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"What is right... what is wrong... you can't easily tell the difference. That's why you must keep thinking, whether what you are doing is right or not. That act itself, alone, can be called right."— Koutarou Amon, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 98

Koutarou Amon (亜門 鋼太朗, Amon Kōtarō) is a former First Class Ghoul Investigator. He was Kureo Mado's last partner and his last partner was Akira Mado. He was subsequently declared dead by the CCG, though his body was never recovered,[6] and was posthumously promoted to Special Class for his distinguished service.[7] During the Rushima Landing Operation, he reappeared alive as an artificial one-eyed ghoul.[8]


Amon is a very tall, handsome young man with black hair and teal eyes. His distinctive eyebrows are curved at the end. Due to his constant, vigorous training, he has an extremely athletic and muscular build.

Like most ghoul investigators, Amon usually wore a black suit with tie. If he left for an investigation, he additionally wore a white overcoat on top of his suit. He also wears a silver necklace with a cross.

Years later, he wears a cloak with a hood, and an outfit with a high collar underneath. He possesses a kakugan in his right eye. His right forearm and hand is made from a kagune, the hand itself deformed with only three fingers and a blade-like extension growing alongside the finger on the right side of his hand. After his right hand is destroyed in battle, it regenerates with four fingers, sans blade-like extension. One month after the Rushima operation, his right hand regenerates with five fingers.

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Tokyo Ghoul


Due to a personal experience as an orphan during his childhood, Amon came to the conclusion that the world was wrong, therefore he made it his task to change it. Because he believes it is ghouls who are twisting the world, he views their eradication as a way to mend it. After being spared by Ken Kaneki, Amon started to question the righteousness of his crusade and showed interest and curiosity, wanting to understand the ghoul. At heart, Amon is a likable, sympathetic young man with a great sense of justice, dedicated to his cause. So much so that he views his morality as anything done in the name of justice, demonstrated when he dug into a grave, something other investigators saw as immoral. Due to the connection between ghouls and his childhood and being raised by one, the fuel for his actions lie in his soft spot for children. One of the biggest justifications for his hatred of ghouls is the loss of the precious ones for these children. This was best conveyed when he sees an orphaned child taken in by the CCG and is motivated to work instead of rest.

Despite being well set in his mentality of his duties, he is quite apprehensive and insecure about losing people around him. He has lost many people throughout the course of his life and is fearful of losing more, he admits this to himself while fighting Kaneki, who incidentally feels the same. From this propensity, Amon reacted strongly to Kureo Mado's death. While investigating the ghouls responsible, he becomes near obsessed with it while feeling guilty for not arriving in time. Another incidence is when he intends to bring Seidou Takizawa, a former comrade, with him despite being transformed into a murderous one-eyed ghoul like himself which can also be used as evidence of his loyalty.

After Amon was transformed into a one-eyed ghoul, his worldview underwent a gradual transformation. Since he had become the very thing he scorned and vowed to destroy, Amon could no longer hold onto the rage and hatred that once fueled his life's purpose. As a result, Amon became consumed by feelings of emptiness, feeling that the time he spent in the CCG to be a waste and could not see a place for himself in the world any longer. It was only after embracing emptiness as a "feeling" in and of itself did Amon regain a sense of direction in his life.

Accompanying Amon's transformation came greater introspection about himself, his past, and lifelong beliefs about the world. Since becoming a ghoul, Amon could no longer see ghouls as abominations who prey on humans but rather individuals who exhibit human qualities such as benevolence and hatred; emotions that had once fueled Amon's life. This change is best exemplified by Amon's neutral even friendly stance with Touka Kirishima despite her being the person who killed his mentor. As Amon lives and fights as a ghoul, he comes to the realization that while ghouls are one of the causes creating a "wrong" world, he himself was a contributing factor to this distortion. This was caused by the fact that he refused to acknowledge that the simmering hatred he had felt for ghouls was really his own manipulation of his parental feelings for his ghoul foster father, Donato Porpora. Once Amon was able to accept this fact, he was able to make peace with himself and his depraved foster father.


