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"Most important things? What things? The teachers I respected? The superiors I thought understood me? The colleagues I helped along every step of the way? The successors I saw try their best to bridge the gaps between us? I've lost them all, haven't I... Why do you fight, Koori Ui..."— Koori Ui, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 100

Koori Ui (宇井 郡, Ui Kōri) is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator who was in charge of the 3rd ward and the Investigation Commander of Division I and acts as leader of the S1 Squad. He is a former protégé of Kishou Arima and was the partner of Hairu Ihei before her death.

After the Clown Siege, he is promoted to Bureau Director Advisor.


Koori styles his hair into a glossy, black bob that falls down, nearing his chin, before it stops. His fringe, however halts as it reaches his eyebrows, framing his eyes as it sits upon them. He has quite large, dark brown, moving closer to black, eyes that peer from under his, previously mentioned, fringe. Koori has, what could be considered, an average skin tone, while in some aspects it's rather pale. Physically, Koori’s body looks quite strong. Like other young investigators, he’s certainly skinny, while it's more wiry, due to his obvious strength. He is not very tall, however, standing at a height, of around around 5’7". His overall appearance can make him look rather feminine, or simply, androgynous.

Due to his skinny physique, he can be seen wearing tight, usually black, suits for his normal attire, while when working his outfit is often the white trench coat, worn by those in the Arima-Squad.


Koori has a somewhat easy-going personality, making casual comments or even jokes during tense moments such as the fight with the Owl.[4][5] However, he also shows an insightful nature when expressing his unease over the outcome of the Owl Suppression Operation.

After the timeskip, he has a strong sense of "justice" for humans and seems to be especially cautious towards Haise Sasaki as he is a dangerous ghoul. He is also shown to be extremely prejudiced against ghouls, believing those who claim to be civil nonsensical due to his presumed impossibility for them to be good-natured.

The deaths of his closest friends and colleagues weigh heavily on Koori's mind, causing him to question what he should be fighting for after most of them were killed during the Rushima Landing Operation and the Third Cochlea Raid. This all changed after Kichimura Washuu offered Koori a way to revive Hairu Ihei.

Desperate to see his friends again, Koori became more ruthless and dispassionate. He is willing to turn a blind eye to Kichimura's corruption of the CCG and focuses strictly on achieving the latter's goal of complete ghoul annihilation.


Owl Suppression Operation[]

Koori took part in the Special Class Investigator Meeting in spite of being an Associate Special Class Investigator.[3]

Koori vs Eto.

Koori joined the battle against the Non-Killing Owl and remained fighting until only he and Suzuya were left to battle the One-Eyed Owl who appeared afterward.[6] Koori managed to hold his own for a while before losing his quinque and was forced to use one of Kousuke Houji's, which he found heavy. The Owl, however, got the better of him and knocked Koori out of the fight.[5]

When the rest of the squads made their way to the rooftop to fight Eto, Koori threw Houji's quinque to Take Hirako.[7]

Post-Owl Suppression Operation[]

After the Owl Suppression Operation, Koori was shown sitting on a bench with Hirako, discussing the outcome of the battle and that they were not sure if they really even won the battle.[8]


Koori was promoted to Special Class during the timeskip and had become a member of the S3 Squad.[citation needed]

He arrived at the Auction after having taken part in the defense of the Quinque Steel Transport and gave orders to CCG members.[9]

Rose Extermination[]

Koori appeared alongside Hairu Ihei and Taishi Fura as a leader of the S1 Squad. He held the meeting about the Rose investigation.[10]

Koori disagreeing with Sasaki's plan.

Haise Sasaki visited Koori to ask for permission for his plan, but he rejected since it did not fit the image of the CCG as heroic figures. Afterward, he was smoking a cigarette with Fura. Koori told him Sasaki was a ghoul and dangerous, as he had seen Sasaki lose control during an operation with other Arima Squad members.[11] Koori later brought Shiki Kijima to the conference room to reprimand him for uploading a video to the public to provoke the Rose ghouls.[12]

After being ordered to take command of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation by Tsuneyoshi Washuu, Koori was approached by Matsuri Washuu, who informed him the S2 Squad was taking part as support. After thinking ill of each other in their inner dialogues, they parted. Koori was then visited by Kishou Arima, who had heard of his operation commander position from Itsuki Marude earlier, and expressed ease since his former superior was the only one he could feel relaxed around after being promoted to Special Class. Koori attempted to tell Arima something but his former superior was called on by a fellow employee and left before anything else could be said.[13]

As the operation commander, Koori commenced the Tsukiyama Family Extermination by entering the Tsukiyama Estate alone, confronting Mirumo Tsukiyama and telling him to surrender. To his surprise, Mirumo swiftly confirmed the employees and his own surrender, but remained distrustful toward the target with the reasoning Mirumo was still a ghoul.

