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"That's right. Back then, what I really resented was my own powerless self. My tiny little self. And my tiny little heart. Too small to hold all that emotion, so it had to shift the blame onto someone else. But now, I'm grown. I've come for you. I'll hold it all."— Kuki Urie, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 137

Kuki Urie (瓜江 久生, Urie Kuki) is an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, a Quinx, and the squad leader and mentor of the Quinx Squad, as well as the leader of the S2 Squad.


Urie is a slender young man of average height, with purple hair styled into an undercut and dark triangular eyes with unique diamond-shaped irises. Urie also has two distinct moles below his left eye. He usually wears his CCG uniform consisting of the formal suit , black shirt and tie, along with a white trench coat pulled over when a mission beckons. He is also seen wearing black gloves. Aside from this attire, Urie is often wearing earphones. Like most ghoul investigators, he occasionally carries a briefcase with him.

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


Urie often displays himself as a cool-headed individual, holding a monotonous facial expression the majority of the time. As a ghoul investigator, he appears to be very dedicated and stern about his work, to the point where it may seem as though he is ruthlessly slaughtering more ghouls than necessary, which is a habit he often gets berated for. Urie also tends to be quite hasty when investigating the slightest details or signs of a suspect.

At the beginning of the series, he had a tendency to execute mission objectives independently, without awaiting the arrival of his fellow teammates, or even requesting their help. This is because he is an ambitious person, and does not wish to share credit with others, as he merely wishes to achieve higher ranks as a ghoul investigator. To achieve his personal goals, he is willing to go as far as manipulating his comrades or cause discord within the team.

However, beneath his ambition and cool-headed demeanor is an insatiable jealousy towards his superiors, particularly Sasaki. He harbors a sense of inferiority and as a result, an intense hatred for those around him. He feels that he is in Sasaki's way and that the world has treated him unfairly; despite losing his father and being the top of his class, he cannot achieve anything no matter how hard he tries.

Urie believes that ghouls, under any circumstance, must cease to exist. He also believes that as an investigator, he must never retreat and will fight on even if he has to strain himself. This belief stems from the fact that his late father, a Special Class investigator in charge of the S3 squad, ordered his team members to retreat while he stayed to fight the One-Eyed Owl, resulting in his death. He also holds a grudge against Iwao Kuroiwa (and by extension his son, Takeomi Kuroiwa) for not fighting by his father's side during the Owl battle. Urie thinks that the Kuroiwas are inconsiderate concerning his loss and he refuses to forgive them.

Later on, Urie begins to lower his guard around his teammates and slowly becomes a more receptive person. Although still rash and manipulative, he is more willing to work in a team and show concern for his squad and mentor. After Shirazu is fatally wounded, he drops all pretenses of a cool-headed and disgruntled persona, willingly showing his vulnerable side in front of his team for the first time. After Shirazu succumbs to his injuries, he was so overcome with grief that he remained by the body even when Matsuri Washuu announced that the One-Eyed Owl was on the roof and ordered Urie to follow him. Urie also openly displayed disgust towards Matsuri's dismissive attitude despite him being his superior.

After the Tsukiyama Operation, Urie changes significantly and he softens up a bit. He becomes especially close with the remaining first generation Qs, becoming especially concerned if their lives were at stake, not wanting to lose another friend like Shirazu. He treats his new squad members fairly well, although he shows disdain towards Higemaru. Urie retains his ambition to rise through the ranks of the CCG, but is no longer driven mostly by selfish reasons.


Torso Investigation[]

Urie spent the day traveling the city by taxi, switching from one to another until he worried he will run out of money. He resolved to simply add it to the investigation expenses for the month.

During his travel, he got into the taxi driven by Akashi Kobayashi. They briefly made small talk, as Akashi described his hobby of making sweets. However, as they entered a tunnel Urie confronted him and revealed he knew the driver was lying to him. Though the driver had washed his hands, he could smell blood and knew he was a ghoul — Urie showed him his badge, causing the driver to panic. He managed to leap from the taxi before it crashed, but his quinque was damaged before he could deploy it (In the anime, Urie did deploy his quinque but it was knocked out of his hand after blocking Akashi's attack soon after).

Urie dodges Akashi's kagune.

Shirazu arrived on the scene, nearly hitting him with a reckless attack. The pair quarreled, allowing Akashi to ambush them and impale Shirazu with his kagune (In the manga, Urie grabbed Shizaru to get impaled in order to block Akashi's attack. However, in the anime, this doesn't happen). The ghoul thought he had the upper hand, but Urie removed his jacket and charged him unarmed — activated his single kakugan and deployed his kagune (In the anime, Urie didn't remove his jacket when he deployed his kagune). He protested being called a ghoul, running his opponent through with his blade. Afterward, Urie argued with Shirazu over who will gain credit for this kill. They failed to notice the ghoul was still alive, and were saved from a sneak attack by Haise Sasaki. He intended to finish the ghoul off, but was ordered to arrest him for questioning. This angered Urie, and he insulted his superior before storming off.[1]

He continued his investigation alone but was followed closely by Shirazu. They eventually confronted each other and argued over his unwillingness to work with others. He stated his intentions to be promoted and join the S3 Squad, one Shirazu had never heard about. The discussion became heated, and he quoted a directive instructing the termination of lower-ranked members if they go out of control. This enraged Shirazu, who responded by threatening to eat his kakuhou. As they prepared to fight seriously, a camera flash interrupted them. Chie Hori introduced herself and offered to give him information on Torso.[5]

Chie talks with Urie and Shirazu.

Urie was initially suspicious of Chie, noting the information on investigators were classified. He threatened to bring her in for questioning, but reconsidered when she pointed out they will lose the information she was offering them. He changed tactics with her and discussed the price for the photographs of Torso's hunting grounds. When she stated she will sell her information in exchange for an article of clothing belonging to Sasaki, his suspicions were increased. Even so, he agreed to her terms and stated he will bring her the item if she will let him have the first set of photos.

