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Itose (糸瀬, Itose) is a medical student at Kamii University, and an associate of Kimi Nishino. She comes from a family with a tradition of working in the medical profession.


Itose is an elegant young woman with long, black hair.




Itose is introduced chatting with Kimi Nishino and Shiraishi about their weekend plans. Their friend attempts to convince both girls to join her on a group blind date, but Kimi refuses because of her school work. Itose lectures Shiraishi for harassing them about it, and declines because her sister is coming to visit with her fiance.

After the death of Kimi's family, Itose made awkward attempts at offering her comfort. However, the women began to drift apart after Kimi began seeing Nishiki Nishio. Some time later, Kimi overheard Itose and Shiraishi gossiping about her. Unaware that she was listening, the two women cruelly mocked her as a selfish and boring person.

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