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Kurona Yasuhisa (安久 (クロ) (), Yasuhisa Kurona) is an artificial one-eyed ghoul who impeded Ken Kaneki's pursuit of Madam A alongside her twin sister Nashiro, who knew her as Kuro (クロ, lit. Black).

After being abandoned by Akihiro Kanou, she vanished until her appearance during the Rushima Landing Operation. She merged with her sister and became known to the CCG as Floppy (フロッピー, Furoppī).[2]


Nashiro and Kurona were identical twins. When they were children they both had light-colored hair and dark eyes. However, after being made into half-ghouls by Kanou, they both received a kakugan. Kurona's kakugan was in her left eye with a small dark mark beneath it. While Nashiro's hair became white, Kurona's became black sometime after the experiment. Her usual outfit was a long black cloak with a hood. On top of the hood were two white circles resembling an eye. Her ghoul mask was a simple black and white vertical-striped mask with a hole in the left eye.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re she wears a long, hooded robe. Her hair has grown out and reverted to its lighter color from her childhood. She possesses two kakugan instead of one and her arms and torso are now partially covered in grotesque dark-colored flesh. There is a supposedly deformed face able to speak incoherently on her belly.

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


As a child, Kurona was very cheerful and sanguine, that is until she witnessed the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of a ghoul. The trauma of their deaths caused Kurona to become cold, distant and relatively nihilistic. She decided to become a ghoul because she considered being human and living in the current "twisted world" to be the cause of her misfortunes. Her misanthropy was the result of Akihiro's manipulations, however.

The one thing Kurona cherishes more than anything is her sister Nashiro, the feeling which strengthened since their parents' death. She is willing to put aside any kind of mission or objective if her sister is in danger; even disregard her vendetta against the world and disobey Kanou's instructions to save her sister's life after Nashiro was almost fatally injured by Suzuya. In a fit of grief and madness after Kanou abandoned her and Nashiro, she used her kagune to fuse with her twin sister, absorbing her into herself.

Her actions on Rushima demonstrate how the death of her sister has significantly changed her as she is vengeful against Kanou and Suzuya for their actions against her and her sister. According to Kanou her sanity has eroded to a degree since she believes Nashiro was still alive and communicating with her, while in reality she completely absorbed her beloved sibling, and that noise the deformed face on her abdomen made was flatulence.

However, despite her warped disposition she is prudent having retreated from the Suzuya Squad when she started to lose and cooperating with Nishiki Nishio to capture Kanou. She is also more outspoken in contrast to when she was a child. This is seen when she criticizes Kaneki about his plans for interspecies cooperation.



Yasuhisa family photo.

Kurona was born into a wealthy family and they lived happily together in a lavish mansion. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a chef and opening her own restaurant. Her happiness was cut short however when a ghoul broke into her home and brutally murdered her parents in front of her and her twin sister. Following her parents' murder, she and her sister were immediately taken into the CCG's custody where they became wards attending their Academy Junior School.[6]

Like many children orphaned by ghouls, she wanted to become a ghoul investigator and did well in her courses. When Kurona was fifteen, she began sharing classes with Juuzou Suzuya, who at the time still went by Rei. She and Nashiro found him strange, but tried to get along with him regardless and disliked how others spread rumors about him and used them as an excuse to ostracize Juuzou. It was also during that time she met Koutarou Amon who visited as a guest lecturer. Kurona and her sister quickly built an admiration for Amon and spoke to him after class. They asked if women could become ghoul investigators and Amon assured them that they could. He named a few noteworthy female investigators, two of them being Kasuka Mado and Kiyoko Aura. They were curious about Mado, but Amon told them that she was killed in the line of duty and Kurona heard the term "one-eyed ghoul" for the first time. Shortly after Amon's lecture, one of Kurona's friends, Shizuku Kawakami, died of illness. While mourning, she and her sister went for a walk in the woods where they found Juuzou. They wondered if he was sad about Shizuku and were disturbed over his weak grasp of life and death. Kurona noticed Juuzou was covered in blood and learned he was the one responsible for the spree of animal killings.[7]

Kurona becoming a ghoul.