After the meeting, he looked over the photographs with Shirazu. He mentioned he had no intention of revealing any of this to their team, and claimed anything they accomplish will be used by Sasaki to gain further promotions. He then pointed out Shirazu's need for money, and manipulated his desperation to make him doubt their mentor. When Shirazu believed his lies and saw him as someone trustworthy, Urie was secretly pleased at how naive and gullible the man was.

Later, Sasaki called a team meeting to announce that Akira Mado had ordered them to find Torso within a month's time. After Shirazu caused a scene and stormed off, Urie declared his intentions to investigate alone and left the Chateau. This angered Sasaki and caused the team to split into two groups, both competing to find their target.[9]

Days later, Urie and Shirazu met with Akira to pick up their replacement quinques. She asked them how the investigation was going, causing him to recall his second meeting with Chie. He met with her at another restaurant, accompanied by Shirazu. As promised, he handed over a pair of Sasaki's underwear and in exchange, Chie showed them several Polaroids. She explained the unique traits of different photo brands, illustrating it by taking two photos of them. Urie noted how one brand, Immortal, had faded color just like the photos Torso left behind at the crime scenes. Based on this information, Chie told them she knew of a single person that might be their suspect.

Akira briefly explained to the pair the history of the quinque, created by the father of the current head of the CCG. She then inquired about whether they have ever seen Sasaki fight with his full strength. Urie complimented his skill with a quinque but mentally noted he did not actually think he was that talented. However, Akira noted this meant they had never seen it and warned them not to become like Sasaki.[10]

In the final days of the investigation, Urie and Shirazu finally left to confront their suspect. They arrived on Shirazu's motorcycle in time to witness Torso kidnapping Tooru Mutsuki, and the ghoul sped off in his taxi before they could catch him. They gave chase, leading to a brief high-speed pursuit. He ordered Shirazu to use his kagune to disable the taxi, but he missed completely and they argued again. The chase attracted a police vehicle, and Urie signaled for them to assist in the pursuit. When the officers approached the taxi, Torso killed them both with his kagune.

Urie intercepts Torso and slices him.

However, they encounter a police barricade ahead of them on the road. Urie realized that Sasaki must have called it in, and became angry at his interference. He climbed off the motorcycle and deployed his kagune, ignoring explicit orders to use his quinque instead. Along with Shirazu, he fought against the ghoul but quickly realized their opponent was a rinkaku with superior healing abilities. Before he could press the attack, Serpent arrived on the scene and threatened them all.[11]

Serpent kicks Urie.

Despite all efforts to defeat Serpent, Urie was effortlessly beaten. After he was advised to retreat, Urie refused and remembered how he felt when he heard of the death of his father. Urie then bit a piece of flesh off his arm in an attempt to reboot his strength. Before he could get back on his feet, he was restrained by Shirazu, as Sasaki arrived and slashed Serpent's kagune in half.[12] As the fight between Serpent and Sasaki proceeded, Urie stood on the sidelines with the rest of the Quinx Squad, as he took in and interpreted every aspect of Sasaki's power and abilities. It was then hinted by Akira Mado that Urie was most likely envious of Sasaki's exceptional fighting style; despite the fact that Sasaki took the risk of saving his squad.[13]


Urie is smacked for disrespecting Sasaki.

Sasaki stood up to Urie and berated him for endangering and jeopardizing the lives of his Squad members just for his own selfish reasons. Urie was told that retreat was necessary once lives were threatened. Sasaki relieved Urie of his position as Squad Leader, and the two argued over who had the highest rank and who held command of the Squad. Urie then insulted Sasaki by calling him a ghoul, causing an angry Shirazu to kick Urie, threatening to kill him. Later on, Shirazu apologized to Urie for attacking him, and gave him a can of sweetened red beans, even though he knew that Urie disliked sweets. Upon apprehensively suggesting that they should work together this time against ghouls, Urie secretly presumed he could still manipulate Shirazu so he could still gain control over the leadership of the squad.[14]

Urie was later in Dr. Shiba's office, asking that for his kagune to be enhanced so he could become stronger. However, Urie was forced to listen as Shiba explained the biology of the Quinx. Shiba concluded it would not be a good recommendation for Urie to strengthen his kagune, for the kakuhou might go over its limits. Urie became disappointed, and in his subconscious, he insulted Dr. Shiba, saying that scientists and doctors only conduct experiments for the sake of getting credit.

Urie met Takeomi Kuroiwa, who asked about Sasaki's well-being. However, a silent tension grew between the two, as Urie became jealous that Takeomi was able to take down Sasaki when he went out of control. Urie then entered an internal monologue, mentioning that Takeomi's father had allowed his father to die during the battle with the One-Eyed Owl, and he could never be forgiven.[15]

Later that evening, he met with Shirazu and Mutsuki back at their home. The three headed upstairs to confront Saiko, and when she refused to come out of her room, he helped Shirazu break down her door with his kagune. She attempted to blame him for her laziness, claiming he told her to work independently.

To motivate her, Urie falsely claimed their superiors were considering firing her. He told her she will lose her comfortable lifestyle and be forced to go back to working at her mother's bar. However, he noted this was impossible because their contract granted them life-long assistance whether they still work for the CCG or not. His trick worked, as she promised to work hard. Afterward, it was revealed that he considered her an ill-fitting cog, and he intended to use her laziness to corrupt the team and discredit Shirazu as an effective leader. Through this, he hoped to force Sasaki to return his leadership of the squad.

As he predicted, the next morning, Saiko overslept and caused a problem. He was then seen discussing Nutcracker with the rest of the Quinx Squad and Hanbee Abara.[16]

When attention was called to two members of their squad being absent, he feigned concern over their reputation. However, he mentally noted that Juuzou being late had ruined his plan. He was shocked when Shirazu arrived at the meeting, carrying a still-sleeping Saiko. While the others praised him for actually getting Saiko into the building, Urie clenched his teeth in anger.

The team was assigned to shadow Nutcracker, and spy on her while she met with an associate. Urie noted that dealing with Saiko had left Shirazu exhausted and irritable, dulling his senses and causing him to make mistakes. When his rival broke a glass and drew attention to them, he smugly drank his coffee as though unconcerned.

