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"At Aogiri's hideout, when you tried to protect yourself from an overwhelmingly powerful foe... When you tried to protect that café in the 20th Ward... When you tried to protect your false family as Haise Sasaki... When you tried to protect the nation of ghoulkind as the One-Eyed King... You failed every single time! Man, it really was exhilarating to watch! No matter how you writhe and wriggle, there are things in this world you simply cannot change! And yes! Today, too, you will fall! Everything will have been for naught!"— Kichimura Washuu, to Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 174

Kichimura Washuu (和修 吉福, Washū Kichimura) was the primary antagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series and the former Bureau Director of the CCG. He was involved in numerous organizations and responsible for several major events of the series.

He was originally Souta Washuu-Furuta (和修旧多 宗太, Washū-Furuta Sōta), the illegitimate son of former CCG Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu and an agent of V raised in the Sunlit Garden. While working as a Rank 1 Ghoul Investigator, he used the alias of Nimura Furuta (旧多 二福, Furuta Nimura).

To further his own agenda, he has used various identities to infiltrate organizations or build personal alliances. As a member of the Clowns, he goes by the name Souta (宗太, Sōta) and was responsible for the Steel Beam Incident. He also joined the Ghoul Restaurant as PG, and has been a partner in Akihiro Kanou's ghoulification experiments. Like Ken Kaneki, he is an artificial one-eyed ghoul who possesses Rize Kamishiro's kagune.

While posing as a seemingly unremarkable investigator, he was partnered with Shiki Kijima. After his superior's death, he became the partner of Haise Sasaki in order to monitor him for his superiors in V. During the Third Cochlea Raid, he used the chaos to stage a coup d'etat of the Washuu Clan with the assistance of members of the Clowns and V. He then declares himself the Washuu King (和修の王, Washū no Ō), in contrast to Kaneki claiming the title of the One-Eyed King.

Using the Clown Siege as a front, he successfully established himself as head of the CCG and removed Matsuri Washuu from the succession. Following the emergence of Dragon from the 24th Ward, Kichimura had resigned from his position.


Furuta was fairly tall and had dark, medium-length black hair that was parted on his right. A mole laid near the bottom right corner of his right eye. He wore a black overcoat on top of his suit with a bow tie, like Kijima did. He occasionally wore a trench coat with dark-colored gloves.[9]

After the Clown Siege and as Bureau Director, he wore black robes with light-colored detailing.[10] He gained a large scar on the left side of his face as a result of his brief encounter with Dragon, which is covered by his hair.

As the Clown Souta, he always hid his face by wearing his clown mask. He also wore a brown wig and wore a heavily padded business suit to make himself look fat and bulky to truly hide his identity, though his voice remained the same.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


At first, Furuta appeared to have a normal and quiet personality. He seemed very polite and soft-spoken, respecting of his superiors, and acted horrified when they were in danger. He was praised and highly regarded by Kijima as a talented associate, enough that he was trusted to act as bait during an ambush of Rose's hunting party.

However, that was a facade used to mask his true motivations and allegiances. In truth, Furuta cared little for other investigators and would manipulate and kill them or even use them as human shields. In contrast to his previous demeanor, Furuta delighted in mocking others and often giving somewhat flippant remarks to his superiors or those he disliked. He could be quite gruesome at times as he made Shunji Shiono into a pâté and fed it to Eto as a meal. Repeatedly, Furuta had displayed a very duplicitous nature, capable of even infiltrating the Clowns and disguising his intentions in order to further his plans.

In spite of this, when looking past Furuta's many masks and faces, he's in fact a broken man who knew he was destined to live a short life. From a very early age, Furuta knew that humans like him would die early deaths as a result of his predecessor's actions, so he decided he'd "destroy" everything since then. His world view is a nihilistic one; everything will end, so it's not wrong to take advantage of the "toy box" and have fun.

In his final moments, he revealed that he truly wanted to live a normal life, rather than living one fated to be short and painful.



In the past, Furuta was a ghoul investigator raised in the Sunlit Garden as the youngest of the Furuta Branch Family. Kishou Arima took interest in him for his remarkable abilities. One day, when reading the records of the Washuu family tree, he discovered that everyone in the branch family had died around the age of 30. Upon being discovered by Tsuneyoshi, he replied that he'd live life to it's fullest. As children, Furuta was in love with Rize Kamishiro, his half-sister, and helped her escape the Washuu. At some point, he came up to Uta under the disguise of Souta, expressing his wish to join the Clowns. He claimed to be a ghoul investigator, showing his badge, which amused Uta. He orchestrated the steel beam incident that gravely injured Rize Kamishiro and incidentally saved Ken Kaneki.[11] Heavily injured, they were transported to Kanou General Hospital, where Rize's kakuhou was transplanted into Kaneki's body.[12]

Gourmet Arc

As Souta, he lured Ami to the Ghoul Restaurant by pretending to be in a relationship with her and promising to marry her. In reality, he offered her as one of the three courses of the meal, to the members of the restaurant.[13] He watched alongside Madam A as the ghoul Taro killed Ami and Kobachi, expressing wonder when the final course, Kaneki, was revealed to be a one-eyed ghoul.