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Donato Porpora

Donato was his ghoul foster parent and they lived together in a Catholic orphanage. But one day, Amon discovered that Donato had been slaughtering the children in the orphanage daily, which made Amon grow a sense of hatred toward him. Since then he has cut his ties with him and refuses to recognize him as his foster family. When defeated by Kaneki, Amon is frustrated over how he remembers Donato as his father, thinking why it was him even in a moment like that. When fighting him during the JSDF assault, Amon was having difficulties bringing himself to fight him without holding back, and later acknowledged that he did feel affection and love towards him when delivering the final blow on Donato, and admitted that he felt nostalgic towards his days back in the orphanage, and couldn't bring himself to hate his father, despite knowing what type of person he was.

Kureo Mado

Mado was Amon's first partner and a mentor in Amon's eyes. He respected him greatly and learned a lot from him. When Mado was killed, he underwent a phase of great sorrow and promised to catch Rabbit, the ghoul who killed him. Amon still feels responsible for arriving too late to save his mentor, as he reveals to Akira when she is drunk.

Akira Mado

Amon's second partner/first subordinate. They met for the first time in the cemetery where both had gone to pay their respect to her father's grave. At first, their relationship was strained because Akira held Amon responsible for Kureo's death. After several ghoul incidents, and a time wherein Akira had gotten drunk, their bond grew closer and they started to work well together. Before the battle against Anteiku, Amon offered her a cat strap because it reminded him of her cat, and they went together to see Kureo's grave one more time, Amon asking her not to be rash in the future battle against Anteiku. Akira has romantic feelings toward Amon as she tried to kiss him once before, which he stopped. Later, the two are placed in different squads during the battle against Anteiku. After Amon and Takizawa have been reported dead she ends up confessing that she really cared for her superior Amon and her old school rival Takizawa.

Years later, now as a one-eyed ghoul, Amon expresses shame and disgust towards what he has become. Such that he refused to contact Akira, fearing how she might react. He never stopped caring for her, and when the time was right, showed himself to save her from a deranged Takizawa. He even took care of her pet cat during her recovery from her surgery. However, he still had his doubts about seeing her eye to eye again until Touka convinced him to do so. After talking with and explaining his own plights to her, he acted upon his own romantic feelings and kissed her.

Ken Kaneki

At first, Amon thought Kaneki was just a regular ghoul. However, after being spared by Kaneki after their first confrontation and seeing him crying while begging him not to make him a murderer, Amon begins to gain interest in Kaneki as to why he was spared and what his motivations are. Once Amon concluded that Kaneki and Rabbit were the keys to solving Mado's death, he began pursuing Kaneki in search of answers. Amon was responsible for stopping Kaneki's rampage when he was raiding Kanou's Lab. Kaneki was the only ghoul that Amon does not seem to have any real hatred or scorn for, although he has a lot of questions that he wanted to ask him. After fighting Kaneki during the Owl Suppression Operation, Amon lost his arm. Even after being severely wounded by Kaneki's kakuja, Amon persists to stay alive in order to prevent Kaneki from becoming a murderer.

Seidou Takizawa

During their time working together, Amon and Takizawa were on great terms. The younger investigator greatly admired him and had been quite the fan of him prior to being assigned to the 20th ward, though Amon was often left trying to keep the peace between Takizawa and Akira. During the raid on Anteiku, Takizawa abandoned his position to rescue Amon and ended up sacrificing himself trying to protect Amon, showing great loyalty to his friend.

After being captured and experimented on by Aogiri, their relationship has been significantly altered. Though angered over the crimes Takizawa has committed, Amon still considers him a comrade and desperately tries to bring him back to his senses. In contrast, Takizawa looked down on him and reacted violently to his lectures. Takizawa no longer admired Amon, looking down on him as a Floppy and violently rejecting the other man's reprimands and offers of help. When Takizawa had regained his senses, he fled Rushima with Akira, doing as Amon asked.

During the CCG Lab Raid, Takizawa encountered a deranged and berserk Amon. He was determined to bring his former comrade back to his senses. During the confrontation, Takizawa again pondered about how he still looks up to the former investigator and that he himself wishes to be noble as Amon. When he realized his own future may have been bleak, he wishes to live for someone as bright as Amon and even for Akira, to make her happy by bringing Amon back home.