Later that evening, he approached Sasaki and requested permission to undergo the Frame release surgery. He explained that his powers had stabilized, and felt the experiment should be taken to the next phase. However, Sasaki was hesitant to grant permission and reassured him that he did not think of the team as mere guinea pigs. He asked for time to consider things. After leaving Sasaki's room, Urie brooded over the denial. [17]

Urie undergoes surgery to increase his power.

Secretly, he underwent the surgery without revealing anything to his team. They expressed concern and confusion over his sudden admittance to the hospital[18]. Several days later, he was released from the hospital and headed immediately to his room. He did not notice any changes in his sense of smell but did not see any reason to be concerned. While painting, he recalled how he went directly to Chief Yoshitoki Washuu for permission, in defiance of Sasaki's wishes. The chief questioned him about his motivations and then asked Kishou Arima's opinion on the matter when he interrupted them. Arima gave his approval for the surgery, and Urie was thrilled at Arima's words of praise. He told himself that he is better than Sasaki, and will not lose control of his powers like his superior did.[19]

While the rest of the team worried over Mutsuki's infiltration of the Auction, Urie considered the raid a chance to obtain an Osmanthus Medal with so many ghouls present.[20] He provided support to Sasaki during the early stage of the battle, charging into the main building and eliminating the ghouls encountered along the way.[21] The team came across Kanae von Rosewald attacking Mutsuki, and quickly fought him off.[22][23] With Mutsuki rescued, their next orders were to head for the Administrative Tower and eliminate Nutcracker, now considered an S-rated ghoul. However, Matsuri and Sasaki ordered Urie to escort Mutsuki to safety to receive medical treatment, something he attempted to refuse. He initially relented,[23] but once the two were alone, he pretended to have gotten lost and led them further into the building. In the main hall, he investigated until he discovered a secret passage and the hiding place of the missing customers.[24]

Urie is swallowed by Big Madam.

The two were quickly joined by Juuzou, much to Urie's frustration. When asked to radio for backup, he lied and claimed he could not reach anyone in order to prevent anyone from stealing his credit. Instead, he stated that as investigators they had the responsibility to fight since the guests had secured a way out. Juuzou and Mutsuki agreed, and he quickly leaped down from the catwalk to face the ghouls.[25] Along with Juuzou, he took out Aogiri guards and the weaker Auction customers. When he revealed his kagune, the ghouls react in horror and shock, and Urie began to feel excited at his new found power.[26]

As the battle continued, Urie felt overconfident in his new abilities. He charged off alone in pursuit of Big Madam and quickly found himself outmatched by the SS-rated ghoul. Two of her bodyguards finished him off with their throwing knives, leaving him severely wounded. When Mutsuki finally caught up to him, Big Madam began to shove Urie, still thinking that he could fight, into her mouth.[27]

Before the massive ghoul could finish swallowing him, Urie grasped her jaws and pulled himself free in a surge of strength. His kagune went completely out of control, mutating further into a double-bladed form and caused him to suffer a complete mental breakdown. Alternating between excitement at the surge in his powers granted by Frame 4, and ranting about his resentment towards others, he viciously attacked the ghouls present. Big Madam's knife-wielding bodyguards charged him, but Urie easily sliced them into pieces and damaged Big Madam's kagune. She managed to regain the upper hand, seriously wounding him and knocking him to the ground.

Urie goes out of control.

Unable to control himself, Urie broke down and began to cry in frustration. He railed against Takeomi, Sasaki, and the other Quinx for being more successful than himself and complained about the lack of rewards for his efforts.

Urie stabs Mutsuki.

Mutsuki approached him, and was stabbed through the stomach — this seemed to shock Urie back to his senses. Though wounded, Mutsuki offered him words of comfort and embraced him, wrapping them both in his kagune. Slowly calming down, Urie realized the scent of blood was not from Mutsuki's wounds but menstrual blood and puzzled over his comrade's birth sex.

Big Madam prepared to attack them again, stating her intention to kidnap Mutsuki and devour Urie. However, Juuzou and his squad arrived and shielded the Quinx.[28]


In the following Christmas, he was sent to buy ingredients for Sasaki's party and was irritated when he found out the grocery list Mutsuki gave him had no precise amounts of anything. He got a pair of expensive earphones from Sasaki for Christmas and thanked him for it.[29]

Rose Extermination[]

During spring's award ceremony, Urie was promoted to a Rank 1 investigator and received an Osmanthus Medal. He did not feel happy about it, though, as Takeomi Kuroiwa's performance of defeating a ghoul barehanded won him more fame than Urie's achievements did in the CCG. He was disgusted when Iwao Kuroiwa patted his shoulder to congratulate his promotion.[8]

After learning from Dr. Shiba that ghouls become stronger through repeated healing of injuries, he challenged himself through weight lifting more than he can normally handle, intentionally experiencing the continuous breakdown and regeneration of his muscles to strengthen himself.[30]

When visiting HySy ArtMask Studio along with the rest of his squad to get mask measurements, he found it painfully obvious that Uta is a ghoul. He thought that Sasaki isn't that careless and has probably deemed him as either a human or a non-threatening ghoul so dropped the thought soon.[31]

Urie knocks Kanae against the wall

When the Quinx squad was lured into a trap in an empty parking garage by Kanae and hired Aogiri hitmen, Urie was the first to head in, chasing Kanae as he recognized the ghoul as the same one during the Auction Raid. When Shirazu's kakuhou was damaged and Shirazu was unable to utilize his quinque out of fear, Urie berated the squad leader but did not pay much mind to it, as he believed that he could destroy the ghoul by himself anyway. Urie easily overpowered Kanae, with his training for the past six months showing effect, choking and smashing him into the wall barehanded whilst threatening to break his neck.[32] The ghoul escaped using his rinkaku kagune to swing himself out of the parking garage before Urie could eliminate him, causing Urie some irritation since he had him.

