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Minomi (道乃美, Minomi) was a human girl and the childhood friend of Karao Saeki.


Minomi was a slender young girl that frequently wore knee-length dresses. She had straight hair worn in a chin-length bob, with extremely short bangs. She sometimes wore a pair of hairpins on opposite sides of her face.


Minomi was a kind and friendly girl, but she is also troubled by her abusive home life that she dreamed of running away and escaping the abuse she suffered.


On the day that he disobeyed his father and made his way into the village, Minomi found Karao Saeki standing on the side of the road. She immediately befriended him, and took him to an old shrine where the two spent the day playing together.

The two began to meet in secret, playing together but only vaguely speaking of their poor home lives. Minomi taught him how to read and write, and also how to ride a bicycle. She hinted that her family had a "strange way" of loving her, and she frequently had bruises on her body from the abuse. These injuries fascinated Saeki, who envied her secure lifestyle in comparison to his life as a ghoul.

One day, the two met in the rain after running away from their respective homes. With no where else to take her, Saeki took her back to his father's tent in the mountains. There, the two talked about going to the ocean together. Saeki promised her he would learn to drive, and take her to the beach where she had spent her earlier years. The two fell asleep together, but were discovered by Saeki's father.

In the morning, Saeki was awakened by the sound of his father butchering Minomi for consumption and killed him in a rage. Afterwards, he kept her intact torso and would solely become obsessed with finding scarred women to replace Minomi as his "lovers".


Karao Saeki[]

Minomi is the first human girl Saeki has ever met. During their time together Minomi taught him many things, including how to read and write. She seemed to have cared for him deeply and Saeki promised to take her to the beach when he learned how to drive.


  • The name Minomi means "road, way, street" (道) (mi), "from" (乃) (no) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).