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The kakuhou transplant surgery is a medical procedure used to create artificial one-eyed ghouls. It was originally pioneered by Doctor Akihiro Kanou and involves removing the kakuhou from a ghoul and implanting it into a human or half-human patient.


It is rumored that the Commission of Counter Ghoul originally discussed the idea of hybridization, but the idea was supposedly shelved due to ethical concerns.[1]

Many years later, the idea of creating an artificial ghoul was revived by former CCG scientist Akihiro Kanou. To this end, he recruited Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa to become his first test subjects. Before performing the procedure on them, he needed to acquire a ghoul as the donor and decided to test the procedure on an unrelated patient. The Steel Beam Incident provided him with a suitable donor and patient, with Rize Kamishiro and Ken Kaneki becoming the initial pair used in his experiments.

In the aftermath of the surgery, Kanou monitored Kaneki at Kanou General Hospital until his release several weeks later.[2] While continuing to perform check-ups on his prototype, Kanou went ahead with the surgery on the Yasuhisa twins and turned them into artificial one-eyed ghouls.[3] He would continue to experiment with Rize as the donor.[4]

After Rize was retrieved by Renji Yomo and his laboratory raided by the CCG, Kanou abandoned his prior research. Joining Aogiri Tree, he was soon provided with new materials for his experiments. Using Yoshimura as his donor,[5] he began to experiment using captured ghoul investigators as his test subjects. Only Seidou Takizawa and Koutarou Amon have been known to survive the transplant, the former being the only successful subject and the latter discarded as a failure.


The surgery is incredibly high-risk, with only three successes out of 1,200 total experiments using Rize (although it is unknown how many went through the Oggai procedure but it is known that it had 100 successful cases).[6] Many of those experimented on died as a direct result, with survivors becoming deformed creatures of limited intelligence. Several of these malformed creatures were given to Maiko Abe, who used them as Scrappers at the Ghoul Restaurant.

It is unknown how many subjects died during the experiments using Yoshimura, though only one "Owl" and a "Floppy" have been produced using sixty-three test subjects during nearly three years of experiments.[7] Kanou concedes that his ghoulification experiments have an extremely low percentage of success.[6]

Quinx Surgery[]

See also: Frame release surgery

After Kaneki was captured by the CCG, his body was examined by their scientists to gain insight into the procedure. Drawing from Kanou's results, Doctor Kouitsu Chigyou developed the Quinx surgery as a safer alternative. Instead of directly implanting the kakuhou into a patient, the kakuhou is put through the same procedures used to make a quinque and then implanted with a five-tier system of quinque steel frames to regulate the kakuhou. This results in a weaker, but more stable subject that is able to use a ghoul's abilities while retaining their humanity.

The Quinx surgery is also much safer, using a measurable compatibility to determine suitable subjects prior to performing the surgery. This has resulted in consistent success in the creation of Quinx.[6]




  • Rize Kamishiro
  • Yoshimura
  • 2 unknown ukaku ghouls[citation needed]
  • 2 unknown koukaku ghouls
  • Unknown rinkaku ghoul
  • 2 unknown bikaku ghouls


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