given command over the investigators tasked with taking over Building 7 when Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa stayed behind to fight the Non-Killing Owl.

He recommended Koutarou Amon for promotion after seeing him fight in the 11th ward.[4]

Owl Suppression Operation Edit

Nearing the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, Mutsumi and his squad met up with Seidou Takizawa and Amon. However, they were ambushed by Tatara, Noro, and several Aogiri Tree members and slaughtered almost immediately.[5]

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an Associate Special Class Investigator that led a squad during the Owl Suppression Operation, Mutsumi holds considerable battle prowess and has command over lower ranking investigators.


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