Aogiri Arc

Souta and Nico conversate outside the Aogiri Hideout.

After the invasion of the Aogiri hideout, Furuta accompanied Nico under the identity of Souta and asked him if the One-Eyed King really did exist. However, Nico denied the King's existence, then whispered more details into his ear. He later complained about Nico ignoring him but was happy with Nico's last decision to be more active with him and the other Clowns.[14]

Prelude to Owl Suppression Operation

When Touka Kirishima visited Kamii University, she mistook Furuta for Ken Kaneki.[15]

Owl Suppression Operation

After Kaneki's defeat by Arima, Kaneki recalled his last moments before the steel beams fell on Rize. He remembered Souta stood above them holding up a peace sign before fading out of consciousness. Rize's last words to Souta began as a question she was not able to finish.[11] After the raid, he celebrated with the other Clowns.[16]

Rose Extermination

After Haise Sasaki had a meeting with Hinami in Cochlea, Furuta alongside Kijima greeted the First Class and continued on their way afterwards.[17]

Later, Furuta acted as a drunk businessman loitering around possible Rose hunting grounds, complaining about his superior. He then successfully lured a Rose hunting group to attack him, falling into the CCG's ambush.[9]

Both Kijima and Furuta greeted Sasaki again at the S1 meeting. He was in favor of Sasaki's Mask Operation and was one of six that voted for it.[18]

He later joined in the assault on the Luna Eclipse, and was on standby when Kijima and Hairu Ihei fought Matsumae and other Tsukiyama family servants. When Kijima's quinque dug into its owner's head, Furuta looked at the scene with horror. He contacted Koori Ui to inquire about when reinforcements will arrive, and proceeded to use Okahira, a fellow investigator, as a human shield against Matsumae. When asked what he was doing, Furuta calmly replied he was doing as he was told and standing behind him. He then proceeded to destroy Matsumae's eyes barehanded before he stepped over Kijima's body to kill Matsumae with Rotten Follow, apologizing to Mr. MM.[19]

Furuta using Okahira as a meat shield.

Some time later, Koori Ui and his squad arrived to discover a scene of carnage. Furuta was collapsed against a pillar appearing to be badly beaten, as the only survivor of the battle. He reported that two of Tsukiyama's bodyguards managed to kill everyone, but Furuta actually tore Matsumae's kagune free and used it to kill the other surviving investigator to cover his tracks. While a vehicle was called to transport the bodies, he appeared to break down in tears over the death of his partner, but was actually hysterically laughing.[20]

After the battle was over and the CCG transported the bodies of the killed investigators, several members of Aogiri Tree attacked the transport vehicles and stole Ginshi Shirazu's corpse. Furuta watched the scene, holding his smartphone in his hands, while smiling and singing "Donna Donna."[21]

Post-Rose Extermination

Sasaki and Furuta approach Shiono.

Six months after the Tsukiyama Operation, he was partnered with Haise Sasaki, who he accompanied in visiting Shunji Shiono, Sen Takatsuki's editor.[22] After Sasaki interrogated Shiono, Sasaki told him via phone that the interrogation had not produced results yet. In turn, Furuta reported they still needed time to search Takatsuki's room. Sasaki instructed Furuta to continue to search the room, and expressed his trust in Furuta's abilities since Kijima told him Furuta was quite talented with arranging documents, to which Furuta retorted that it is the only thing he was good at. Sasaki then ordered him to play the "good cop" with Shiono. Some time later, he offered katsudon to the man.[23]

After investigating Takatsuki's room he reported to Sasaki that he found nothing of interest and tried to put everything back as best he could. Furuta was concerned about investigating a private residence without a warrant, but Sasaki said he did not care about the consequences so long as he got results. Furuta laughed and teased him for being a subpar employee. He brought up the Quinx Squad hearing that they have been doing well. Furuta briefly informed Sasaki of the status of each Quinx, but Sasaki showed little interest in the new members.

At some later point in time, he was approached by Kishou Arima and informed that V had summoned them.[24]

Answering the summon, Arima and Furuta were greeted by Kaiko in a massive chamber that appeared to belong to the organization. Kaiko questioned whether they believed that Takatsuki was the One-Eyed King. Furuta gave a flippant response and was chided for his lack of manners, and mentally noted that Kaiko's manners were not any better. The two men were given orders by their apparent superior, with Arima assigned to take care of "that" related to Rize, while Furuta continued to observe Kaneki and Eto for the organization.[25]

Furuta speaks with Sasaki about the uproar caused by Eto.