Yukinori Shinohara

Shinohara was Amon's teacher in the CCG Academy. Amon respects him a great deal, admiring his achieved victories over numerous brutal ghouls. Just like Mado, Shinohara is like a mentor to him, giving him advice and lectures frequently. The two also worked together in their investigations of the ghouls Binge Eater, Gourmet and Rabbit. When Kaneki hurt Shinohara in Kanou's laboratory, Amon became enraged and immediately charged at him to rescue Shinohara.

Juuzou Suzuya

Amon considered Suzuya to be quite weird and was angered by his carefree attitude and how he was uncaring of Shinohara's injuries. They later started to get along, though Amon said that he still does not understand the way Suzuya sees the world.

Kousuke Houji

Amon admired Houji, viewing him as an excellent veteran investigator and acknowledging his achievements in using quinques. The two also cooperated in their investigations of the ghouls Binge Eater, Gourmet, and Rabbit.

Kishou Arima

Amon admired and respected Arima, viewing him as a role model of a ghoul investigator. Arima commended Amon for his promotion to a senior investigator and efforts during the 11th Ward Battle.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

Hide worked under Amon and Akira when he joined the CCG, running errands for him such as buying lunch. Amon sometimes chided Hide when he was not working or socializing, a small clash between Hide's carefree disposition and Amon's work-orientated mentality. Nevertheless, Amon cared for Hide and was determined to find out more about the incident involving Kanou and Kaneki for his sake.

In :re, the two appear to have an alliance, with Hide rescuing him from Aogiri at some point in the past under the alias of Scarecrow. Since then, both have made appearances during the same major events and have cooperated with each other.

Touko Harima

Harima was Amon's old friend whom he still remembers fondly. He keeps and uses her quinque (Doujima 1/2) as a personal memento of her. Akira believed Amon may have loved her more than a friend and saw Harima in her after he refused to kiss her, although Amon neither denied or confirmed it.

Misato Gori

Gori is secretly in love with him, though unable to confess her feelings out loud. When they worked together during the 11th Ward Battle, her embarrassment resulted in her acting gruff towards him to hide her actual feelings. Afterwards, she devoted time to attempting to learn to cook in hopes of conveying her affections towards him but even then, was unable to tell him. After he was declared dead during the Owl Suppression Operation, she became hysterical and refused to believe the reports.

Kurona Yasuhisa

In the past, Amon occasionally went to Kurona's academy to give lectures. She respected him as a teacher and would approach him after class for advice. When they came across each other in Kanou's lab, Amon immediately recognized her and tried to approach her, but she fled. Her appearance as an one-eyed ghoul sparked Amon's disbelief and curiosity, causing him to wonder what exactly happened to her.

In :re, it is implied that Amon had been observing Kurona's actions from the shadows, as shown when he recognized the cannibalism of Aogiri members as her doing. During his battle with the Quinx Squad, Amon mentions to Takizawa that he came to Rushima for him as well as Kurona. During the CCG Lab Infiltration, Kurona encountered a deranged and berserk Amon. She, along with Takizawa, were determined to bring him back to his senses. After the battle, Kurona brought Amon back to Goat, addressing him as "First Class Amon."

Saiko Yonebayashi

The two first crossed paths when Amon saved Saiko from Shikorae, though Amon left before Saiko could even know who he was or thank him. When Saiko encountered Amon during the Rushima Landing Operation, she recognized him as her savior from before and even pleaded to have ownership rights over him, wanting to know more about him. However, Saiko threw away her personal feelings towards Amon and crushed him with her kagune when the latter went berserk and overpowered her fellow squad members. Saiko then asked why Amon saved her back then, to which he replied it was the right thing to do. Before being crushed, Amon advised Saiko to always consider if her actions are right or wrong, reducing her to tears.

Touka Kirishima

Both having an enormous zeal to rewrite the wrongs done to their own kind, put them both at odds with each other from the start. This soon escalated when Touka (as Rabbit) killed Amon's temporary colleague, Ippei, and his tutor and close friend Kureo Mado. From that point on Amon harbored intense hate for the individual that was guilty of these actions. But with the passing of time and tragedy that befell Amon turning him into a half-ghoul, these feelings mellowed or rather are pointed elsewhere. This allowed for both Amon and Touka to lay the fundamentals for a neutral relationship devoid of hate through their insights and understandings gained over time.