Urie then realized it was a trap and hurried Shirazu to recover from his panic attack before rushing to fight off Grave Robber together when they found Mutsuki in a disadvantage. Knowing Sasaki was fighting multiple ghouls by himself, the Quinx (aside from Saiko) hurried to their mentor, only to stand in awe and astonishment as they found him winning against at least five ghouls single-handed.[33]

Urie attended the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation along with the rest of his squad. While standing by outside the Tsukiyama Family's manor, he was excited for the chance to gain additional achievements until they were notified that Mirumo Tsukiyama surrendered immediately.[34] After arriving at the Luna Eclipse to capture the Tsukiyama heir, he along with the rest of the Quinx joined Itou Squad when Sasaki went ahead to the building's top floor.[35][36]

Urie strikes the killing blow on Noro

The combined squad soon encountered Noro and fought briefly with him[37] until Shirazu used his quinque to sever Noro in half. However, Noro's Kakuja burst from his lower half and took out almost all of the squad members except the Quinx and knocked Urie unconscious.[38] Later, Urie awoke and saw Shirazu shooting Noro with his kagune in an attempt to kill him. Urie began to give up until Shirazu shouted to him before being attacked by Noro. Seeing the opening Shirazu gave him, Urie rushed at Noro with his kagune, while begging Shirazu not to die. He then dealt the killing blow to Noro.[39]

After striking the killing blow on Noro, Urie and the rest of the Quinx rushed to Shirazu's aid. Urie quickly realized that Shirazu's wounds were too deep and questioned whether he will be able to heal or not. Urie pushed aside his doubts and tried to convince himself that saving Shirazu's life was a possibility. Urie tried to calm Shirazu down by telling him he will be fine, attempting to keep Shirazu's will to live by telling him his sister was waiting for him and with the reward for killing Noro, he would be able to afford the treatment for her disease. However, Shirazu shouted to him that he could not hear nor see anything, indicating his final moments were nearing him, before finally succumbing to his wounds. Urie tearfully shouted at Shirazu's corpse and begged him not to die as the Quinx mourned Shirazu's death.

Soon Matsuri Washuu appeared and asked whether there was anyone still able to fight after notifying them about the One-Eyed Owl's appearance. Urie responded by asking Matsuri if seeing the carnage before him really did not elicit a single emotion. The Special Class investigator bluntly confirmed the fact and told Urie his expectation towards him had been misplaced.[40] Later, he was seen with Haise Sasaki, angrily blaming him for not being there for Shirazu when he needed him, but was left speechless after hearing Sasaki say it was his fault for not being able to protect him and that he should blame his own weakness.[41]

Post-Rose Extermination[]

Later, during the burial of the dead, Urie was standing alone looking at the city. Mutsuki asked him if he was coming and he replied that Shirazu's body was not in his grave, as it was stolen by Aogiri Tree, and he promised to retrieve Shirazu's body no matter what.[42]

Urie with the new Quinx squad.

Six months after the Tsukiyama Family Extermination, he reappeared as the squad leader of the new Quinx Squad. He now owned a new SS-rated bikaku quinque called Ginkui created from Noro's kakuhou. He and his team exterminated a group of Aogiri Tree ghouls. After reporting to S2 Squad leader Matsuri Washuu, whose squad the Qs squad had become affiliated with, Washuu declared his intention to assume the position of S3 Squad leader, currently held by Arima Kishou, and Urie stressed his subservience to Matsuri. Urie theorized that Matsuri's long-term goal was the position of Bureau Director, and planned to become the squad leader of S3 after Matsuri was promoted to the position of Bureau Director. Shortly afterward, he visited Cochlea to get intel about the Aogiri Tree from Hinami Fueguchi. At the end of their conversation, he informed her that Sasaki had a busy schedule and he would inform him nonetheless that Fueguchi wished to see him. He left, feeling pity for the ghoul whose disposal had been decided, and thought to himself that Sasaki's current self would not be showing this kind of warmth.[7]

At the Washuu Estate, Urie attended a dinner party held by Matsuri. He noted the food has a peculiar flavor but said nothing to avoid offending Matsuri. The guests were of high standing and Urie felt the importance to get into their good graces, so mingled politely and did what it took to appease the host. After dinner, he was introduced to Matsuri's wife, Iyo Washuu, who he regarded courteously. Their exchange was brief as Matsuri stated he needed to speak with Urie, so Iyo took her leave. Left with a good impression of his wife, Urie intended to complement her until Matsuri suddenly declared her "boring," confusing him. Washuu explained his unwanted relationship with Iyo and his feelings of envy that stemmed from being part of a prestigious family that prevented him from living how he wanted. He suddenly asked Urie when he will marry, taking him aback. Urie said it was something he would take into consideration but internally was unsure. Matsuri talked about relationships in the CCG and how investigators normally do either of two extremes: start a family as soon as possible or fervently remain single. Urie told him he was currently single and his work took priority, which Matsuri found usual for him.[43]

When Sen Takatsuki had her press conference, Urie was watching the live broadcast on television alongside the Quinx Squad.[44]

Rushima Landing Operation[]

In the Chateau, Urie planned on how to save Mutsuki during the Rushima Operation, and discussed the investment in Haru Shirazu's treatment. Later, while exercising in the gym, Urie was visited by Sasaki, with whom he discussed the scandal involving Takatsuki and her public conference. He asked why Sasaki decided to pay the Quinx Squad a visit, while the latter explained he would not be participating in the Rushima Operation, as a large portion of personnel were tasked to defend Cochlea. Sasaki then asked Urie to save Mutsuki, much to Urie's surprise.[45]

Urie later participated in the Rushima Landing Operation, eliminating a group of Aogiri ghouls.[46] Five days after the operation began, the Quinx squad were investigating an area when Urie smelled the scent of blood which he thought was Mutsuki's,[47] only to discover Karao Saeki's mutilated remains.[48]

He and the Qs arrived during the battle between Mutsuki and Floppy. Urie intervened and used Ginkui to grab Floppy who had bitten Mutsuki.[49] Having confirmed Mutsuki's wellbeing, he asked her about the situation. Mutsuki said Houji Squad was wiped out, but Owl had been subdued, leaving them with Floppy. When Mutsuki mentioned that Akira had shielded Owl, he noticed the Associate Special Class lying injured and unconscious. He panicked when he realized Mutsuki was the one who attacked her and tried to work out the situation, but immediately composed himself and prepared the Qs for combat.