Furuta spoke with Sasaki about the fiasco Eto started at the press conference. The response that Eto was a ghoul and CCG had taken her into custody was big enough that they were overwhelmed with phone calls that gave various opinions. He asked Sasaki if he had a chance to read her new novel, King Bileygr. Sasaki gave him a brief explanation of what the book was about; how on the surface it looked like a regular work of fiction. However, since Eto had dedicated the book to her ghoul comrades, the book took on a different meaning if one recognized the clues.[26]

Afterwards, Furuta visited Eto in her cell, complimenting her new haircut and telling her it suited her, to which she replied with a smile, demanding him silence and calling him Kanou's Clown.[27] Furuta was amused by Eto's extensive knowledge and flaunts his own about Aogiri. Eto went over the mischievous things he had done over the years since working for Kanou, like collecting samples for ghoulification experiments, alerting Aogiri to the transport of a Quinx body, and the steel beam incident. Eto expressed confusion over how his actions related to V, but Furuta denied revealing his motives. He diverted the conversation towards Eto's own goals, confused himself about why she would not rather stay on Rushima, but Eto claimed that she had nothing left to do. Furuta found her attitude attractive and began to flirt, stating his desire to dominate her until Eto expressed her curiosity about what he wanted with her. He wanted to know about the One-Eyed King and was willing to make a trade: reveal the King's identity and Eto would be allowed to live in the VIP rooms of Cochlea until she died.[28]

Furuta reveals he is Souta.

Furuta talked a bit about his predecessors, about how they have long learned how to control the masses if they diverted their attention to a common enemy. As long as they upheld the status quo, they could get away with whatever they liked. However, Eto and the One-Eyed King were irregular enemies and made things difficult. Eto expressed relief that they did not know anything about the One-Eyed King and Furuta went over his efforts to uncover information, from sneaking into the Ghoul Restaurant to joining the Clowns. His efforts were fruitless, however, as even those in the know knew nothing and even one source claimed the One-Eyed King did not exist. Eto affirmed that the King did indeed exist and was "in their bellies." Furuta tried to enforce that the current sense equilibrium was ideal and that Eto's attempt at revolution would only harbor pain and sadness, but Eto called out the hypocrisy as ghouls got the short end of the stick. Seeing as Eto did not provide the information he sought, Furuta ended the meeting, begun to walk away and grinned at the prospect of her execution and the spectacle he would make when it happened. Eto referred to him as "Washuu" and taunted him for not being able address his own father as "father" while tossing other insults. He lost his composure and repeatedly told her to die, but Eto only mocked him.[28]

The event triggered a memory from his youth where he encountered a young Rize and inquired if she was also "bred," which she affirmed. To himself, Furuta muttered he would punish Eto hard for that. Sasaki approached him and commented on his pallor and Furuta quickly tried to compose himself, claimed illness, and took his leave.[28]

Third Cochlea Raid

Some time later, he paid another visit to Eto. He feigned hurt feelings in response to her cold attitude, and revealed that he was there to serve her meal made from the corpse of Shunji Shiono. Furuta praised the man's efforts to see Eto's final work published, but confirmed that he was killed as punishment for his involvement in releasing King Bileygr. He showed off the patě he had prepared, and slid the container into Eto's cell. Any further interaction was interrupted by alarms going off in the prison, and he rushed off to meet with Warden Shinme Haisaki. Assuming his meek and clumsy persona, Furuta checked on the situation and learned that Sasaki had begun freeing prisoners.[29]

Hinami impales Furuta with her kagune.

He managed to intercept Sasaki and Hinami Fueguchi as they sought to escape through an alternate route, and questioned what his boss was doing. Furuta took on a comical demeanor, stated that he was going to miss his "kid boss" and attacked with Rotten Follow. His seemingly-wild swings with the chainsaw missed, but he managed to catch Sasaki's leg before being tossed into a wall. One of his front teeth got knocked out by the impact, and Furuta rolled around on the ground in an exaggerated fashion before he retrieved his tooth. He shoved the tooth back into place, and went for Sasaki's eyes in a "thumb attack." However, Hinami impaled him from behind with her kagune and threw him aside. The two exited the area and left him for dead.[30]

Furuta reveals himself as a one-eyed ghoul.

As Ayato's group proceeded through the compactor to escape Cochlea, Furuta reactivated the pressing machine and crushed the ghouls inside while numerous members of V stood behind him.[31] However, the group was ambushed by an enraged Eto who obliterated the machines and killed several V members. Furuta observed Eto's gigantic kakuja in fear, while the latter stated that she would kill him.[32] Furuta was further pursued by Eto in her kakuja form, who effortlessly killed the rest of the V members in the group while she mocked him in order to coax him into fighting as Furuta tried to "reason" with her. As Eto cornered him to a wall, Furuta unleashed his kagune to cut Eto's kakuja to pieces, which revealed the kakugan in his right eye.[2] Furuta defeated Eto in combat and noticed that the Owl quinque had been destroyed. He claimed he was glad for having Kanou's operation done, and affirmed Eto's inquiring about the nature of his kagune being Rize's. He confidently said he would accomplish his goals and kill the One-Eyed King. When Eto asked what his true intentions were, he responded that he wanted "super peace", and danced away.[4]

Post-Third Cochlea Raid

After the Clowns reached the CCG Chairman's office, Furuta declared himself the Washuu King who controlled both the Clowns and V after he killed his father, Tsuneyoshi Washuu.[1]