At some point afterward, they disappeared. Unbeknownst to their peers, they were manipulated by Kanou and later became subjects of the same experiment Kaneki went through. After this point, the twins would refer to Kanou as their father.

Raid of Kanou's Lab[]

Kurona and her sister accompanied Madam A to the Ghoul Restaurant as her bodyguards as Kanou had predicted that Kaneki might target her. They fought Kaneki and when she and Nashiro used their kagune together, they were able to block his attack and push him back. After she exposed her kagune, it was immediately recognized to be the same as Kaneki's; it was a kagune derived from Rize Kamishiro. After Madam A escaped, she removed her mask showing her single kakugan, confirming that Kanou was still performing experiments.[8]

During Kaneki's investigation into Kanou, Kurona was requested by the doctor to protect Madam A and was consequentially staying at her residence. When Madam A went to check up on her "children," Kurona went with her and attempted to protect her during Kaneki's group's attack. When they encountered Kaneki, she abandoned Madam A on the orders of Kanou.[9]

After Kaneki and his gang apprehended Madam A, they located Kanou's hideout and infiltrated his secret laboratory. They encountered Kurona and Nashiro waiting for them, but Kaneki slipped past to let the others take care of them. They fought Shuu Tsukiyama, annoyed all the while as they found him pretentious, but strong. Just as they began to fight more seriously, Naki swooped in and accidentally saved Tsukiyama. Aogiri Tree had arrived and between them and Kaneki's group, they wondered what to do.[10] The fight halted until Naki attacked Tsukiyama and the fight commenced between Aogiri and Kaneki's group. However, Eto slipped by and the twins went after her.[11] They followed Eto to an isolated location where she taunted and spoke to them about their past. Kurona and her sister repeatedly tried to attack Eto, but she dodged them so quickly that the twins could not see her. Eto dug at their painful past, what they had done to their bodies, and how they fell for Kanou's manipulation until they collapsed from mental and emotional anguish.[12]

Juuzou stabs Kurona in the eye.

Shortly after the CCG's arrival at the lab, the twins ran into Juuzou Suzuya, a familiar face from their days in the Academy. Following a brief exchange of words, the twins then engaged him in a skirmish.[13] Juuzou fought against them, reveling in how fun it was and wanting to see their guts. However, Juuzou became too laid back and the twins were able to slash his abdomen open. Juuzou was able to see his own guts instead.[14] He flailed around and appeared too injured to fight, so the twins attacked again, asking Juuzou not to think badly of them. It was an act, however, and as they approached, Juuzou stuck a knife in Kurona's kakugan.[7] Juuzou was able to seriously wound Kurona with his stash of Scorpion 1/56 quinque knives, leaving her almost helpless. Nashiro came to her aid but Juuzou used his 13's Jason quinque to nearly kill her.

As Kurona rushed to her sister's rescue she remembered why she chose the path she did. She remembered Kanou speaking to her about her parents' deaths and who revenge should be sought on. Kurona and Nashiro discarded their humanity so that they could have the power to seek revenge. She remembered the day they underwent their operation. They held their hands the entire time to not feel scared. Just as Kurona reached her sister, they clasped hands and Juuzou severed Nashiro's arm at the forearm. Nashiro collapsed onto her and Kurona debated with herself over what to do before deciding to flee to find Kanou.[15]

Kurona with her sister.

On the way, Kurona stopped to rest in a hallway where Amon eventually passed by and noticed her. She turned around to face Amon and they instantly recognized each other. Kurona ran as Amon called after her. She arrived at Kanou's hidden security room hoping the doctor could save Nashiro. There she found him with Eto and Matasaka Kamishiro. Kanou stated that Nashiro's damage was beyond recovery and that they should leave her. Despite the terrible news, he smiled and said that she would make many new friends. Shocked, Kurona fell to her knees before Kanou then left with Aogiri.[16] After an unknown amount of time, Kurona decided to absorb Nashiro into her own body, allowing Nashiro to live as a parasitic entity inside her body.


