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Hirako Squad (平子班, Hirako-han) was a CCG squad with six members. The squad leader was Take Hirako until he was reassigned to Kishou Arima's squad. The remaining members formed the Itou Squad (伊東班, Itō-han) which was being led by Hirako's former deputy Kuramoto Itou. After the majority of the members died, the two remaining joined Kuroiwa Squad after the Rushima Landing Operation.


Former Members[]

Investigations and Operations[]

Owl Suppression Operation[]

Members of the squad were seen participating in the Owl Suppression Operation together with members of the Hachikawa Squad as a part of Squad 3, led by Chuu Hachikawa.

Together, they fought the Black Dobers and eventually their leader, the Black Dog. Their joined forces were able to overpower the gang but were interrupted by Centipede before they could eliminate Kaya.

They were among the forces to gather at the rooftop where the two Owls were fought and stood by while Ui, Take and Arima fought the One-Eyed Owl.

Auction Mopping-up Operation[]

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation[]

Kuramoto was promoted to First Class Investigator and given leadership of Hirako Squad, now Itou Squad.

The squad participated in the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, teaming up with the Quinx Squad and clearing out ghouls until the two squads encountered Noro, a powerful SS~ rated ghoul. Immediately as the fight began, Noro's kagune attacked and went straight through Umeno, devouring Nezu - killing both of them.

As the fight continued, Noro landed a powerful attack on Itou that made him unable to continue. Michibata took control, patching up Itou and explained to the Quinx Squad how dangerous the ghoul is.

With the help of the Quinx, the remaining members of Itou Sqaud pinned down Noro and hoped that it was over. Noro then sprung four kagune tentacles, killing Michibata and injuring the rest.

After the operation, Takeomi Kuroiwa, Kuramoto Itou and Take Hirako attended the fallen squad member's funerals.

Rushima Landing Operation[]

The remaining members of Itou Squad joined up with various CCG Investigators including Taishi Fura during the Rushima Landing Operation under command of squad leader Koori Ui, forming Squad 3.

The squad engaged various Aogiri Tree subordinates until they eventually came upon the Three Blades Leader and an injured Naki. Squad 3 later attacks the pair only to be interrupted by various White Suit subordinates and eventually Shuu Tsukiyama along with a hooded figure and the Black Dog, to who Itou recognized from during the Owl Suppression Operation.

During a heated battle, the Black Dog and Tsukiyama switched places and engaged the Itou Squad. Immediately after the swap, Tsukiyama broke Takeomi's quinque. Naki and Miza then engaged Itou and sliced above his eye, causing the blood to make him temporarily blind. Ui and Fura ultimately overpowered the Black Dog but were only intervened by the hooded figure.

At an unknown amount of time later as the Rushima Landing Operation was concluded, Itou and Takeomi were recovering after fighting such dangerous ghouls.