Eto Yoshimura

Eto is fascinated by him, taking an active interest in Amon after witnessing his battle against a deranged Kaneki. She seems to know quite a bit about his past, considering this unusual and noteworthy enough to make him more interesting than the half-ghoul Kaneki. In her human identity, she goes to the CCG headquarters to meet with him under the guise of an interview. There, she discloses information about Kanou's laboratory, and causes him to begin questioning the secrets the CCG might be hiding.

Akihiro Kanou

Amon was involved in an investigation concerning Kanou, suspecting him to have had a role in the disappearances of Kaneki and the Binge Eater, as well as creating artificial one-eyed ghouls. Kanou knew plenty about Amon, including his upbringing as a ghoul's foster son and his reputation as an excellent investigator. He immediately deemed his as a good subject and performed the kakuhou transplant surgery on Amon. Upon waking up with a kakugan, Amon immediately recognized it to be the work of Kanou. Amon resented Kanou for transforming him into a ghoul, glaring at him when he was told to eat human flesh. Ultimately, Kanou deemed Amon a failure and classified him as a "floppy".

Maris Stella

He first met this cat when entering Akira's apartment, greeting her and being ignored. Later on during Tokyo Ghoul:re, Amon eventually breaks through Akira's house in order to get Maris Stella and put her in the Goat base for Akira once she woke up.

Powers and Abilities

Ghoul Physiology: He inherited Yoshimura's kakuhou, and gained an ukaku kagune as a result, becoming a half-ghoul in the process. Shortly after his transformation, he experienced an uncontrolled surge in Rc cells and has been left in an unstable state as a result. This led to him being labeled a Floppy, and discarded by Dr. Kanou. This malfunction was thereafter fixed by the CCG's experiments on him. Due to hybrid vigor, Amon's abilities are said to be more potent than that of a natural-born ghoul.

  • Ukaku Kagune: He appears to have an ukaku kagune of decent power, capable of firing off numerous projectiles. These can easily blast holes into another ghoul's body, as demonstrated during his brief battle with Shikorae. He exhibits great accuracy, able to hit all four of Ginkui's mouths with four projectiles in an instant. These can vary in size, from small to human-sized, and being powerful enough to pierce through the body of a quinx and to break through Urie's kagune. He also demonstrated that he can form a tentacle which can attack from short to mid-range. He is able to release round bullet-like ukaku attacks, which chopped off Takizawa's leg and broke his full kakuja into pieces.
  • Ukaku Kakuja: Amon possesses a grotesque and mutated armor. In this form, Amon has a mutated head with multiple eyes and a deformed mouth with multiple blades protruding out of his back. He is able to fire large drill shaped projectiles at a target that are as large as a human body. In his second kakuja form, he is able to produce two large scimitars blades from his shoulders and also multiple smaller ones protruding out of his back. He has a large humanoid form that closely resembles Yoshimura's kakuja form.[9] In this form, he has fought off both Takizawa and Kurona with ease,[9] until the former activated a kakuja of his own.[10]Because of his half kakuja nature, he seems to only go into this form when in extreme duress, such as when Ginkui activated inside his body or after being experimented on by the CCG.
  • Kagune Arm: Amon has a kagune-like arm capable of forming a blade sharp enough to cut through body parts. This arm is durable and capable of blocking powerful attacks.
  • Kagune Detachment: Amon can detach kagune from his arm to complete the form of his quinque, Doujima 1/2.[11] After escaping the CCG labs, Amon's Kagune and Quinque manipulation abilities seem to be enhanced to a whole new level, now being able to freely control the aspect of Doujima, and form Kagune appendages and shields from it.
  • RC Cell Backflow: Upon having being modified in the CCG Labs, Amon seems to be capable of exploding any kagune by direct physical contact, pushing back and affecting the any RC cells, causing the kagune to explode completely. With this, Amon was able to effortlessly explode Takizawa's kagune blade, only a few seconds after being stabbed by him.
  • Superhuman Strength: Amon was part of the 0.01% of humanity with physical powers rivaling those of ghouls. As a human he trained extensively in weightlifting, his strength allowed him to wield heavy koukaku quinque. As a one-eyed ghoul, Amon manages to rip through Mutsuki's kagune,[11] break free from Ginkui,[12] crush Shinsanpei Aura's kagune with his hand, as well as send Touma Higemaru flying with a single hit and smash a large crater into the ground by simply stomping on it. In his second kakuja form, his strength is empowered to the point he could achieve the same with a single punch.[9]
  • Superhuman Regeneration: Amon regenerated his torso after Ginkui's remote activation inside his body.[13] In his second kakuja form, his regeneration was so fast that it took him mere moments to recover from the damage he received from both Takizawa and Kurona.[9]
  • Superhuman Agility: He is incredibly fast, as he disappeared shortly after Saiko took her eyes off him for a very brief period of time.
  • Superhuman Durability: Amon received multiple frontal heavy attacks and yet showed no signs of weakening after being impaled with a kagune.