After confirmation of the Tsukiyama family's heir escaping, Koori headed to the Tsukiyama family's Luna Eclipse along with the other squads accompanying him. As they advanced through the building floors, he asked Sasaki to head up the building first in order to secure all possible escape routes, to which Sasaki accepted and climbed up the outer building with his kagune. Shortly after, he contacted Sasaki again for a report on the rooftop's situation and was told by Sasaki that there was nobody despite Shuu Tsukiyama's presence there.

Koori then received a call from Nimura Furuta asking for support.[14] After reaching the location of Furuta, Koori saw the carnage, including the dead body of his partner, Hairu Ihei. Upon being notified of a survivor, Koori saw Furuta who seemed to have been brutally beaten and believed his report of the carnage being committed by the ghouls.[15]

Koori stands aghast at Sasaki's actions.

After reaching the rooftop, Koori kept cautious to his surroundings and ordered his men to slow down after hearing some unusual sounds. Koori was perplexed after seeing Sasaki in the process of devouring the One-Eyed Owl's kakuja. Unable to believe what he was seeing, he confirmed it was Sasaki who defeated the One-Eyed Owl single-handedly and what he was eating was the ghoul's leftover kakuhou. Koori quickly regained his composure and asked Sasaki to wipe off the blood on his head and finish his job, glancing at the worn-out Shuu Tsukiyama nearby. He then watched Sasaki throw Tsukiyama off the building with Karren von Rosewald following her master.

Post-Rose Extermination[]

As the previous operation was considered a failure, opinion of him has lowered in the CCG. He attended a Special Class Investigator Meeting regarding Aogiri Tree where Matsuri passive aggressively jabbed at him. Yoshitoki Washuu came to his defense, however.[2]

Rushima Landing Operation[]

Tsukiyama engages Koori.

When the CCG had started their attack on Rushima, Koori covered Houji by slaughtering the ghouls ahead. An unknown time later, he entered the room the Three Blades ghoul, Miza Kusakari, was in[16] before he attacked her and told her to end her life since she would die soon. Next, he ordered Takeomi Kuroiwa, Fura, and Kuramoto Itou to fight with him. Later, Tsukiyama arrived to assist Naki and Miza.[17][18] Tsukiyama engaged Koori in battle[19] who eventually swapped places with the Black Dog, Kaya Irimi. The two insulted each other during their battle which caused Kaya to be unaware that Fura had taken advantage of her undefended behind. As Koori was about to deliver the final blow, a hooded figure interrupted, saving Kaya.[20]

At an unknown amount of time later as the Rushima Landing Operation had been concluded, Koori was stating that they did not wipe out enough Aogiri as only two percent had survived the operation.[21]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation[]

Koori Ui attended another Special Class Investigator Meeting to discuss Director Tsuneyoshi's will and nomination to appoint Furuta as the next leader of the CCG. However, due to his inexperience and their unfamiliarity with his character, they had him participate in the meeting. After arriving late, Koori asked him about his time with Sasaki. Furuta explained his opinions of "HS" and the infractions Sasaki committed during his time as an investigator.

Koori realizing he lost those most important to him.

Following the meeting, Koori smoked against a wall, thinking, when Kuramoto, Takeomi, and Misato Gori pass by him and was acknowledged by Iwao Kuroiwa. As Koori left, he was followed by Kuramoto who inquired about Hirako before sharing his disbelief of the two's betrayal. Koori advised him that to not lose the things most important to him, he must get rid of his personal feelings. Walking away, Koori wondered what was most important to him, realizing he lost all of those who were most important to him; Arima, Hirako, Hairu, and surprisingly, Sasaki, and wondered what he fought for.[22]

Clown Siege[]

After the multiple Clown raids, Koori attended a Special Class Investigator Meeting to combat them, noting that the Acting Director was absent because of paperwork. He watched as Furuta explained his analysis on the Clown's movements and strategy, impressed by the latter's ability to collect information. After Furuta surmised that the Clowns were attacking on multiple fronts to stretch the CCG thin and leave their main office unguarded, he shot down Mougan's suggestion of concentrating their forces at the Main Office. When Furuta told them that Director Yoshitoki left their strongest officer Kishou Arima to defend the Main Office when he dealt with the Clowns, he reiterated that Arima was dead, but agreed with the plan of having their current strongest officer, Juuzou Suzuya defend the Main Office. However, he decided to keep Matsuri uninformed to avoid unnecessary sections being involved, and took responsibility for it.

