Kiyoko Aura

Kiyoko reading the newspaper in the hospital


Kiyoko anime

Name Kiyoko Aura
Japanese Name 安浦 清子 (あうら きよこ)
Romaji Aura Kiyoko
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 49 (Tokyo Ghoul) [i]
52 (Tokyo Ghoul:re) [i]
58 (after :re Chapter 179)
Gender Female
Born November 19, 48 BSBI[1] [i]
Height 165 cm[1]
Weight 57 kg[1]
Blood Type B[1]
Affiliations CCG (Formerly)
TSC - Academy Vice-Chancellor
Occupation Ghoul Investigator (Formerly)
Division I Chief
Relatives Shinsanpei Aura (Nephew)
Unnamed Younger Sister
Ward 1st Ward
Quinque Zebizu (Ukaku, Rate S+)
Class 46th[1] [i]
Division I[2]
Rank Special Class
Manga Debut Chapter 118
Anime Debut Episode 14
Novel Debut quest: Chapter 6
Seiyuu Chinatsu Akasaki
English VA Mallorie Rodak
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"The things you protect with your life have a habit of crumbling away in mere moments. Like sand castles."

— Kiyoko Aura, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 104

Kiyoko Aura (安浦 清子, Aura Kiyoko) is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator, and noteworthy for being the first woman to achieve that rank. She is assigned to the 1st ward as the Chief of Division I. She is considered to be the model female investigator and is idolized by many women in the organization.

Appearance Edit

Kiyoko is an attractive woman with dark blue hair that she ties in a bun with a white ribbon, a strand of hair hanging on the left along with her bangs tucked behind her right ear and dark blue eyes.

She wears a dark suit typical of investigators and she also has a small mole on the lower right corner of her mouth.

Manga Depiction Edit

Personality Edit

Kiyoko conducts herself in an extremely professional manner, always speaking in a very polite fashion. Her cool demeanor contrasts with her more lively associates, giving her an air of elegance. However, when spending time outside work with her nephew, she shows a more relaxed and cheerful personality.

Plot Edit

Past Edit

Many years prior to the series, Kiyoko attended the Academy alongside Kasuka Mado. The two were classmates, and both were considered to be women of noteworthy strength and ability.

Raid of Kanou's Lab Edit

Kiyoko first appeared in a Special Class Investigator Meeting, concerning Aogiri Tree and noted Kishou Arima's absence.[2]

Post-Rose Extermination Edit

Kiyoko made her second appearance during another Special Class Investigator Meeting, again discussing the topic of Aogiri Tree. Once again, she noted Kishou Arima's absence from the group.[3]

Later, she had a meal with her nephew, Shinsanpei. She asked him about how his transition into the Quinx Squad was going.[4]

Third Cochlea Raid Edit

Kiyoko approached Ayato Kirishima's group with two briefcases, calling them "rats" while preparing for battle. She was then joined by Mougan, who pulled out Higher Mind and engaged the group in battle. Kiyoko followed suit by activating her quinque, Zebizu, firing its missiles at Ayato, inflicting fatal damage against the latter in the outcome. As the two investigators were about to deliver the finishing blow to the ghoul, Touka Kirishima blocked their impact with the force of her kagune, Kiyoko and Mougan's blows also got repelled by Touka's kagune, Kiyoko being astonished by its performance.[5]

As more ghouls from Banjou's group assaulted the investigators' squad, she then split her quinque in a dual-wielding fashion to quickly annihilate the entire group surrounding her. She was then surprised by Take Hirako suddenly appearing and presenting his notice of resignation while preparing to engage Kiyoko in combat. Just after this, Ken Kaneki came in, and Kiyoko watched —flabbergasted— as the ghoul claimed he was the One-Eyed King.[6]

Post-Third Cochlea Raid Edit

A news broadcast stated she and Mougan Tanakamaru were grievously injured but survived.[7] While Mougan was able to return to duty within the month, Kiyoko remained hospitalized as a result of her injuries.

Clown Siege Edit

During her hospitalization, she was visited by Iwao Kuroiwa with news that his son would be getting married. After he departed, she was visited by her former subordinate, Keijin Nakarai. Kiyoko spoke to him about her concern over her nephew's reaction to her condition, fearing that the desire for revenge would blind him. She asked Keijin to watch over Shinsanpei in her place, to ensure that he would not do something foolish. To accomplish this task, Keijin had her nephew transferred to the Suzuya Squad under his supervision.[8] Unfortunately, Shinsanpei secretly began working with Tooru Mutsuki in a plot to kill Kaneki.[9]

Post-Clown SiegeEdit

Kiyoko's injuries are revealed

Kiyoko's injuries are revealed.

After his attempt on Kaneki's life failed,[10] Shinsanpei visited Kiyoko in the hospital again. She chided him for not attending Kuroiwa's wedding, advising him of the importance of building up trusting relationships with others. When she mentioned celebrating, her nephew became angry and yanked away the sheets to reveal the extent of her injuries — both of her legs missing below the knees. Kiyoko asked him to replace the sheets, and attempted to lighten the mood by asking whether she should contact Dr. Chigyou about replacement limbs similar to those used by Juuzou Suzuya. This failed to reach her nephew, who stormed out while promising to bring her a quinque made from Haise Sasaki as a present.[11]

Powers and Abilities Edit

As the first woman to achieve Special Class, she is a powerful opponent in battle. Her strength is noteworthy, and she currently serves as the Head of the CCG's combat branch, Division I. It is also noted by Special Class Investigator Mougan Tanakamaru, that dual blades are her forte.

  • Zebizu: An S+ rated ukaku-type quinque that takes the form of a large rocket launcher with a sharp pointed barrel. It is capable of launching several projectiles that can home onto a target before exploding. The quinque can be split in half and be used as two separate blades.

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Quotes Edit

  • To Shinsanpei (Sanny): "Don't be too much trouble for the Squad Captain, okay?"[4]
  • To Ayato's group: "That's odd... For rats, you're a bit bigger than I'd have thought."[5]
  • To Keijin: "Do not become so absorbed in your enemy, that you lose sight of his true nature. Do not allow your hatred of the One-Eyed King to cage your mind. Please tell [Shinsanpei] that."[8]
  • To herself: "People without things to protect never fight to their last."[8]

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