In the aftermath of the Auction, fleeing members of Aogiri Tree were ambushed. When the bodies were later discovered by investigators, they found evidence of cannibalism. Koutarou Amon as the Robed Giant discovered a dying ghoul, who called out "floppy" while he mentioned the name "Yasuhisa" before departing from the scene.[17]

Rushima Landing Operation[]

Kurona pierces Hanbee's leg with her kagune.

Much later, Kurona appeared at Rushima late into the CCG's Rushima Landing Operation. She encountered Hanbee Abara after he had successfully injured Miza Kusakari. She then asked him if he was one of Juuzou's grunts, while two of her kakugan were active.[18] The two engaged in a fight, with Kurona gaining the advantage, she incapacitated Hanbee by piercing his leg with her kagune. After subduing Hanbee, Kurona questioned why he would follow someone like Juuzou, stating that he would just abandon him. Hanbee disagreed, saying that Juuzou would never leave behind his subordinates.

Kurona reveals "Nashiro" and her transformation into a floppy.

Unexpectedly, Juuzou came up behind her and attempted to strike her with 13’s Jason. Managing to evade his attack, Kurona and Juuzou began their clash. In the middle of dodging, the rest of Suzuya Squad appeared behind her and Kurona blocked their attacks. She felt excited because she could show Juuzou's pain to Nashiro. He asked Kurona if Nashiro was able to live after sustaining such wounds. Kurona removed her cloak to show him Nashiro, beneath was a deformed face on her stomach with the supposed ability to speak.[19]

Kurona is sliced in half by Juuzou's strike

As the fight ensured, Kurona struck Juuzou's chest, piercing the quinque armor and breaking 13's Jason. She continued fighting Suzuya Squad while contemplating why they were unconcerned about Juuzou's death, believing that Suzuya Squad never cared about Juuzou. To her surprise, the squad jokingly disagreed with her. Suddenly, Juuzou recovered from the previous attack and ambushed her wearing Arata Joker. She attempted to subdue Juuzou with her claw-shaped kagune but was immediately overwhelmed. Her arms and legs were repeatedly lacerated by Juuzou. Enraged and unable to fight back, she fled.[20]

Kurona vs. Kanou's Quinx

Wandering around the island after fighting with Juuzou, Kurona eventually found Kanou, who greeted her as he bowed and welcomed her back.[21] With Kanou standing before her, Kurona requested him to save Nashiro. Kurona attempted to prove Nashiro was alive, but was enraged when Kanou told her she was long dead. Confronted by Kurona, Kanou released Okahira from a capsule to test which of his creations were better.[22]

With Kanou's new Quinx being quickly subdued, Kurona claimed she would kill everyone in the laboratory. Kanou then questioned Kurona's statement while the rest of his test subjects were released.[23] She quickly subdued the test subjects, but was caught off guard by Okahira who proceeded to snap her neck while apologizing for his actions. However, this proved to be insufficient as Kurona quickly recovered and slashed at the Quinx, killing many of them. She then decided to make her way to the roof in order to gain the higher ground.

She mocked Kanou, and said she would kill him for what he had done to her family, their conversation however, was interrupted by the arrival of Serpent, who agreed with Kurona's claims and prepared to kill Kanou.[24] She later pondered about Nishiki's true intentions[25] while she watched his fight with Roma Hoito and Shikorae. Kurona impaled Roma with her kagune and told Nishiki she would help him pursue Kanou.[26] She prepared herself to fight again after stating she did not manage to wound Roma's kakuhou. Although, she managed to cut short Roma's rampage against Serpent and pin her down. Startled by Shikorae's chimera kagune, she failed to react in time when he attacked but Serpent managed to land a powerful kick, tossing the ghoul back. After Shikorae fled in pain, the two of them captured Roma.[27]

She was present during the Aogiri executives' and Anteiku group's grand escape from Rushima, standing with Serpent and their hostage.[28]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation[]