After the meeting, he apologized to Takeomi for summoning his father despite him not being a regular conference member, but Takeomi dismissed it. Koori was surprised when Takeomi told him Urie had predicted what their next move was, noting that he was bright but a poor judge of people. He joined Takeomi and Saiko for lunch, where he met Takeomi's friend Yoriko Kosaka. Koori was then subjected to Saiko's spit when the latter spewed out her drink in shock of Takeomi proposing to Yoriko.[23]

Koori and Furuta ran into Matsuri who questioned them regarding the approval of the plan to defend the CCG branch offices. Matsuri argued that the operation should be approved by a member of the Washuu Clan within the bureau but Koori retaliated by saying that Furuta was also a member of the Washuu Clan and assumed responsibility for the operation as a Special Class. Matsuri walked out feeling annoyed while Koori encouraged Furuta about his plan.[24]

As another Clown raid occurred, Matsuri and Koori monitored the operation in the control room. Matsuri remarked that Koori would be demoted to Associate Special Class after the operation. Koori walked out, ignoring Matsuri, and instructed Juuzou to protect the CCG Main Office. He then proceeded to command the S1 Squad to separate into three groups and provided backup to each ward as he left.[25]

Koori along with the S1 Squad were currently traveling in the 19th ward in order to provide reinforcements to each ward.[26]

Upon discovering they had killed innocent people who were forced to fight with the Clowns, Mougan asked Koori on how would they be able to deal with the current situation, as this would greatly damage the morale of the investigators. Koori reluctantly replied, justified their actions by saying they were just doing ghoul disposal.[27]

Post-Clown Siege[]

Newly promoted Kuki Urie, Juuzou Suzuya, Mougan Tanakamaru, and newly appointed Bureau Director Adviser, Koori proceeded to the ceremony where he later introduced the new Bureau Director, Kichimura Washuu who was wearing a pair of groucho glasses and a sash to Koori's shock and irritation.[28] Koori questioned him regarding his appearance but was brushed off. He stood by as Kichimura proceeded to introduce the Oggai children. Upon witnessing the execution of the fake Haise Sasaki onstage and Kichimura's speech regarding the complete annihilation of all ghouls in Tokyo, Koori realized the CCG was done for.[29]

Days after the promotion ceremony, Koori asked Kichimura what he wanted to show him but Kichimura told him that they would attend to it after he introduced him to a new visiting researcher which was Akihiro Kanou. While Kichimura began discussing the progress of the Oggai Squads with Kanou, Koori simply stood by, too shocked to utter a word. After Kichimura's chat with Kanou, Koori angrily confronted Kichimura regarding the execution during the promotion ceremony, and employing Kanou's services to the CCG since Kanou was once a member of Aogiri Tree. Kichimura calmly replied to Koori, telling him that Kanou will now provide his services to the CCG and defended the scientist regarding his reason for working in Aogiri. Kichimura further informed Koori that he stands to gain to which Koori replied negatively and began stating the unethicality of the Quinx. When Kichimura revealed a jar with Hairu's head inside while convincing him that they could revive her, Koori was left speechless.[30]

Standing on top of a pile of corpses, Koori stood beside Kichimura who was performing a public execution with the Oggai and holding a speech in front of a large crowd of humans.[31]

Koori approached Okahira at a park where Okahira immediately advised him regarding his intentions in reviving the dead. Koori ignored Okahira's warning and pointed out that the investigators in the Oggai Supplementary Squads and Okahira himself were proof that the dead can come back to life. Guessing it was either Kishou Arima or Hairu Ihei that Koori wanted back, Okahira reiterated his advice. Koori thanked Okahira as the latter proceeded to leave.[32]

In the 23rd Ward, Koori eagerly worked on raising the ghoul extermination rates to 100%.[33]

Goat-Wipeout/Dragon Arc[]

He appears to fight against Hirako, at some point of the battle they team up to survive against the Dragon's kagune, afterwards they reunite with the others in the CCG offices to make a plan to stop the Dragon.

Along with Juuzou, Zero Squad, Quinx and CCG members fights against V members and a mysterious Owl, remembering his teacher and partner, he leads the CCG members to defeat the Owl, just to discover that the main body is a kind of corpse, the Owl launches a great attack that killed half of the CCG members, Koori was protected by Juuzou.


As an instructor at the TSC Academy, he coaches peace officer candidates on fighting techniques.


