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Itsuki Marude (丸手 斎, Marude Itsuki) is a Special Class Peacekeeper and director of TSC. He was once the commander of the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit and Chief of Division II.


Marude is a slim, middle-aged man with short black hair, which was much shorter during his younger days. Similarly to the other ghoul investigators, he wears the formal suit and tie.


Marude is dedicated and serious about the work he does as an investigator. As a senior investigator, he is strict on his colleagues, but is not above caring for their well-being as seen when he constantly scolds a young Kishou Arima for executing ghoul exterminations independently without permission from the CCG.

He is shown to be rather abrasive with his subordinates, with Shinohara and Houji commenting that he is not one to show consideration to his investigator's feelings. He also grabs and holds Katsuya Mabuchi by the collar when he thinks he is being messed with. This seemingly extends to his private life as he is intentionally single and has no interest in marriage.

However, after his investigation of the Washuu clan, he becomes disillusioned with the CCG and notes everything was a lie. This prompts him to dispatch Yoshitoki, confirming his defection from the CCG. He morosely ponders that discovering the conspiracy ensures the investigators who died cannot rest in peace.



In Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Marude was Kishou Arima's boss when he was working undercover as a high school student for the CCG.

Doves' Emergence[]

In his first appearance, Marude opined that Kureo Mado's death was a natural result, because Mado was too fixated on collecting quinques and failed to hone his skills. He was then rebuked by Kishou Arima for speaking ill of the dead.[4]

Aogiri arc[]

Marude giving commands.

He was placed in command of the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit and led the CCG forces mostly from the command vehicle during the 11th Ward Battle. However, he also killed an Aogiri member with a rifle and witnessed the destruction of his beloved motorcycle at the hands of Juuzou Suzuya.[5] The arrival of the Owl prompted him to order Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa to fight him with only the "excellent yet expendable guys" and to send the rest away as they would be of no use.[6] He was later commenting on the Arata proto, holding it in disgust.[7]

He was elated at his victory until Arima called and informed him of the attack on Cochlea.[8]

Raid of Kanou's Lab[]

Marude met with Tsuneyoshi Washuu and was grilled by the Chairman over his lack of results in pursuing Aogiri Tree. Afterwards he relaxed on a bench and talked with Yoshitoki Washuu about the case and the need for information, deciding to send Amon to interview Donato Porpora.[9]

Marude later confronted Hideyoshi Nagachika after Katsuya Mabuchi identified him as the source of the anonymous tip about the 11th Ward Base. Marude decided that Hide was not a threat and assigned him to work with Amon and Akira Mado so he could be of some use while keeping an eye on him.[10]

Owl Suppression Operation[]

Yoshitoki asks Marude to serve as a Vice Commander.

He was asked by Yoshitoki Washuu to serve as Vice Commander of the Owl Suppression Operation, to which he expressed doubt about his abilities after his "failure" in the 11th ward before Yoshitoki assured him he did nothing wrong and so Marude accepted the position.[11]

He spent his time during the operation in the command vehicle with Katsuya Mabuchi and Hide and was given command of the squads assigned to deal with the Apes and the Black Dobers.[12]

His second bike was destroyed when Juuzou Suzuya and Koori Ui used it to get to the Owl.[13]


Marude was in charge of the S3 squad and led the defense of the Quinque Steel Transport, fending off an Aogiri Tree attack led by Tatara. He then instructed S3 to assist with the Auction Mopping-up Operation, helping put an end to it.[14]

Rose Extermination[]

He spoke with Matsuri Washuu about the assigning of S1 to the Rose investigation. They also discussed the issue of Aogiri and Matsuri implied that he should replace his father as Bureau Director. Marude reacted negatively towards both Matsuri's track record and his belief that the Washuus should continue to be the hereditary leaders of the CCG.[15]

Post-Rose Extermination[]

Marude attended a Special Class Investigator Meeting regarding Aogiri.[16]

Rushima Landing Operation[]

File:Marude shoots Yoshitoki.png

Marude shoots Yoshitoki.

On the seventh day of the Rushima Landing Operation, Marude entered the main control room and confronted Yoshitoki Washuu. He explained that he had not been led around by the nose by "that book". In secret, he investigated the members of the Washuu clan and found nothing at all amiss about them, but with one critical exception. Acting on a tip-off, he looked into the Rc scan gate records, and found that certain people caused spikes without setting off the gates — including the members of the Washuu clan. Having presented his proof, he shot Yoshitoki in the head and prayed his suspicions were wrong.

But as Marude opened his eyes again, Yoshitoki lunged at him with active kakugan. He flashes back to meeting his superior early in his career, and realized everything was a lie. Now knowing that Nagachika's tip-off was right, Marude noted that those who had lost their lives would not be able to rest peacefully.[17]

An unknown amount of time later, the aftermath of the battle was discovered by Matsuri. Though his two subordinates were killed, Marude had successfully killed Yoshitoki and escaped from the scene. Matsuri contacted Kuki Urie to falsely report that Marude has committed suicide, then swore to take revenge in hysterics.[18]

At the conclusion of the operation, he was officially declared dead. Matsuri falsely reports that he committed suicide by leaping overboard, and privately notes that killing him is vital to protecting the Washuu's secret. Elsewhere, a waterlogged Marude makes his way through an unidentified forest. [19]

Clown Siege[]