Later, Furuta attended a Special Class Investigator Meeting at the HQ. The reason he was invited was Tsuneyoshi's last will, he nominated Souta Furuta of the branch family to the position of the next Bureau Director of the Commission of Counter Ghoul. Although this nomination was yet to be confirmed as the next Bureau Director would rightfully become firstborn Matsuri Washuu who was a Special Class and had more remarkable accomplishments than Furuta ever did. Arriving late to the meeting, Furuta claimed that he had been too busy responding to reporters. Getting scolded by Koori to leave such things to the clerks and deputies, Furuta went to take a seat while apologizing to him. When he was questioned of Haise Sasaki's late behavior, Furuta began to explain that Sasaki would frequently engage in impermissible acts, and made many decisions that made Furuta question whether the former Associate Special Class was aware of what was right or wrong. After sharing his side of the matter, the meeting came to an end shortly after.[33]

Furuta offers Kaneki to take the blame for the Washuu Clan Ambush Incident.

As he was walking down the street, he was approached by Ken Kaneki. The duo had a brief chat, as Kaneki asked who assaulted the CCG's chairman, while Furuta indicated it was himself who did it, and that he expected Kaneki to be blamed. Furuta offered Kaneki to take the blame, while the former would "reunite ghouls and humans." As Kaneki rejected the offer, he asked Furuta why he chose to drop the steel beams on him while he was attacked by Rize. Furuta laughed maniacally, and stated that his intentions were to capture Rize, and that Kaneki was just in his way. He then explained his family bloodline and said that he was in love with Rize, and hence he helped her escape, although she never noticed him. He justified his actions as he claimed he just wanted to keep Rize close. He jokingly stated that he could do whatever he truly wanted, and that he wanted to have a lot children with her, leaving Kaneki with his companion shortly afterwards. Later, he feigned concern over the news of the branch office attacks that followed.[34]

Furuta appoints Juuzou as the "New Arima."

During another Special Class Investigator Meeting, Furuta passed around a document that included his research on the Clowns' movements. Beginning to explain his analysis, Furuta stated that the Clowns' raids looked pretty random at first sight but there was an indeterminacy to them when analyzed further. To ensure that the CCG would be unable to respond to their attacks, the Clowns split into two groups and raided the 23 Wards of Tokyo from opposite sides. To ensure that their attacks happened simultaneously, the two groups coordinated with each other, and once the fighting was over, they would split into smaller squads and continue raiding. Furuta also stated that once they were done raiding a ward, they did not return to it. Furuta then went on to state that there was a group C, which intended to strike the Main Office, and because the CCG were trying to protect too wide of an area, the Clowns would strike right through them regardless. Furuta then concluded the analysis by stating that, at Yoshitoki Washuu's time, he dealt with a similar situation by scattering the CCG into the wards and having the strongest investigator defend the Main Office. Afterwards, he stated that there was one fit for such task, and asked Juuzou Suzuya to be "The New Kishou Arima." Koori came to the conclusion that they would move onward with Furuta's plan, to which Furuta smiled.[35]

Later, Furuta and Koori were walking together until they were approached by Matsuri Washuu, who went forward to question who allowed Furuta's plan to be set in motion. While Matsuri and Koori began to argue about the operation and whether Matsuri or Furuta was in command of things, Furuta simply stayed behind Koori. After Matsuri walked away, Furuta thanked Koori for standing up for him, but said that he was not very confident in his plan, only to be scolded by Koori who said that was not a very Washuu-like thing to say, and that he should hold his head high and be proud of his data.[36]

Clown Siege

Furuta resembling Yoshitoki.

During the Clown Siege, Furuta walked into the Commanding Room and ordered the investigators on the premises to head to their type one battle stations. As everyone fell into silence, Furuta shouted loudly, telling them to hurry in Yoshitoki's voice, which left everyone in shock, including Matsuri. Furuta ordered Suzuya to command the S3 Squad and hold the frontline defense, and then told Matsuri he was leaving the rear guard to him and S2. Moments later, Furuta thought to himself, stating he would protect the CCG before beginning to laugh internally.[37]

Later on in the midst of the action, when the White Suits interfered with the battle, Furuta observed their movements, understanding Kaneki's plan of contending with the CCG and comparing it to Eto's way of scheming. Afterwards, he ordered Suzuya via radio to defend the bridge from the army of Clowns. Suzuya stated that all he had to do was kill them all and Furuta pleaded him to do so with a sinister smirk.[38] When the CCG successed with suppressing the Clowns and the mission was deemed accomplished, the investigators turned to Furuta with a smile, applauding and clapping. Furuta stared at them before bowing down respectfully and thanking them, although smiling slyly underneath.

Post-Clown Siege

Kichimura standing by Rize's tank.

