Kouitsu Chigyou

Kouitsu Chigyou


Name Kouitsu Chigyou
Japanese Name 地行 甲乙
Romaji Chigyō Kōitsu
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliations CCG (Formerly)
GFG (Formerly)
Occupation Research Head
Ward 1st Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 82
Anime Debut Episode 15
Seiyuu Shinji Kawada
English VA Michael Johnson
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Kouitsu Chigyou (地行 甲乙, Chigyō Kōitsu), often referred to as Doctor Chigyou, is the head ghoul researcher at CCG Laboratory Division.

He used to be a researcher in the GFG in Germany.[1]

Appearance Edit

Kouitsu is a tall average man with a black shirt and pants. He wears a lab coat and has big black hair that covers his eyes completely. After the timeskip he has grown facial hair, namely a thin mustache.

Personality Edit

He is a friendly and cooperative individual. He is also resourceful, giving Koutarou Amon the Arata when he needed it the most. Despite this apparent benevolence it has been suggested he is less interested in the ethics of science, and more interested in seeing whether a theory will actually work such as the creation of the Quinx after examining Ken Kaneki's body after his capture.

Plot Edit

Raid of Kanou's Lab Edit

Yukinori Shinohara introduced Chigyou to Juuzou Suzuya. He then gave Suzuya his new quinque, 13's Jason.[2]

Owl Suppression Operation Edit

He later delivered an Arata quinque and the revised version of Doujima to Koutarou Amon in the neck of time to combat Kaneki.[3] Afterwards, he provides Juuzou with new prosthetic metal legs.

Rose Investigation Edit

Chiyou gave Ginshi Shirazu his new quinque, Nutcracker while marveling at its uniqueness for its chimera properties. He was surprised when Shirazu vomited and expressed concern for him.[4]

Post Rose Extermination Edit

Chigyou was briefly mentioned during Dr. Akihiro Kanou and Tatara's conversation following the retrieval and examination of Shirazu's corpse. Dr. Kanou praised him for having invented the technique used to create the Quinx.[5]

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