A month after leaving Rushima, Kurona waited for the intended meeting with the One-Eyed King. After Kaneki had arrived with :re staff and the 0 Squad, Kurona interrupted the argument that began. Declaring that she would only help if one of the goals was to kill Kanou, she implied that Nishiki was her one ally in the room. She then spoke to the White Suits about their new circumstances with Aogiri gone, which they denied needing. After Miza had Kaneki state his aspirations, Kurona laughed at his words, finding them absurd but inquired about how he actually planned to achieve human and ghoul coexistence, his reply made her ask if he was even serious or just insane. Kurona remained silent as Kaneki continued about the philosophy he was basing his goals on and was astonished when the escaped ghouls of Cochlea bowed down to him.[29]

CCG Lab Infiltration[]

Kurona trying to withstand Amon's attack.

Kurona participated in a raid on the CCG lab alongside Kaneki, Ayato Kirishima and Seidou Takizawa in order to retrieve the required suppressants for Akira Mado. While on their way to the lab, Kurona approached Kaneki and thanked him for making Kanou regret his decisions on him, and admitted her jealousy of him for being treated the way he was, compared to her and her sister being considered failures. Kaneki said that people who ignored her existence were in no position to assess her, to which Kurona was grateful.[30] They encountered a comatose Amon sedated in a test tube, accidentally awaking him while he triggered his kakuja in a deranged mental state. Kurona and Takizawa stated that they would be the ones to put Amon down to buy time for Ayato and Kaneki to escape. She attempted to restrain Amon, as the latter easily repelled both her and Takizawa's attacks.[31]


She went to Europe and carried out activities to repel ghouls that assaulted humans. Although it is said that she went to a conflict in the Middle East, and her whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities[]

Even before becoming a ghoul, Kurona was a promising candidate to becoming a CCG investigator, meaning she had considerable strength and intelligence since an early age. She was also stated to be top of her class in using a quinque. After becoming an artificial one-eyed ghoul, Kurona has the heightened speed, strength, and regeneration capabilities of a ghoul.

Ghoul Physiology: After inheriting Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou, Kurona has displayed an unique healing factor, as well as a rinkaku kagune and increased physical power. Due to the hybrid vigor, Kurona's abilities are said to be more potent than that of a natural born ghoul.

  • Rinkaku Kagune: She is capable of creating up to two tentacles from her waist. Like all rinkaku types, she overpowers her opponents with brute strength. In addition, she mostly fought alongside with her twin sister and added pressure to their enemies with their combination attacks, similar to the Bin brothers. After the time skip, she can produce several more tentacles and shape them into claws, as well as blades, to suit her purposes.
  • Rinkaku Kakuja: After merging with her sister Nashiro, Kurona was able to attain an incomplete kakuja. Her kakuja takes the form of two large arms attached to her shoulders with scaly armor platings covering her shoulders and chest. The arms can be extended to reach distant opponents. She can also release her normal kagune, creating several tentacles that are larger and longer than normal. Her kakuja forms a half mask covered with numerous eyes, bearing a striking resemblance to a spider. In her kakuja form, she is able to handle Suzuya, a Special Class Investigator and two members of his squad without much difficulty, even destroying Suzuya's kagune, though she lost fairly readily against Suzuya once he donned the Arata armor. Despite being an incomplete kakuja and thus, suffering the diminished mental state, this seems to be less of a factor compared to other incomplete kakujas, as she is still able to form coherent sentences, though she is significantly more unhinged.
  • Kagune Detachment: Kurona demonstrates the ability to detach her kagune and wield it in a similar fashion towards a quinque.
  • Kagune Arm: After her confrontation with Suzuya, Kurona was able to manifest her kagune as the form of her arms.[21] During her fight against Koutarou Amon she was able to change her arm, merged with kagune in the shape of a spiral and deliver an attack strong enough to immobilize complete kakuja for a moment.[32]
  • Enhanced Strength: She was able to easily overpower Hanbei during their fight, and managed to headbutt him a large amount of distance away.
  • Enhanced Speed: She was able to force Hanbei entirely on the defensive during their battle, and was able to move faster than his eye can see. She was also able to move at roughly equivalent speeds to Suzuya in their encounter. This speed only becomes greater when she activates her Kakuja, as she was able to destroy Suzuya's quinque and strike him in the chest before he could react.
  • Superhuman Regeneration: During her fight against Juuzou Suzuya, Kurona displayed an abnormal way of healing and was able to easily reattach her upper body after being cut in half.[20] And after having her neck broken, she recovered so swiftly she was able to attack Okahira immediately after he had done it.