During a promotion ceremony after some time has passed since the Clown Siege, Furuta was promoted to bureau director, now known by the name of Kichimura Washuu. Kichimura attended the ceremony with a party mask, angering the investigators with his appearance.[7] He proceeded to introduce a new force in the CCG of Oggai children, who will form multiple elite squads within the CCG. To show proof of their merits, Kichimura ordered the Oggai to annihilate each of the clown-masked individuals who were brought atop the stage. Kichimura stated that the CCG would exterminate every ghoul hiding within Tokyo, proclaiming the complete annihilation of all ghouls in Tokyo, thus the crowd began to cheer and applaud.[39]

Later, Kichimura stood by the tank of Rize Kamishiro, speaking of the Oggai children, claiming to have created a hundred Ken Kanekis.[40]

Kichimura introduced a new visiting researcher to Koori Ui, who happened to be Akihiro Kanou. Koori was irritated by the fact that the Bureau Director was working with an ex-Aogiri member, while Kichimura was discussing about the Oggai squads' progress with Kanou. Koori shouted at Kichimura, who stated that Koori would make a gain out of this, bringing out a jar with Hairu Ihei's head in it, claiming that they could revive her, which left Koori in shock.[41]

Later, Kichimura and an Oggai squad were seen performing a public execution of ghouls infront of a large crowd of humans, holding a speech regarding the erasing of ghouls from the face of Tokyo. Kichimura's fans cheered him on, and the public media began talking about him on the news, which reached the attention of Shuu Tsukiyama.[10]

Kichimura on the cable car.

Kichimura continued his public speeches and gained the trust and appreciation of the humans with his and the Oggai squads' successions of ghoul exterminations.[42] Few months later, Kichimura and the Oggai squads have managed to force a majority of ghouls to flee to the 24th ward, while CCG worked on raising the ghoul extermination rates to 100% and Kichimura cheered on the humans regarding the successions.[43]

During a Clowns meeting in the headquarters, Kichimura greeted Uta, Itori and Nico. He brushed off the compliments given to him, stating that he has a plan to bring an end to Goat with a "final boss", whom he stated is an ally of his own and the strongest of them all, referring to them as "Dragon".

Later, Kichimura met with Takeomi in the chairman's office, complimenting his remarkable accomplishments in the CCG before moving onto state that his wife has been put under custody for harboring a ghoul. Kichimura stood with a smile as Takeomi saw Yoriko in the interrogation room, with Mutsuki mocking her.

Kichimura met with Iwao Kuroiwa in his office, asking him to contemplate about the situation his son has gotten himself in. It is then revealed that Yoriko has been sentenced to death.

Furuta's Integrity Enquiry

Kichimura was approached by Kuki Urie and Iwao Kuroiwa in his office. After a brief questioning of the matter, Kichimura mocked them with a smile as kagunes struck the CCG, Shikorae and Roma revealing theirselves from under Kichimura's table, who stood ontop it and asked them to die.

Kichimura stabbing Kuroiwa.

As the fight ensued between the two sides, Kichimura spent his time sitting on his chair and reading manga, mocking the investigators. When Urie seemingly defeated Roma, Kichimura told him to look again, during which Urie was rapidly stabbed by tentacles belonging to Roma, who took the form of her kakuja, swallowing Urie. Urie ripped out of her kakuja however, and in a fit of rage, killed Roma and defeated Shikorae. Tempered, when Urie reached for Iwao's aid, Kichimura stabbed Iwao through the throat with a sword. As Kichimura prepared to kill Urie, he was suddenly shot down by Itsuki Marude.

Kichimura is shot.

Standing back up just before falling, Kichimura greeted the new intruders, who proceeded to rapidly spray him with bullets. Releasing his kagune and striking the investigators, Kichimura attempted to murder them, however his kagune was blown apart. Making a last moment attempt at escaping, Kichimura jumped out of the window, only to be struck by Matsuri Washuu in the air. After a brief clash, Kichimura made a land and escaped the area.

Goat Wipeout Operation 

Six hours later, Kichimura made his appearance in the 24th Ward Goat base among the Zero Squad led by Suzuya, ordering them to charge at Touka and her escapees who headed towards E14.

As Suzuya brutally damaged Hinami and almost killed her, Kichimura mocked them with a smile. When Hinami continued to fight, but lost to no avail, and is almost killed by Suzuya, a large quantity of tentacles came to her rescue, to which Kichimura smirked joyfully, declaring his victory.

In a flashback, Furuta spoke with Suzuya about the budget of CCG beginning to suffer and that soon they will no longer be able to treat medical impairments unless the right procedure is done, hinting at Shinohara's life. He then invited Suzuya into an operation he dubbed "Koryugi" and asked them to write their wills.

Kaneki told Hinami to flee, and entered his kakuja mode, fighting head-on with Suzuya and Hanbee who both wear Arata. Mid-fight, Kaneki passed out, and woke up limbless. Kichimura stood by his side, staring at him and mocking him about his mistakes, stating that Kaneki lost. He revealed that E14 has been barricaded, and that the rest of his group will be eradicated. Kichimura then called for the gifts, and Hajime brought the severed heads of Shio and Rikai to Kaneki. Kichimura watched with a smile, and then asked Hajime to finish Kaneki while walking away from the area.

During his exit with the rest of the investigators, a morphed and monstrous Kaneki appeared. The investigators began to flee while Kichimura shouted at them to stay, seeming pleased with Kaneki's state. He proceeded to call him his Dragon, telling him to eat up with joy, moments before getting chopped by him, as he simultaneously claimed his victory.