Swordsmanship: As an investigator, Amon was proficient and deadly while wielding a quinque, able to easily and efficiently eliminate ghouls.

  • Doujima 1/2: A simple koukaku quinque which initially took the form of a club used to swing heavy blows that are tough to block. During a fight with Ken Kaneki, it was broken and later repaired using the Bin brothers' kagune. The repaired Doujima 1/2 takes the form of a lance-like spear. For additional offensive power, the brothers' kagune can be projected from the spearhead, spiraling around it in a drill-like manner, but it was destroyed again. Years after the Owl Suppression Operation he still wields the quinque. He carries only its handle section and, when he wishes to release it, uses parts of his kagune to complete its form.
  • Kura: The koukaku quinque is a quarterstaff with a large blade at its end that can take down multiple ghouls in a single swing. The blade can be separated into dual falchion blades to lure opponents off guard and have a quicker weapon at hand. While the swords are a bit heavy for single hand use, Amon can also throw and retract them for longer reach. Amon used this quinque because its weight was similar to Doujima 1/2's. Mado bestowed the quinque on him in his will. It was destroyed by Kaneki during their fight.
  • Arata proto • II: A koukaku kakuja quinque that is an upgrade from its predecessor, Arata Proto. This quinque takes the form of a suit of armor that auto-equips onto Amon's body. Arata Proto II augments Amon's strength, speed, and durability to the point of being able to fight toe to toe with Kaneki, an SS-rated ghoul, for a period of time. However using the quinque bears a heavy burden on the body which could be mitigated due to Amon's high physical abilities. The quinque was destroyed by Ken Kaneki in his kakuja form.
  • Unnamed Quinque: A quinque of unknown type that Amon used during his early days as an investigator. It took the form of a spear with a harpoon-like head. Its capabilities remain unknown as Amon was disarmed by Kie Muramatsu before he could use it.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • Amon likes to train and investigate.[4]
  • In the first character popularity poll, Amon was ranked eleventh. In the latest, he came in as ninth.
  • Amon likes to eat sweets like donuts,[4] but dislikes spicy food.[3][14]
  • Amon is actually the name of the Egyptian god Amon-Ra, the sun god and god of all gods, the name meaning "the hidden one."
  • There are several differences between the anime and manga concerning Amon:
    • During his second fight with Kaneki. In the 11th episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A, Amon just fought with his Doujima. In the manga, Amon used Doujima as well as the Arata Proto II.[15]
    • In the manga, Amon first used Kura to fight Kaneki, and then used Doujima after Kura was destroyed by Kaneki.[16][17] But in the anime, Amon fought Kaneki by using Doujima from the start.[18]
    • Amon loses his left arm in the manga, but in the anime, it remained intact.
    • In the manga, Amon was defeated by Kaneki when he was forced to use his kakuja form.[19][20] In the anime, Kaneki defeated Amon without using his kakuja form.[21]
  • During the end of the Auction Raid, some CCG investigators noted Takeomi Kuroiwa being the first to kill a ghoul with his bare hands since Koutarou Amon.[22]
  • After the Owl Suppression Operation, Amon was posthumously promoted to Special Class.[7]
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Jack of Diamonds."
  • Amon is associated with the tarot card The Emperor (IV), as in Re: Chapter 110, he is found in Chamber 4 of the CCG lab inside a container labelled "Re", or "King".
  • His visual acuity is 2.0.[23]
  • The scene of him biting Mutsuki's shoulder mirrors when he was bitten on the shoulder by Kaneki during their first conflict.[11]
  • Sui Ishida stated that, for a time, he used to call Amon "Koumon Tarou" in his mind, which is an anagram for "Koumon Rota," meaning "anal beads" — a reference to Ishida's character Analbeadsman from his previous series The Penisman.[24]
  • His Rc level, 10181, is the highest level recorded in the series.
  • He is the person we follow to get the perspective from the ccg before re:.


