Ikuma Momochi's mother
Ikuma's birth mother
Name Ikuma Momochi's mother
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Ikuma Momochi (Son)
Ward N/A
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 4
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Ikuma Momochi's mother was a ghoul living in a small, sea-side village. She was the birth mother of Ikuma Momochi.



Nothing is known about her personality, other than her determination to protect her son.

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To The Capital Edit

Ikuma's mother lived in a small, sea-side village in Japan. One night, her family was targeted by ghoul investigators and she barely escaped from them carrying her infant son. While hiding from them in the rain, she was discovered by a suicidal Doctor Momochi. Mortally wounded, she pleaded with the woman for help — the human woman traded her deceased child for the ghoul's living one. Satisfied that her child would survive, she ate a small amount of the dead infant's flesh, and then led her pursuers away.

According to news reports the following day, she committed suicide by leaping from a cliff into the sea below. Her son would be raised as a human, in the place of the doctor's dead child.

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