Post-Goat Wipeout Operation

Having survived the assault by Dragon, Kichimura began to regenerate near immediately. Ui began to berate an injured Kichimura, pressing him for answers on how this could bring back Hairu or Arima. Kichimura stated that kagune are fruits of imagination and that life can be created from it.

Dragon Arc

Upon Kaneki's release from the Dragon form, Furuta was seen in an abandoned tunnel in the 24th ward, examining a white-haired Rize, currently cocooned, referring to her as his 'precious Dragon'.

He started a cynical television broadcast from the Shopping District in the 4th Ward, showing the destruction caused by creatures formed by Kaneki's mutation. He then went on to reveal his plan. These creatures will devour humans, and carry that energy back to the oviduct where Rize Kamishiro is, birthing new ghoul creatures to devour more humans to gain more energy. If the monsters were destroyed, their poison was released, ghoulifying all those around it.

Kaneki later pursued Furuta along with Ayato Kirishima, but Ayato was held back fighting off kagune mutants. Kaneki discovered Furuta, and pursued him until Furuta was trapped in a corner. Furuta then unleashed a large kagune, revealing his strength to Kaneki. Kaneki cracked his finger, readying for a fight.

Furuta unleashing his kagune against Kaneki.

The two began to rapidly clash while engaging in combat, with Furuta continously mocking Kaneki. He first sliced open Kaneki's throat and then carved open his waist. Stating his desire for a battle of swords, Furuta began wielding his katana while Kaneki formed a quinque from his kagune. The two once more began to engage eachother in combat, which resulted in Kaneki slicing open Furuta's face. Furuta released his kagune thereafter and slammed against Kaneki, shredding into him and tearing him through until Kaneki suddenly bit down on Furuta's katana to stop it from cutting him, and countered his attack. Stating his intention and determination to defeat Furuta, Kaneki unleashed his new Kakuja.

Kaneki unleashed a series of wings shaped like crosses, beginning to tear through Furuta's kagune and eventually rip his arm off. Going berserk from a fit of rage, Furuta began to rapidly clash kagunes with Kaneki all the while stirring him about his past failures and stating that he will ensure Kaneki loses. When he realized Kaneki was holding back, Furuta unleashed his kakuja, taking Kaneki head on in a battle to death while demanding that he gives him "everything". In the midst of Furuta's rampage, Kaneki found a blind spot and struck through it, severely wounding Furuta by surprise and rendering him incapable. During these moments, Furuta visualized himself with Rize, before falling.

After losing, Furuta spoke to Kaneki in his final moments. His view on the world was that it was a toy chest, and that because everything would eventually wither and die, he'd enjoy it as much as he can. After hearing Kaneki's thoughts on the matter, he asked the One-Eyed King if he'd believe Furuta if he said he just wanted a normal life. Upon hearing Kaneki's answer, Furuta closes his eyes. In his final moments, he envisioned his old life with Rize in the Garden, remembering the life he thought he could have, before dying of his wounds.


Ken Kaneki / Haise Sasaki

Some time after the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation Kichimura worked together with Sasaki, as his underling. Sasaki usually had Kichimura handle the more menial work. He also imposed irregular tasks, for instance, Kichimura investigated a private residence without permission and was suddenly asked to play "good cop" to a suspect Sasaki had terrified. Kichimura directly teased Sasaki for his behavior, but Sasaki was not bothered and even agreed occasionally.[23]

Sasaki eventually found out about Kichimura's true identity and role in the steel beam incident via a recording taken during a conversation between Eto and Kichimura. During his escape with Hinami from Cochlea, the two combated each other without holding back, severing their professional relationship.

After the Third Cochlea Raid, Kichimura claimed the title of the Washuu King in contrast of Kaneki claiming to be the One-eyed King. Kichimura, revealing his true nature and goals to Kaneki, directly claimed responsibility for the steel beam incident while mocking and teasing him. It was after Kaneki's release from Dragon that the two became openly hostile to each other. Kaneki tracked down Furuta in an abandoned tunnel and began to engage him in a battle that resulted in Furuta’s grievous injuries. The two shared a moment of understanding towards the end of the chapter.

Rize Kamishiro

Kichimura and Rize knew each other as children, and Kichimura was shown to had developed quite deep affection for her though it was mostly one-sided since Rize didn't seem to reciprocate his feelings in same way. In order to save Rize, Kichimura helped her escape. However, Rize took her freedom for granted, and Kichimura was grief-struck over her ignorance towards his aid in saving her, thus leading him to "keep her close at hand" by dropping the steel beams on her. Kichimura openly stated his desire to bear a bunch of children from her.

With the birth of "Dragon", Kichimura successfully resurrected Rize Kamishiro in a new body and form.

Shiki Kijima

Kijima was Kichimura's superior and partner. Kichimura acted like a personal assistant of Kijima's and cared for his superior. While he was acting drunk, he mentioned that he was annoyed by his boss.[9] Kichimura's feelings towards Kijima were proved to be faked, however, as he showed an utter lack of regard for his superior's death, even going so far as to step on his body.

