Mikito Urie[1]
Kuki Urie's father
Name Mikito Urie[1]
Japanese Name 瓜江 幹人
Romaji Urie Mikito
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Died around 10 BSBI[2][3][4]
Affiliations CCG
S3 Squad - Leader
Occupation Ghoul Investigator
Relatives Kuki Urie (Son)
Rank Special Class
Manga Debut :re Chapter 6 (Mentioned)
:re Chapter 62 (Flashback)
Anime Debut :re Episode 1 (Mentioned)
:re Episode 18 (Flashback)
Seiyuu Koji Okino
English VA Gregory Lush
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Mikito Urie (瓜江 幹人, Urie Mikito) was a Special Class Ghoul Investigator and the father of Kuki Urie. In the past, he was the leader of the S3 Squad and the superior of Iwao Kuroiwa.[5]

Appearance Edit

Mikito resembled a middle-aged version of his son with the only difference being that he had a single mole as opposed to his son's two.

Personality Edit

Mikito was trustworthy and charismatic, having been the leader of the prestigious S3 Squad. He was also selfless, engaging the One-Eyed Owl so his subordinates could retreat to safety.

Background Edit

Mikito Urie captured Donato Porpora, eventually leading to the ghoul's time as an informant in Cochlea.[1] Later, he fought in a battle against the One-Eyed Owl and was killed in the line of duty, trying to restrain the Owl so his squad members could retreat.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Mikito Urie died the same way Kasuka Mado did: holding off the One-Eyed Owl in order to buy time for his comrades.

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