Tokyo Ghoul

  • To Kusaba and Nakajima: "Morals...? With that 'morality' you can't crush evil. We are justice, that is our morality."[25]
  • To Kaneki: "This world is wrong."[26]
  • To himself: "I will change [the world]... I’ll show them. I will be the one to correct this wrong world."[27]
  • To Ken Kaneki (mentally): "If you somehow manage to make it out alive. Everyone will be aiming for your head... Even so allow me to make an earnest request... Don't die. I wish to hear your story."[15]
  • To himself: "All my life... I have always been losing things. My biological mother and father. The false image of the man who raised me. My friends. My teacher. I'm scared. What will I lose next? this is where I make my last stand. You absolutely won't pass through here. Eyepatch... you can take a small break..."[19]
  • To Donato: "Be quiet. I don't think of you as a father."[28]
  • To Donato: "... I'm wearing this so that I don't forget the days I spent at the orphanage. At the time I didn't know of your daily slaughter. Its only a symbol to repent for my " Sin of Ignorance". Since then I've felt nothing but hatred towards you. Even now you... It's disgusting that you're still alive."[28]
  • To Kaneki: "... But I only want to know one thing. Donato Porpora, the ghoul that eats little children. What was the reason, he left me alone even though I was in front on him... What was the reason he didn't kill me? If it's you... If it's you who once let me escape... I thought you might understand something...!!"[29]
  • To Donato: "Father... Why is Kazuki over there...? I thought he left the facility... Yuusuke too and Akie too didn't you say they found foster parents?"[29]

Tokyo Ghoul:re

  • To Takizawa: "Ghoul? That's you deceiving yourself. You have sinned... The investigators you've killed... the civilians you've eaten... Unforgivable. But... I know. I know your weakness. And I know your strength. You are no ghoul... You are a ghoul investigator!"[30]
  • To Takizawa: "You're right, I'm an idiot, and weak. But I'll still fight."[12]
  • To Saiko: "What is right... what is wrong... you can't easily tell the difference. That's why you must keep thinking, whether what you are doing is right or not. That act itself, alone, can be called right."[5]
  • To Touka: "Rabbit. Losing Mado made me feel pain, rage... It lit a fire in my chest that will burn till I die. But that fire doesn't burn at you. It burns at this world, the circumstances that gave us no choice but to do what we did. At least, that's what I know now. I came here today to tell you that."[31]
  • To Akira: "Hatred, rage.. I understand what it feels like to live supported only by those emotions. When they finally dissolve, it feels like you're left hollow. I... after becoming like this, I too have had to live side-by-side with that emptiness. I thought that all the time I had spent as an investigator was for naught. As was the coming future... But... Everything's not totally gone. If 'emptiness' is another feeling then it, too, exists... Gazing into that emptiness is painful. It's hard. But if you can face it, unfaltering, it will eventually give you the answer you seek... How you want to live your life."[32]
  • To himself: "Eyepatch. It's thanks to this body that I finally learned a few things. Most Ghouls will be regarded by humans as creatures to be feared. That fact will not change, even if I use my justice to bring them to light and compare their faults. Yet, the more I learn of this world, the more I realize... far more so than any of them... Donato Porpora is absolute evil. That is an incontrovertible truth."[33]
  • To himself: "I've known. I've known, but I've ignored it all this time. This world is twisted... and among those twisting it... among the ones twisting it was me."[33]
  • To Donato: "Donuts. The donuts you used to make for us as snacks. They were delicious. You came with blankets on cold nights. And when the dog we took in died, you built it a grave in the hills."
  • To Donato: "Yes. I try to forget those days. I try to hate you. But... To me... The days I spent in that orphanage are terribly dear. I am an orphan. An abandoned child. You raised me. I know exactly what sort of person you are. A villain. A ghoul. A mass murderer. An amoral drag of a man."
  • To Donato: "Yet... Is it a son's fault for loving his father?"


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