Kazene Mitsuba
Name Kazene Mitsuba
Japanese Name 三葉 風音
Romaji Mitsuba Kazene
Alias Otokaze (オトカゼ)
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relatives Kotone Mitsuba (Younger daughter)
Kiyone Mitsuba (Older daughter) †
Unnamed husband
Ward 8th Ward
Novel Debut Void: Chapter 1
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Otokaze (オトカゼ, Otokaze) is an elderly woman working as a housekeeper for the Utsumi household. She is very close to Koharu Utsumi, and treats her as a daughter.

In truth, she is actually Kazene Mitsuba (三葉 風音, Mitsuba Kazene), the missing mother of idol singer Kotone Mitsuba. Her elder daughter, Kiyone, was murdered by the her employer and his adopted ghoul children.



Mitsuba appears to be a regular mother, supportive of her young daughter's dream career until she grows old enough and begins forcing her to follow a more practical path in order to make a living.

After her elder daughter goes missing after arguing with her, she became depressed and later delusional, mistaking her younger daughter as the already deceased, elder daughter.


Mitsuba appears to walk around with the frail Koharu around town frequently.

She later stabs Yuujirou Utsumi while he was hospitalized, as it is revealed that he kidnapped and ate her elder daughter with the ghoul children eight years ago. When her younger daughter, Kotone, visits her, she mistakes her as the already deceased daughter, Kiyone, and falls asleep.


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