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Karren von Rosewald's father was the previous master of the Rosewald family, the German branch of the Tsukiyama family. He was killed by Ghoul Investigators when the family was discovered.


The master of the Rosewald Family was a classically handsome man, with dark hair and a well-groomed moustache. He had a down-turned nose and elegant features, and seems to have favored dress shirts.


Little is shown of his personality, though he seems to have had a strong love for his family. His sacrifice allowed his family to survive the initial raid, and he gave great focus to the continuance of the Rosewald Legacy.


Ten years prior, Matsuri Washuu and other Ghoul Investigators attacked the home of the Rosewalds. He sacrificed himself, sending his wife and children away to save them. Eventually, only Kanae was left to carry on the family legacy.


Karren von Rosewald[]

He loved all his children very much, giving his life to protect them. Losing him greatly impacted his only daughter, who made the decision to honor his final wish through adopting a male identity to carry on his legacy. Even a decade later, this weighs heavily on Kanae as an important promise.

Emma von Rosewald[]

He seems to have had a great love for his wife, entrusting her with the safety of their children. He gave his life to protect her.

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