Kishou Arima

Kichimura and Arima were paternal half-brothers. While not much was known about their relationship, they were affiliated with each other as they were both involved with V. Arima sought Kichimura out to inform him that V called about Kaneki.[24]

Matsuri Washuu

They appeared to share a conflicted relationship that consisted of constant battles for power among the CCG. Kichimura internally stated a desire to have Matsuri wiped out as soon as possible, and went as far as to order V to dispose of him, so that he could take the position of Bureau Director from Matsuri's hands.

Koori Ui

Kichimura seemed to be taking advantage of Koori's trust in him, and relied on him when he required to set his plans in motion. Having caught Koori in a state of false trust, Kichimura ultimately made use of the Special Class, going as far as to promote him to the spot of the Bureau Director Adviser while deceiving him with the hopes of reviving Hairu from the dead.

After the "Dragon" is born, Koori began to realize that Kichimura was merely toying with him to further his own plans, and during their confrontation, Kichimura gave Koori an apology.

Tsuneyoshi Washuu

Kichimura thought negatively of his father, proven when he felt nothing about his death when staging a coup d'etat against the Washuu Clan and brutally murdering his father with the aid of Clowns and V.


Their relationship was superficially professional, but indications of strain existed. Kaiko berated him for his lack of manners, while Kichimura expressed negative sentiments in his thoughts. Despite this animosity they massacred the Washuu Clan indicating they could cooperate professionally.

Akihiro Kanou

Kichimura worked with Kanou, acting as his body guard, leaking information, and helping him acquire tests subjects. After Kanou's suicide, Kichimura seemed aggravated with Kanou for reasons still unknown.


They seemed to have an easy-going relationship conveyed when Nico and Souta had a talk after the Aogiri raid about the One-Eyed King's identity, during which he made fun of Nico's appearance and Nico joked in return.

Roma Hoito

Souta enjoyed teasing Roma about her feelings towards Kaneki. Roma appeared to be loyal to Souta, as she went to defend Kanou against her former associate upon his request.

Shuu Tsukiyama

Kichimura was associated with Tsukiyama under the aliases PG and Mr. MM respectively during their time at the Ghoul Restaurant. Kichimura naturally turned his back on Tsukiyama during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, apologizing to Mr. MM for killing his underling Matsumae.

Eto Yoshimura

Eto and Kichimura had a very hostile relationship that bordered on volatile. Their conversations were laced with insults and Kichimura harbored a strong desire to see her be punished and die. Their conversations, though masked under smiles and pleasantries, were laced with heavy insults and both harbored a strong desire to see the other dead. They would not hesitate to use any means to get under the other's skin. Additonally, Eto seemed to know a lot about Kichimura such as his role in helping Kanou and causing Rize's accident, and his secret status as a Washuu.

During their battle, Kichimura continuously mocked Eto and her abilities before unexpectedly tearing her Kakuja apart and leaving her for dead in his victory.

Powers and Abilities

Half-Human Physiology: Born as a failed half-ghoul, Furuta had increased physical capabilities as well as a shortened life span.[3]

Ghoul Physiology: After gaining Rize's kakuhou, Furuta had an increased healing factor along with a rinkaku kagune.[4]

  • Rinkaku Kagune: Furuta displayed his kagune in his fight against Eto, possessing one to two tentacles that could easily slice through Eto’s kakuja while she was in a weakened state.[2] During his fight with Marude, he could produce three tentacles with spikes, each resembling Kaneki's first centipede-like incomplete kakuja. One of the tentacles were able to produce a wide mouth with teeth. During the defense of Tokyo, Furuta brandished four massive and thorned tentacles similar to the ones developed by Dragon, easily shredding into an unprepared Kaneki. During his duel with Kaneki, Furuta's kagune became a large black mass with multiple eyes that worked in the manner of tentacles, able to expand through large distances and form into numerous spikes.
  • Rinkaku Kakuja: Furuta possessed a Rinkaku Kakuja that covered over him as a body armour with a flesh pattern. In his Kakuja form, Furuta was capable of developing a pair of centipede-like tentacles with spikes at their sides and large eyes surrounding their length. His face was covered in flesh with a set of large sharp teeth and a single flaring eye.
  • Superhuman Strength: When he provoked an investigator, he ripped off Matsumae’s kagune without any problems and proceeded to throw it with a force strong enough to crack the wall behind the dead investigator.[20]
  • Superhuman Regeneration: Furuta displayed a high capability of regeneration, being able to survive getting impaled through the stomach, bombarded by countless firearms, exploded by a launcher, and torn apart by a berserk Kaneki in Kakuja. He was capable of regenerating his body nearly immediately, reattaching severed limbs, and even recreating the clothes he wore.

