Iyo Washuu
Iyo Washuu
Name Iyo Washuu
Japanese Name 和修 伊予 (わしゅう いよ)
Romaji Washū Iyo
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliations Washuu Clan
Relatives Matsuri Washuu (Ex-Husband)
Yoshitoki Washuu (Father-in-law) †
Tsuneyoshi Washuu (Paternal Grandfather-in-law) †
Yoshiu Washuu (Paternal Great-grandfather-in-law) †
Kichimura Washuu(Paternal Uncle-in-law)
Kishou Arima (Paternal Uncle-in-law) †
Rize Kamishiro (Paternal Aunt-in-law)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 61
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Iyo Washuu (和修 伊予, Washū Iyo) is the ex-wife of Matsuri Washuu.

Appearance Edit

Iyo is a beautiful woman with long dark hair who appears to be always smiling.

Personality Edit

Iyo is a polite and supportive woman of Matsuri Washuu even if she does not understand his endeavors.

Plot Edit

History Edit

Iyo is the daughter of an old and venerable family to which Matsuri Washuu was engaged to before he left Germany. He was meant to marry her. In the mean time, he was all but forced to write her letters once a month.

Post-Rose Extermination Edit

Iyo attended a party with Matsuri Washuu. While Kuki Urie stood alone, Matsuri happily introduced her to him.[1]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation Edit

Iyo was not among the victims killed during the massacre of the Washuu Clan.[2]

Finale Edit

In the years following the destruction of V, Matsuri Washuu renounces his heritage and divorces Iyo.[3]

Relationships Edit

Matsuri Washuu Edit

While Iyo is shown to be a loving wife for her husband, Matsuri views his wife as a boring woman.[1] He was put in an arranged marriage with a woman from another prominent, wealthy family. He finds her boring, and seems to want nothing to do with her.

Kuki Urie Edit

When Urie met her, he thought of her as a wonderful wife and was surprised when he heard Matsuri consider her a boring woman.[1]

Etymology Edit

  • The name Iyo means "that one" (伊) (i) and "foresight" (予) (yo).
  • Iyo's surname Washuu means "harmony, peace" (和) (wa) and "discipline, study" (修) (shuu).

Trivia Edit

  • In light of the Washuu's true nature, it isn't clear whether she's human or a ghoul. If she is human, it is unknown if she knows about her husband's status as a ghoul.

References Edit

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