Rushing straight forward towards Amon, Urie coordinated with his team and faced Amon with his quinque. He created a distraction using Ginkui, creating an opening as the rest of the Qs attack Amon consecutively and managed to injure the ghoul. However, Amon quickly recovered and countered by attacking Touma and Shinsanpei, breaking the latter's leg. When Owl escaped with Akira, Urie and the Qs tried to give chase, but was held back by Amon, who managed to hold them back for a while before being pinned down by Saiko. When Saiko tried to claim ownership rights to the ghoul, Urie reprimanded her, saying they must take down the enemy regardless of anything else. He then threw Ginkui at Amon and remotely activated it, seemingly destroying the ghoul.

Urie's last stand against Amon.

To the Qs' surprise however, Amon recovered and transformed into a kakuja. He shot several ukaku shards which managed to severely injure Urie and Hsiao, and after a brief bout injured both Shinsanpei and Tooru. Pulling out the large shard lodged in his abdomen, Urie arose again and activated his kagune while thinking to himself that he would bring Mutsuki home. Urie and Amon then charged each other head-on and injured each other. However, Urie succumbed to his wounds and fell unconcious, but managed to survive.

Post-Rushima Landing Operation[]

Sometime after the raid, Urie waited for Matsuri as he attended a Special Class meeting. When Matsuri and Urie met in his office, he asked Urie if he was willing to kill his former boss. Urie told Matsuri that all he needed to do was order him and he would comply. Urie told him Furuta could not become the next Bureau Chief (which he believed) and that Matsuri was the only one fit for the job (which he said only to flatter Matsuri). Matsuri relayed his suspicions about Furuta and asked Urie to keep an eye out for him. As Urie left the office, he noted that taking advantage of Matsuri's current state would be beneficial for him. He then met Saiko and Mutsuki and asked them about their results in searching for Sasaki. Urie told them that, as the first generation of Qs, they have the best chance of finding him.[50]

Clown Siege[]

Later, Urie and his squad held back the Clowns in the 16th ward when they begin their coordinated attack against various wards. As Urie noted how much stronger the ghouls were compared to Aogiri, he pondered whether Sasaki was behind these attacks.[51]

Urie was able to come to the same prediction as Furuta regarding the Clowns tactic and coming attacks. Something that brought him Koori Ui's praise, but in term also critism for Urie's poor judgement of people in regards to Matsuri.[52]

Shortly afterwards, Urie was informed about Takeomi's engagement by Saiko. He continued to read his newspaper, pretending he did not care, while it actually heavily occupied his thoughts.[53]

The Quinx Squad and the local fire department[54] were responsible for handling the Clown arsonists in the 2nd ward during the Clown Siege. Urie was leading and commanded the squad and was in charge of the offense, together with Hsiao. He noted how fast Hsiao was during combat and thought about the different wards that were attacked during the raid after having struck down the enemies.[55] After some time he and the Quinx met Touma Higemaru's uncle who requested the Quinx's help. Asking if they could defend the fire fighters from the Clowns. On their way to the burning area Higemaru's uncle talked about the Higemaru family, their strong sense of justice, and how he first wanted to stop Higemaru from becoming an investigator, but decided not to after learning how noble the profession of a ghoul investigator was. He then asked Urie to raise Higemaru into a fine young man, leading to Urie's realization that it was also his responsibility to raise the next generation, before Higemaru's uncle was struck down by a kagune from inside a building. He tried to calm down Higemaru and the two of them start investigating the building to uncover the culprit. While advancing does he remember that he once saw the kagune in old documents only to discover Donato Porpora standing alone in a room, greeting them. Urie ordered Higemaru to stay focused as it would mean his death. While Donato greeted the pair, already having cut off one of Higemaru's arms.[54]

Urie tied to the ceiling with Donato's kagune.

Before Urie could charge into battle, Higemaru screamed after noticing his separted arm. This led to Urie turning around, creating an opening Donato tried to use. Urie barely dodged while Donato pointed out that he should not let his guard down or it would be the last thing Urie does. Urie tried to stay calm in a state of horror, excusing his actions as he could not do anything for Higemaru right now and asking himself if he could beat an SS-rated ghoul by himself, only to be brought immediately back into reality, being forced to block an attack of Donato's kagune with his own to protect Higemaru. While trying to encourage himself with the fact that Donato was already in Cochlea once and that this could be achieved a second time does he lose sight of Donato, whose kagune then caught him off guard from above and tied him to the ceiling. Urie was then forced to watch as Donato tore off Higemaru's other arm.[56]

Urie then engaged in a conversation with Donato about Sasaki and life outside Cochlea, telling Higemaru to run in his mind. When the opportunity presented itself, Urie freed himself from the ceiling and landed on Donato, telling Higemaru to run. Urie then attempted to choke Donato, who wondered aloud about the investigator who sent him to Cochlea. Donato then unleashed his kagune through Urie, remembering that the investigator mentioned was Urie's father, Mikito Urie.[6] Grabbed by Donato by the head, Urie was flung around and thrown onto the floor. Urie reminisced about how he wanted to be an investigator like his father and how his father went all out to capture Donato. Urie got up, regenerated, and framed out, showing his twin kakugan.[57]

Urie vs. Saiko Yonebayashi.

Urie proceeded to fight Donato with powerful strikes that were effortlessly dodged while Donato mocked and antagonized Urie, telling him that he hated his father for leaving him all alone. Enraged, Urie pierced through Donato, who dissipated and was revealed to be just a clone. Losing control, Urie yelled for someone to save him.[58] Saiko and Hsiao arrived to find him in a deranged state. Remembering Urie's lecture on how a Quinx may frame out and be put down, Saiko prepared to battle Urie and save him.[2] Saiko battled Urie with different forms of her kagune and Hsiao managed to inject Rc suppressants in his kakuhou, ending his rampage.[59] At the end of the Clown Siege, Urie was seen resting on the ground, thinking about Mutsuki and Saiko.[60]

Post-Clown Siege[]

Urie is promoted to First Class and attended Kichimura Washuu's inauguration ceremony as the bureau chief of the CCG.[61] Urie looked away when he witnessed the execution of Sasaki by the hands of a member of one of the Oggai Squads.[62]