Kishou Arima[]

Arima is Koori's former mentor, having been partnered together in the past. Koori shared a rather friendly relationship with Arima, being one of the few who Arima has been shown to smile towards. Koori also noted that after being promoted to Special Class, he could not seem to be at ease with anyone other than his former superior. When Haise questioned Koori about who Arima was as a person, Koori responded that Arima was an airhead but declares he is a genius.

Take Hirako[]

As both of them have had Arima as a mentor and partner, they had a friendly relationship with each other and discussed battles. Koori also apparently ranted about various matters frequently when they were together. After Take defected from the CCG, Koori decides to keep his own personal feelings out of the situation but he is hit with a deep sense of loss afterward.

Hairu Ihei[]

Koori had a close relationship with his previous partner. While he was shown to have a strict attitude, his partner remained lax and was at most times taking a relaxed attitude to her superior. At the scene of her death, he reminisced their time together and gripped his quinque tighter. When Haise left the CCG, Ui tearfully remembered Hairu as one of the precious individuals he has lost.

Haise Sasaki[]

Koori seems to have a professional relationship with Haise. However, similar to a majority of CCG's personnel, Koori still sees Sasaki as a dangerous ghoul which may threaten the CCG. When he witnessed Haise lose control and Arima had to neutralise him, Ui seemed frightened as it seems that Haise could possibly match Arima. He is against the idea of promoting him, as they will be giving him more freedom to move around and possibly endanger others. However, when Haise betrayed CCG, he was upset about losing a junior he was trying to get close to and teared up. 

Kichimura Washuu[]

Kichimura seemed to be taking advantage of Koori's trust in him, and relied on him when he required to set his plans in motion. Having caught Koori in a state of false trust, Kichimura ultimately made use of the Special Class, going as far as to promote him to the spot of the Bureau Director Adviser while deceiving him with the hopes of reviving Hairu from the dead.

After the "Dragon" is born, Koori began to realize that Kichimura was merely toying with him to further his own plans, and during their confrontation, Kichimura gave Koori an apology.

Powers and Abilities[]

Koori is a highly skilled investigator, referred to as the "Hope of the Arima Squad."

Superhuman Agility: During the Rushima Operation, Koori was able to dodge Tsukiyama and Naki's simultaneous attack. He was also capable of dodging and fending off, Kaya Irimi's attacks while killing off a nearby ghoul.

Swordsmanship: Having exceptional skills with his quinque, Koori was able to hold his own against the One-Eyed Owl, an SSS-rated ghoul, for a short time.

  • Taruhi: A halberd-shaped koukaku quinque. It has the built-in gimmick able to transform its blade into a bikaku-like whip. It has the ranking of A+.
  • Ajite: An SS-rated koukaku quinque. He owns it yet has never been shown utilizing it as of yet.

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


  • His surname, Ui, is comprised of the kanji for "universe"(宇)(u) and "well, shaft, pit"(井)(i).
  • His given name, Koori, means "county, district"(郡)(kori).


  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump he is featured as the "Nine of Diamonds." His card revealed that he smokes cigarettes, but had not been shown smoking in any of his appearances in the manga until the 38th chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re.
  • Koori's hobbies include: making scrapbooks of photos, making collages, and horse riding.[1]
  • Koori relaxes by going to karaoke alone, eating yakiniku alone, and drinking with Hirako while complaining.[1]
  • His immediate family is wealthy.[1] This is once more started in re: chapter 61, as he is mentioned to have come from a rich family, similar to Touma.
  • Koori was ranked twenty-seventh in the latest character popularity poll.
  • He smokes the Hope cigarettes brand.[34]
  • In the English publication of Volume 12, he is incorrectly introduced as female during his debut in chapter 118.
  • Upon seeing Hairu's body, he mentally recited the stops on the Yamanote railway line which is one of Tokyo's most important and famous lines.[15] In Japan, one of the most famous games when drinking in company is to recite the stops of the line. If the player hesitates, repeats a station already named, states station on the wrong train line, or was not able to think of anything to say, they have to drink.


  • To One-Eyed Owl: "I'm just a coward, you see...!"[4]
  • To himself: "Most important things? What things? The teachers I respected? The superiors I thought understood me? The colleagues I helped along every step of the way? The successors I saw try their best to bridge the gaps between us? I've lost them all, haven't I...Why do you fight, Koori Ui..."[22]
  • To Furuta: "The able follow opinions they believe are correct. Hold your head high."[24]
  • To himself: "Okahira... connected lives... and the reaper holding the chains. Even so... they say death, too, is but a type of god. And so I will hold fast."[32]
  • To Furuta: "I didn't believe you that far to be honest. I'm not that much of a fool. But, any port in a storm. I just wanted solace. Even if under roofs of straws. But... They won't stand much longer, will they?"[35]


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