Swordsmanship: When wielding his quinque, Furuta used it in a destructive manner and sliced up the things around him.[30]

  • Tsunagi <custom>: A bikaku-type mass-produced sword quinque. He seemed to have temporarily abandoned it during his fight with Matsumae in favor of Rotten Follow.
  • Rotten Follow: A chainsaw quinque powered by a rinkaku-type kakuhou. Furuta inherited this quinque from his deceased former superior Kijima, and used it for the first time to attack and finish off Matsumae during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation.
  • Katana: The same Katana blade brandished by V, Furuta wielded this weapon with masterful precision, and seemed to often rely on it after becoming the Bureau Chief. It is unknown whether this Katana is a quinque, however it seems to possess the ability to slice into even the strongest of ghouls.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • The name Furuta Nimura (旧多二福) is a play on his birthday: The family name Furuta plays on "one day more," while the given name Nimura is a play on "2/29." The literal meaning for Furuta is "many old" and for Nimura is "two blessing."
  • In the redistributed version of Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as a "Black Joker." As Souta, he is featured as the "Five of Hearts" in both versions of the card deck.
  • His birthday, February 29th, is an extra day in the calendar that only occurs every 4 years, known as Leap Day.
  • The Tokyo Ghoul Flip Calendar includes a coded message concerning him, found on Shiki Kijima's birthday. This message, which combines characters written in red, spells out: "Furuta - Is - Ghoul - Agent."
  • Touka Kirishima mistook him for Kaneki during her visit to Kamii University.[15] This was confirmed in an omake in :re Volume 5, which retells the event from his point of view and reveals that he knew Touka was a ghoul.
  • His hairstyle resembles Cannibalman's from Sui Ishida's previous work Penisman.


  • To Ami: "You can cry out 'oink oink' all you want but you were fattened up so you could be devoured in front of me. Everyone, please have a taste of the oily fat."[13]
  • To Eto: "My predecessors have contemplated long and hard. What is the best way to control the masses? It turns out that it is to focus their gazes on one thing. And then your average group of idiots walking in step can easily be coerced to even end their own lives."[28]
  • To Eto: "Ms.Takatsuki. Revolutions are all well and good, but the more you desperately try to effect change, the more sad and dead you leave in your wake."[28]
  • To himself: "Nimu-dash, faster than the wind..."[2]
  • To Eto: "I hate fighting, so, let's (slaughter them) solve this (like animals) peacefully."[2]
  • To Eto: "I wasn't able to weasel who exactly the One-Eyed King is out of you, but... no matter. It seems I've no longer any need to concern myself with all that, anyway. Looks like I'll be able to get my hands on 'What it is I want' ever so swimmingly. I'll even mess up the One-Eyed King for ya."[4]
  • To Kaneki: "There is no real need to have a reason to do things. People who can't act without a reason are trash. I will do what I want. I mean, I've got this precious life and everything; might as well make the best of it, right?"[34]
  • To the CCG: "We shoulder their deaths and bring peace to us all! And those despicable Clowns mixed normal citizens within their ranks, using them as meat shields! Such a reprehensible and foolish plan! From this moment forth, the CCG will direct all its might into exterminating every last one of them... Our objective is 'complete cleansing of Tokyo'!!! Complete annihilation of all ghouls!!! Please lend me your power... It's time to (party) strike back."[39]
  • To Kaneki: "Ah, this is the stuff. Without lives on the line, games are just no fun. Insurance for anything and everything is so boring. Besides, every last man jack of us is just a pawn on a great board. Now... let's play house."
  • To Kaneki: "You make me laugh. Trying to play the paragon of justice? Or perhaps the protagonist? Associate Special Class... The sole fault for the breaking of this world lies with you. Get it?! You saw the City of Tokyo, didn't you?! How did it look?! How did it look?! Streets choked with the foul stench of the dead... bodies of the humans felled by your hands! Not just humans. Whenever it suited you, you took the lives of ghouls, too! You preach high and mighty ideals, but you're really just a shallow narcissist! And thanks to that flaw of yours, I've had more than my share of fun! At Aogiri's hideout, when you tried to protect yourself from an overwhelmingly powerful foe... When you tried to protect that cafe in the 20th Ward... When you tried to protect your false family as Haise Sasaki... When you tried to protect the nation of ghoulkind as the One-Eyed King... You failed every single time! Man, it really was exhilarating to watch! No matter how you writhe and wriggle, there are things in this world you simply cannot change! And yes, today, too, you will fall! Everything will have been for naught!"[8]
  • To Kaneki: "Associate Special Class. Do you ever think it was all in vain?"[44]
  • To Kaneki: "Eventually everything will come to naught. I ever since I was a child, I have know. Living, dying, creating, consuming. Valueless, meaningless, it's all pointless. You, your wife, you child, your friends and your enemies. They'll all die anyway. It's all be gone, one day. This world is just a toy chest. You can play with it while you can, but when the time comes, it's all over. The chest is shut, and there's no reopening it."[45]
  • To Kaneki: "Back then, I decided I'd destroy everything."[45]
  • To Kaneki: "If I told you I just wanted to live a normal life, you'd laugh, wouldn't you?"[45]
  • To Rize: "Say, Rize, even when we're grandpa and grandma, I want things to stay like this. It'll be fun. I know it. I just know it will."[45]


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