Urie received a delivery meant for Mutsuki, and went to place it in her room. Upon entering, Urie found the wall of her room scattered with many photos of Touka Kirishima and Yoriko Kosaka with knives stabbing Touka in each.[63]

Later on, Urie met with Juuzou, informing him that Kichimura wishes to see him, though Juuzou denied, asking Urie to join him with hookey. Urie accompanied Juuzou and the two began conversing about the Owl Suppression Operation, and Juuzou stated that it was going to happen again and much blood would flow. Juuzou claimed that he would be fine if things stayed the way they were.[64]

Urie attends Takeomi and Yoriko's wedding ceremony along with his fellow investigators. He speaks with Mutsuki who had not expected him to come to the wedding. Urie had been busy, but inwardly admits he made an appearance after hearing Mutsuki would attend. Mutsuki shares his thoughts on the wedding, wondering aloud if they would have the opportunity to have the same happiness. Urie thought they could, and both lightheartedly agree Saiko was likely to be a wife and mother. The mood dissipates when Mutsuki does not respond after Urie says it was okay for him to return home once in a while.

Mutsuki mentions that he visited re and encountered their former mentor Sasaki. He expresses his desire to stop him, astounding Urie, and confirms to Urie that Sasaki was both alive and a traitor. The CCG had decided to kill Sasaki rather than detain him, something Mutsuki is against. He wanted them all to be together and, although Urie denied the possibility, he would not give up on it. Urie tries to talk Mutsuki out of pursuing Sasaki by telling him that he will get charged with Sasaki's crimes as well. Mutsuki yells out that he doesn't care about what would happen to himself and explains that his selection as the Oggai Squads' training supervisor allowed him to participate in top missions, including those concerning Sasaki. Urie asks why he wanted to do all that, and Mutsuki confesses his love for Haise Sasaki and concludes that he just could not help it before walking away. Urie watches him leave, stunned and speechless.[65]

Urie participates in an operation aiming for the complete annihilation of ghouls alongside his comrades.[66]He also briefly appears as part of Kichimura's mental imagery when the latter plots to bring out an enemy capable of wiping out all factions in Tokyo.[67] Later on, Urie visits Takeomi, in detainment for assaulting Mutsuki over Yoriko's arrest for her involvement with Touka Kirishima, a ghoul. Brushing aside Takeomi's apology, Urie asks him if what he is doing is wise. However, Takeomi is sure Mutsuki's report was false, as Yoriko was not of the devious sort, which Urie wordlessly agreed with. The latest policies of the bureau director had him worried however, that the increased punishment for those allied with ghouls would result in Yoriko's execution.[68]

Furuta's Integrity Enquiry[]

Urie makes an enquiry against Furuta alongside Iwao Kuroiwa, Furuta responds by saying that in order for them to record that he denied the enquiry, they would need witnesses. From behind Furuta's desk, Roma Hoito and Shikorae appear and attack them. Urie and Kuroiwa dodge the attack. Urie and Kuroiwa fight against Roma and Shikorae, apparently defeating them with not much effort, after letting his guard down, Urie gets stabbed by Roma, who is revealed to be the founder of the Clowns. She gravely injures Urie and reveals her giant Kakuja, Kuroiwa tries to protect Urie but gets knocked aside as Roma appears to eat Urie. Kuroiwa is about to be eaten by Roma when Urie slices through Roma's Kakuja stomach and her Kakuja is destroyed in the process. Shikorae and Roma try to attack Urie who gains a shield from his Kagune evolving, he rushes towards them and after knocking Shikorae out of a window, he decapitates Roma and slashes her face in half, finally putting an end to the leader of the clowns. Afterwards Furuta stabs Kuroiwa through the neck and before he kills Urie they are interrupted by Itsuki Marude and a large number of CCG members. After they chase Furuta out of the window of his office, Matsuri Washuu gives chase until Furuta escapes. Urie comes to peace with Kuroiwa as Kuroiwa passes out from blood loss.


He is now a TSC assistant special class peace officer. He serves as the young captain of the Quinx Squad. He also puts his effort into training the next generation.


Haise Sasaki[]

Initially, Urie was openly disrespectful towards his superior, questioning his decisions and acting on his own with little regard to the group. This frustrates Sasaki, who was unable to manage the Squad Leader's rebellious actions. Underneath the layers of disdain, however, Urie was shown to harbor a deep sense of resentment and jealousy towards his superior because of his success. He views Sasaki as an obstruction that prevents him from reaching his ambitions, as well as a rival that he wants to surpass. Towards this end, he sows seeds of doubt in Shirazu, turning the other Quinx against their leader. Urie, after seeing Haise fight against Serpent, has become envious of Haise's power and abilities, resulting in his motivation to undergo the Frame release surgery.

After the auction raid Urie seems to have gained a more respectful attitude toward Haise and began requesting him for assistance in improving his own abilities. At the visit to HySy, Urie had shown trust in Haise's judgment when it came to Uta who he immediately suspected was a ghoul. During the Tsukiyama Operation, he blames Sasaki for not being there for Shirazu, to which Sasaki bluntly replied that as the one present, Urie was powerless to save him. After Sasaki left the Quinx Squad, he has become distant to his former teammates, including Urie. Urie does not appear to hold any hard feelings towards him but recognizes that he has changed in the months following the Tsukiyama Operation. However, after Sasaki’s defection from the CCG by allegedly killing Arima, causing a prison riot at the Cochlea, and inciting ghouls to attack the CCG branch offices in the various wards he seems to question his former commanding officer's actions. However, Urie tells Donato that he believes Sasaki is not intelligent enough to mastermind the simultaneous raids performed by the Clowns. Despite this when he loses control of his kagune he curses Sasaki for abandoning him with the burden of leading the Quinx Squad.