Swordsmanship: She is seen to have great skills earned from the academy while fighting Hanbee.

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


Nashiro Yasuhisa[]

Kurona's younger twin sister. Ever since they were left as orphans as children, they formed a tight, inseparable bond. She was devastated after the loss of her sister, holding delusions that she was still alive after Kurona absorbed her into herself.

Juuzou Suzuya[]

A former fellow junior from the Academy, Kurona found him very strange and disturbing. Sometime after the academy, she met Juuzou in Kanou's underground lab where she finds him as disturbing as ever and is shocked to learn that the CCG let him become a ghoul investigator. After Nashiro was fatally wounded by Juuzou, Kurona sought revenge on Juuzou, desiring to inflict as much pain as possible on Juuzou for Nashiro's sake.

Ken Kaneki[]

The prototype Kanou experimented on before performing the kakuhou transplant surgery on Kurona. They fought several times to prevent Kaneki from getting too close to the doctor. She referred to him as "big brother."

After seeing him again in :re, after four years, she still referred to him as "brother," and was not afraid to speak sarcastically or question his logic despite his new title as the One-Eyed King. Despite questioning his actions, she is willing to follow his orders. Whilst infiltrating one of CCG's labs for RC Suppressants, she and Kaneki had a brief conversation about their fates with Kanou. Kurona was appreciative of Kaneki's response to how Kanou treated her.[30]

Akihiro Kanou[]

The doctor who performed the kakuhou transplant surgery on her and her sister and manipulated Kurona into thinking he cared for her. Kurona even referred to him as "papa." This pseudo father-daughter relationship was ultimately short lived when Kanou abandoned Kurona after Nashiro was fatally wounded by Juuzou.

In :re, Kurona no longer has any fatherly affections towards Kanou and only sees him as a tool to help Nashiro regain her body back. However, after being informed her sister is dead and she was hallucinating the deformed face was speaking, she desires to kill Kanou.

Koutarou Amon[]

Amon occasionally went to Kurona's academy to give lectures. She respected him as a teacher and would approach him after class for advice. They ran into each other in Kanou's lab and she fled. During the CCG Lab Raid, Kurona was determined to bring him back to his senses.

Madam A[]

Kurona used to work as her bodyguard to prevent her from being captured by Kaneki and his group. Madam A would ask her for respect since Kurona would address her as you would a much older woman. Despite living in the same place for awhile, Kurona did not become attached to Madam A and left her without question when Kanou said so.

Nishiki Nishio[]

Though they have known each other for a very short time, as well as having met under extreme and unusual circumstances, she forged a temporary alliance with him in order to capture Kanou and exact revenge on him. Despite that they made a great team, even while fighting against Roma, a Clown and an extremely dangerous SS ghoul, and Shikorae, a deranged ghoul armed with a chimera kagune. She apparently trusted him enough to go with him and the captured Roma during the ghouls' grand escape from Rushima, despite addressing each other with offensive names.

Seidou Takizawa[]

They seem to share a good relationship as they are both one-eyed ghouls, former classmates of the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy and they also made a great team during their battle against Amon.


  • To Juuzou Suzuya: "It was horrible! Getting done in by you... and Kanou abandoned us... abandoned poor Shiro, on the brink of death. And that's why... I took Shiro into myself. Kagune bound us together! Miracles often happen to twins, you know. And so Shiro lives on, inside me."[2]
  • To Kanou: "I know... I know what you really are. You don't care about justice or anything of the sort... you're just a crazy mad scientist."[24]


  • The name Kurona means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "apple tree" (奈) (na).
  • Kurona's surname Yasuhisa means "peace, quiet" (安) (yasu) and "long time" (久) (hisa).



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