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Koharu Utsumi (内海 小春, Utsumi Koharu) was a ghoul adopted by a wealthy human and accused of killing teenaged girls in the 8th ward. She developed romantic feelings for Koutarou Amon but was eventually eliminated by him.


Koharu was noted to be a beautiful young woman with long black hair parted down the middle and black eyes.

She wore long dresses and she often appeared to be in poor health.


Koharu was a seemingly kind person, filled with conflicted feelings over her existence as a ghoul. Though she loved her father very much and was provided with food by him, she became deeply conflicted over his actions and eventually left clues that led to her being exposed as a Ghoul. However, she allowed herself to be blamed for her adoptive father's actions and left behind neatly organized boxes of the victims' remains and possessions, so that their fates would be known.



She was orphaned around the age of 10, when the Noyama family were wiped out by ghoul investigators. Her older brother arranged for her to be adopted by a prominent and wealthy human businessman, Yuujirou Utsumi — intending to use her to gain access to the man's money. The two were raised by Utsumi and helped him in kidnapping and killing young women in the 8th ward.

Heat Haze[]

Shortly after the Aogiri Tree attack on Cochlea, Koharu left a hair clip belonging to her latest victim near the 8th Ward's police station. The presence of her bodily fluids on the clip led to CCG becoming involved in the Investigation.

She first encountered Amon as he arrived for his assignment in the 8th Ward, offering him directions to the 8th Ward's Branch Office when he became lost. Their paths would cross again when Amon witnessed a man yelling at Koharu, and feared she was being extorted for money. Koharu insisted this wasn't the case, and allowed the man to escape without explaining her situation further. When she attempted to leave, she suffered from a dizzy spell and collapsed briefly. Worried for her safety, Amon insisted on escorting her to the train station and advised her to talk to the police about whatever situation she was trapped in. She took his words to heart, thanking him and parting ways after learning his name.

Some time later, Koharu visits him with a bag of homemade cupcakes. Though their taste was a bit off, Amon reassured her that they were good. He again advises her to speak to the police about her problems, and she promises to think on it more.

As Amon and Kyouhei Morimine continued their investigation, Koharu paid another visit with an improved batch of cupcakes. She was startled to see Morimine, but brushed off concerns by explaining that her adoptive father was ill. After being interrupted by others, Koharu took the chance to ask Amon more about his work as an Investigator and listened to his beliefs concerning Ghouls. Emboldened by his words, she revealed that her family had been murdered when she was young, leading to her adoption. She thanked him for giving her courage, and left him to puzzle over her words.

Koharu later met with and abducted Toujou, using him to lure Amon and Morimine to her father's mansion. There, she revealed herself as a Ghoul and briefly fought with them before being defeated. With her dying breath, she thanked Amon for giving her courage and hoped his wish would come true eventually. She directed them to a storage room, filled with boxes containing the clothing and remains of the many girls that had vanished from the 8th Ward over the last 18 years.

Some time after her death, Asa provided Morimine with information exposing Yuujirou Utsumi as a serial killer using his adopted Ghoul children to help carry out his crimes.

Power and Abilities[]

Ghoul Physiology: Being a ghoul, Koharu possessed an ukaku kagune.

  • Ukaku Kagune: Koharu's kagune resembled a pair of thin dragonfly wings, delicate and ill-suited to combat. She quickly ran out of stamina, and was defeated without launching any significant attacks.


Koutarou Amon[]

Although Koharu is well aware that he was an Investigator, she appears to have developed romantic feelings for him. She repeatedly came to visit him, bringing him cupcakes she baked herself. After being defeated by him, she wept and expressed the hope that his dream of a world without Ghouls could come true. Her dying words haunted him afterwards.


  • The name Koharu means "small" (小) (ko) and "spring" (春) (haru).
    • The compound word "小春" means "late summer".
  • Koharu's surname Utsumi means "inside, within" (内) (utsu) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).



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