Tooru Mutsuki[]

Urie looks down on Mutsuki, referring to him as a "hypocrite" and avoids dealing with him. There is tension between them, as a result of Mutsuki being Sasaki's strongest supporter among the group since they both have a different approach towards their mentor. However, although Mutsuki shows respect for Urie, Urie views him as irrelevant to the squad and therefore pays no heed to the suggestions Mutsuki proposes. During the Auction, Urie loses control over his kagune which causes him to break down in tears. He begins to questions why he isn't good enough despite trying so hard. He states how much he hates his squad and mentor and wishes they would die. Mutsuki brings him back to his senses after encasing them in a kagune hug and telling him that he is not in the way of their squad and that he sympathizes since he knows how painful it feels to be alone. It was here when Urie realizes that Mutsuki is physically female when he smells Mutsuki's menstrual blood. It's also after this that Urie would defend Mutsuki during future fights when needed.

After the Tsukiyama Operation, Urie, Mutsuki and Saiko made a pact to save Shirazu's sister from death. When he heard Mutsuki was captured, he became determined to rescue him and was afraid when he thought he had found his body. It is shown after Mutsuki and Urie reunite since his kidnapping, Urie is concerned about his well-being in his thoughts. After being severely injured by Amon, his thoughts turn to Mutsuki before delivering the final blow promising that he will go home together with him.

After saving Kaneki from the dragon body, Urie tells Mutsuki he should go have a talk with Kaneki to tell him all that he has done because avoiding him is not atonement. Urie also admits that the Qs and people around him have saved him many times and he has grown and learned so much, he just never noticed until now.

Ginshi Shirazu[]

Shirazu was his near-constant companion, though one he barely tolerated. Though he preferred to work alone, to avoid having to share credit, he often found himself working with Shirazu since the other man usually followed him around. They were prone to tense, even violent confrontations, but also made an excellent team when working together. This was partially due to their contrasting personalities, with Shirazu easy-going and naive in comparison to Urie's guarded and anti-social attitude. He manipulated Shirazu to achieve his goals, convincing him that Sasaki would betray them and steal credit for their actions. After the events at the Auction Raid, Urie had shown disdain to Shirazu due to his inability to wield a quinque anymore even in an emergency despite the quinque being an excellent one. Despite their often hostile relationship, he did care about Shirazu, showing concern for him when he was injured by Noro. In Shirazu's final moments, he was the one to comfort him and was deeply shaken by his death. After learning of the theft of Shirazu's corpse by Aogiri Tree, Urie vowed to retrieve it.

Urie remembers Shirazu fondly, wishing that Shirazu were still alive and dreamt of him laughing with the entire Quinx squad, including their new members. Urie believes that things would have gone more positively if Shirazu were around. As an honor to him, he promises to protect the lives of Quinx squad. The change in his behavior after Shirazu's loss was profound, he treats his relationships with more care and treasures the people around him ever more.

Saiko Yonebayashi[]

He describes her as an ill-fitting cog in the machine and intentionally kept her from working with the team while squad leader. However, once he loses his position, he considers her an ideal tool to use against Shirazu. He manipulates and lies to her, considering her stupid for not seeing through his bluff. However, he comes to care for her and worry about her well-being when she was attacked by Noro.

After the Tsukiyama Operation, he grows closer to Saiko as she becomes his second-in-command and their pact to save Shirazu's sister. He shows concern towards her and will do anything to protect her life even when she refuses to act.

When Urie framed out and went out of control, Saiko fought to rescue Urie by hugging him and letting him know she loves him, which with the help of Rc suppressants, brought Urie back to his senses. After subduing Urie, Saiko commented that Urie has grown strong and that "men say this and that, but... shove a pair of big tits in their face and they shut up right quick".

Urie and Saiko continue to lead the new generation of Quinx together and their bond grew stronger over time. When Yoriko was imprisoned, Saiko opened up to Urie about wanting to save Yoriko. However, Urie's nonchalance about the matter angered her and she stormed out of the chateau without her shoes, to which Urie immediately chased after her. He found her at the swing in the park and sat beside her as he revealed his true feelings about the current state of the CCG.

Urie vows to Saiko with a smile that he will "become terrorists" with her if all else fails. Saiko was seen to have a smile of her own, looking relieved and touched.

Takeomi Kuroiwa[]

Their fathers served together in the same squad, suggesting they have known each other for a long time. Urie is disgusted that Takeomi is willing to approach and speak to him casually, blaming the Kuroiwa family for the death of his father. He attempts to brush him off, but Urie secretly despises both Takeomi and his father. Urie is also jealous of the fact that Takeomi, though an equal ranked investigator, was able to take down a ghoul unarmed and has more fame in the CCG than himself.

This all changed when Urie heard from the father of Takeomi, Iwao Kuroiwa, that his son sees Urie as a good friend and a rival. This made Urie question his old thoughts about Takeomi and raises his level of respect and friendship for him.

Iwao Kuroiwa[]

Kuroiwa served in the same squad as Urie's father, and was among the members to deliver news of his father's fate to him. Urie has never forgiven Kuroiwa for leaving his father behind, and projects considerable hatred onto his son whenever they meet. He expresses the desire for Kuroiwa to die for his sins, thinking that the loss of an arm is not enough to pay for his supposed cowardice.

This all changed when the two of them planned some kind of revolt against Kichimura Washuu. While walking towards his office, Iwao began talking about Yoriko and his son Takeomi, who actually thinks positively of Urie. When they arrived in the office of Furuta they suggested an integrity investigation about Furuta's actions, way of doing things and himself. Furuta refused and ordered them both to die. The two investigators were then attacked by Roma Hoito and Rio. While fighting the two Clowns, Urie protected the Senior Investigator when he was attacked by Roma. The two men managed to defeat the two Clowns but Kuki Urie was pierced multiple times soon after.

Urie survived all this and later killed Roma Hoito and injured Rio, saving Kuriowa in the process. But before they could escape, Kuroiwa was injured by Furuta. This absolutely devastated Urie and left him in shock.

Kishou Arima[]

Urie seems to look up to Arima and was thrilled when he heard him praising his talent and giving the approval for the surgery. This increased Urie's determination to become better and assured himself that he will not lose control like Sasaki.

Matsuri Washuu[]

After becoming the Quinx Squad's leader again after Shirazu's death, Urie had the squad join the S2 division under Matsuri's supervision. Despite still holding disdain for his superior, Urie has decided to obey Matsuri obediently as he sees it as the fastest route for him to join the S3 squad.

