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kakuhou (赫包, kakuhō, approximately red wrap) is a sac-like organ that is only present in ghouls. The purpose of the kakuhou is to store Rc cells. The nutrition contained in the Rc cells are absorbed by the ghoul. These cells are transported to the kakuhou in the blood and stored inside.

The Rc cells can be released from the kakuhou piercing the skin either consciously or due to excitement. These released cells form the kagune. A damaged Kakuhou can not form a kagune until it has healed.

The kakuhou of a ghoul is used to build quinque.

A ghoul can have more than one kakuhou. In some cases, it seems that the stronger a ghoul becomes, their body develops more kakuhou, examples being with Yoshimura and Eto having 6–8 and Kaneki having an unspecified amount.


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The location of the kakuhou depends on the ghoul's Rc type.

  • If the ghoul is an ukaku-type, the kakuhou is located at the shoulder area.
  • If the ghoul is a koukaku-type, the kakuhou is located below the shoulder blade.
  • If the ghoul is a rinkaku-type, the kakuhou is located on the back around the waist.
  • If the ghoul is a bikaku-type, the kakuhou is located near the tailbone.