At an unknown site, Marude watched the fight from afar as Matsuri Washuu was being cut into ribbons. He was intermittent by the glimpse and says that he should've followed the group "he" went after instead.[20]

Furuta's Integrity Enquiry[]

At the conclusion of Furuta's Integrity Enquiry, Kichimura Washuu was shot in the head. Standing back up before falling, Kichimura greets the shooter, Marude, and his revolution of vexed investigators who proceeded to rapidly shoot the bureau director down. Kichimura unleashes his teethed kagune, and Marude fires a rocket launcher armed with newly developed Rc automatic shell bullets at the director, destroying most of his kagune. Marude watched as Kichimura absconds from the office. He heads over to Kuki Urie and Iwao Kuroiwa, the latter being wounded in the throat. Marude accompanies Kuroiwa in his moments before the latter closed his eyes. Marude then speaks to Scarecrow, whom revealed himself as Hide.[21]

Dragon arc[]

At the Bureau, workers were debating over methods against the Dragon kakuja that emerged recently. Marude appears and orders the workers to request support from the GSDF and police, evacuate civilians and set up a special operations meeting room in a branch office as the main office is in the vicinity of Dragon. He then questions about their weapon data. Stressed out, Marude was inquired by Hide about the needs of a specialist.[22]

Marude, alongside Mabuchi, converses with Hisashi Ogura concerning Dragon. When Hide arrives with a new speaking device, Marude compliments him, saying he resembles Chuu Hachikawa. After Ogura explains Akihiro Kanou's background, Marude deduces that the doctor's research has been concluded and has proceeded to his mother's grave. Ogura asks about their needs for Kanou, which Marude replies that he was a specialist in ghoulogy.[23]


Marude was awarded the top position of chief at the TSC as he had worked for many years to unify Division II of the CCG. He oversaw the dawn of the new era, leading the TSC until Kousuke Houji's uncle, Takashi Houji, took over as chief in the following term.


Yoshitoki Washuu[]

The two held a close relationship. They are seen twice sitting on a bench and discussing the state of affairs as well as remaining beside one another during the Owl Suppression Operation. Yoshitoki has a high opinion of Marude's skills, asking him to be vice commander, stating that there is no one else with Marude's skills that he can trust. When Marude finds out that Yoshitoki and the Washuu clan are ghouls, he shows slight reluctance in shooting his friend, clearly being in pain after doing so and begging for his suspicions to be false.

Katsuya Mabuchi[]

After Marude had seen Katsuya's potential as a valuable asset and recruits him, he is almost never not by Marude's side. Marude's has a high tendency to be quick to anger and sarcasm, something he has been seen to inflict onto Katsuya. One incident being when Marude asked a theoretical question and grabbed Katsuya's face roughly and insulting him for answering it matter-of-factly.

Hideyoshi Nagachika[]

After being identified as the anonymous tipper, Hideyoshi was confronted by Marude and declared as a non threat. However, he was assigned to work with Koutarou Amon and Akira Mado partially for observation. Over the time, he became trustful of Hideyoshi and the two were later seen in the command vehicle during the Owl Suppression Operation, further signifying Marude's confidence in Hideyoshi's abilities. What's more, when finding about the ghoul identity of the Washuu family, Marude confirms what once Hide said to him, hinting that the late one may have already known about this.

Juuzou Suzuya[]

Like with many of his subordinates, Marude has a somewhat abrasive relationship with Juuzou, mocking his voice and appearance when they first meet. Juuzou later destroys two of Marude's motorbikes, doing little to endear him to his superior.

Kishou Arima[]

Although seen constantly scolding a young Arima for executing a ghoul investigation independently, he actually cares deeply for his, as well as his other subordinates', welfare.

Matsuri Washuu[]

Marude appears to hold Matsuri in low regard, disliking his high casualty rate and lack of concern for his subordinates' lives. Marude also comments that things will not end nicely if Matsuri succeeds his father.

Kureo Mado[]

Itsuki derided Kureo as a "quinque maniac". Itsuki would often insult the veteran investigator behind his back, and after Kureo's death, he would crack a joke about him. Despite his insults, he apparently respected his deductive abilities quoting him when he confronts Yoshitoki about the Washuu clan's true species.

Iwao Kuroiwa[]

The two were fellow investigators and comrades. Kuroiwa was seen participating the 11th Ward Battle under Marude's leadership. After Marude's apparent death, Kuroiwa and Kiyoko lamented the fact that Marude was no longer with them. When Marude made his reappearance to overthrow Kichimura, he was distraught to see Kuroiwa dying from his wounds and told him that he would always be by his side.

Powers and abilities[]

Despite Marude being shown as a tactical leader and never in direct combat, he possesses incredible skills as a ghoul investigator. Being of the Special Class is testimony in itself, earning the luxury to sit in office and command posts when war breaks out.

Marude seems to have a high proficiency with firearms, as he was seen to easily shoot down two ghoul snipers with two short rifle bursts from a distance, whom his subordinates struggled against in the crossfire.

  • Rc-piercing round: Marude used this weapon in his battle against Kichimura Washuu as it was strong enough to destroy Kichimura's kagune.


  • Marude's character was possibly influenced by the show Aibō, a Japanese detective drama series airing since 2000.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Nine of Spades" along with Katsuya Mabuchi.
  • There is a running joke in the series where whenever his motorcycle is involved in a combat operation it always ends up destroyed.


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