After the supposed death of Matsuri, Urie was shown to still stand behind Matsuri's decisions and choices, mainly because of the suspicion behind Kichimura Washuu.

Donato Porpora[]

Urie is wary of Donato having knowledge of his notoriety by studying his predation record and knowing of his running of an orphanage as a means to eat children. Urie detests the older ghoul for his past offenses and mercilessly attempts to kill him when he psychologically breaks him with the truth of his motivations for becoming a ghoul investigator.

Touma Higemaru[]

Urie and Touma were partners during the Clown Siege, fighting various members of the Clowns in the 2nd Ward together. After awhile they encountered the uncle of Touma Higemaru but he was quickly killed by Donato Porpora. Seeking revenge for the death of Touma's uncle, the two men went to a building where Donato was waiting for them. Donato quickly chopped off Touma's arm, leaving the latter in agonizing pain. Urie was shocked to see his friend suffer and tried to help him but was quickly attacked by Donato. Donato then proceeded to torture Touma, just to break Urie's mind. Urie then Framed-Out and attacked Donato, telling Touma to run.

Later on, Urie was happy to hear that Touma escaped successfully.

Kichimura Washuu[]

Urie began suspecting Kichimura after the supposed death of Matsuri Washuu and began his own investigation about Kichimura and after the imprisonment of both Yoriko Kuroiwa and Takeomi Kuroiwa saw his chance to discover the truth behind it all. He planned some kind of revolt against Kichimura together with Iwao Kuroiwa and went to Kichimura's office.

After a short talk, Furuta ordered both men to die, shattering all the remaining trust and respect Urie had for him. Iwao and Urie where then attacked by Roma and Rio, but defeated them soon after. However, Kuki Urie was pierced multiple times during the fight.

Powers and Abilities[]

Quinx Physiology: Due to him being a Quinx, Urie possesses a koukaku kagune and enhanced senses, along with heightened physical capabilities. Initially, he was unable to control the increased power of his kagune's enhanced frames. After his first battle, however, he begins to develop his skill and is now able to use his kagune more skillfully. Urie also displays significant skill in using a quinque and is able to utilize Ginkui masterfully. As a squad leader, Urie has a strong sense of leadership and is able to lead his squad proficiently in battle, coordinating his attacks with theirs in order to bring down an opponent.

  • Koukaku Kagune: His kagune has an armored structure that covers his shoulder and upper arm, as well as a long blade. This blade is almost as long as his leg, and easily slices through the flesh and bone of enemy ghouls. After he had frame 4 released, his kagune increased in size and gained another blade. He is also now capable of producing a shield from his kagune, wielding it alongside his koukaku blade.
  • Superhuman Senses: His senses are also greatly increased, being able to smell and identify blood from miles away.
  • Superhuman Strength: Urie was capable of overpowering Kanae without the use of his quinque and struck a killing blow to Noro.
  • Superhuman Regeneration: He was able to amplify his regeneration capacity, healing from a grievous wound through the chest.[57]

Skilled Leader: As a squad leader, Urie has a strong sense of leadership and is able to lead his squad proficiently in battle, coordinating his attacks with theirs in order to bring down an opponent.

Tsunagi <plain>: A plain bikaku quinque, given to him as a loaner after his original quinque was destroyed in battle. He shows little interest in using it in battle, though he does use it with his kagune during the Auction raid.

Ginkui: A bikaku quinque in the form of a sword made from Noro. it seems to take the properties of Noro's kagune, deploying tentacles similar to the late ghoul's original kagune, complete with at least one mouth with a set of teeth. It is able to be remotely activated.

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


  • Urie dislikes sweet foods.[14]
  • The uri (瓜) in "Urie" means melon.
  • Urie was ranked twenty-sixth in the latest character popularity poll.
  • Urie is frequently drawn without a mouth. Considering how often it happens, it's likely intentional.
  • Urie has been associated with the Tarot card the Wheel of Fortune (X).
  • Urie stated that it is his intention to transfer to the S3 Squad from the Quinx Squad. It is later revealed that his father was once the squad's leader and died holding back the One-Eyed Owl for his team.
  • His father died in the same fashion as Kasuka Mado, facing the One-Eyed Owl alone to defend their retreating comrades.
  • An omake in Volume 1, shows that he is a talented painter.
  • Urie spends most of his spare time solo training.
  • It is hinted that he may have romantic feelings for Saiko, as shown in the omake for Volume 7.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Three of Diamonds."


  • To Shirazu: "I have no intention to work under Investigator Sasaki. I’m going to get promoted and go to the S3 squad."[5]
  • To Shirazu: "Achieve not with the Squad, but by yourself. That'll get you closer to your objective. This is my honest opinion."[9]
  • To Takeomi (in an internal monolog): "It seems like your father lost an arm during the fight with the Owl two years ago. He should’ve died."[15]
  • To Shirazu: "The credit for that... It's all yours! Shirazu! It's yours!"[40]
  • To Shirazu: "Don't you fucking die on me!"[40]
  • To Matsuri: "Having seen what happened there, do you really not feel a thing, Special Class?"[40]
  • To Mutsuki: "There really is meaning in laying the dead to rest... it's a ritual necessary for those that live on..."[42]
  • To Mutsuki: "I promise you, I will get Shirazu back."[42]
  • To Matsuri: "Special Class Washuu, you have done me and the Qs an enormous favor by making us a part of Squad S2. I have endeavored with all my power to repay you as best I can for it. Like your dog, if you tell me to heel, I will heel. And if you tell me to bark, I will bark."[7]
  • To Saiko: "Do you intend to hobble yourself and hesitate every time you become indebted to someone?! Regardless of what may have happened in the past, if, before you, someone stands as your enemy you must treat them as such."[69]
  • About Mutsuki: "Mutsuki! Let's go home...together! For you, I will..."[70]
  • To Donato: "I chose this path myself! I chose to become an investigator!"[58]
  • To his father: "You know, once I grow up... I want to be an investigator, just like you!"[58]
  • About Donato: "Donato. The ghoul my father captured... My father went all out to catch that ghoul...."[57]
  • To Mutsuki: "...That's right. Prepare yourself. We'll stop you no matter how many times it takes."[71]


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