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"Tomorrow is another day on this rocky path we walk, never knowing stability. But I believe. I believe that the sun shines after a downpour."— Hinami Fueguchi, Tokyo Ghoul: Void Chapter 4

Hinami Fueguchi (笛口 雛実, Fueguchi Hinami) is a ghoul whose parents, Asaki and Ryouko Fueguchi, were killed by ghoul investigators. After the event she began to share strong pseudo-sibling relationships with both Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima. The CCG held insufficient information about Hinami, and therefore failed in eliminating her. She was known as subject Number 745 or Daughter in their files. Later, she joined Kaneki's group of ghouls.

After the time skip, she became a member of Aogiri Tree. While her primary duties concern information gathering, she also serves as a strategist and commander when necessary. She became known there under the alias Yotsume (ヨツメ, Yotsume).

After being captured by the CCG during the Auction Mopping-up Operation and sent to Cochlea, she was released several months later by Kaneki, Touka, and Ayato Kirishima. She is currently a member of Goat, an organization founded by the One-Eyed King.


Hinami is a young teenager, bearing a resemblance to her late mother. She had short, straight brown hair, brown eyes, and often wore a hairband decorated with two four-leaf clovers, a common motif for her.

She was identified as the "Daughter" ghoul when she was wearing her butterfly dress and coat. Therefore, she disguised herself while moving around the 20th ward.

After the time skip, Hinami has grown into a beautiful young woman, with her hair arranged into a bob cut with her fringe parted towards the right side of her face. She first appears in the opening montage wearing a long black hooded cloak on missions.

Manga Depictions[]

Anime Depictions[]


As a preteen, Hinami was shy with a very gentle heart. She was also eager for knowledge and fond of reading in order to learn. She cared deeply for Touka and Kaneki, constantly expressing sadness and worry for the two's unhappiness. She also had a very pacifistic nature, having no intention to avenge her mother and father despite loving them so much. Hinami gradually coped with the deaths of her parents better, and obtained a very cheerful attitude.

After the time skip, Hinami's demeanor has become much more calm, collected, and somewhat distant. Her experiences since Kaneki's disappearance and the CCG's new agenda has caused her to lose much of her previously cheery stance and instead take on a jaded, realistic outlook on life. Since joining Aogiri Tree, Hinami's persona has become more solidified. She is no longer terrified of smelling or seeing death, as shown through her interactions with Torso and Ayato. However, she is still reluctant to kill. She believes this to be her weakness and the reason people she loved left her.

Later, Hinami was eating her food in a room in Anteiku's second floor when Kaneki suddenly entered the room without knocking. After apologizing properly, he explained his half-ghoul status to her. Kaneki noticed Hinami was reading one of Sen Takatsuki's books, Monochrome Rainbow and, remembering she was unable to attend school, taught her more complicated vocabulary in the novel. Before she went back with her mother, she thanked him and asked him to teach her more next time.

While Hinami and her mother were walking back from the bookstore, four ghoul investigators, including Koutarou Amon, Kureo Mado, Yasutomo Nakajima and Ippei Kusaba, lured the two into an alley to annihilate them.[4] Ryouko told her daughter to run while she held the attackers back. During her frantic escape, Hinami ran into Kaneki and begged for his help, but only returned in time to witness her mother being killed by Mado.[5]

When reading a newspaper detailing Kusaba's death, Hinami realized Touka had killed the investigator as revenge and decided to run away.[6] Touka found her in a distraught state and comforted her, only to be interrupted by the appearance of Mado.[7] Hinami helplessly watched her sister figure battle and slowly lose against the investigator, eventually releasing her own kagune and rendering Mado helpless. As Hinami cried over the loss of her parents, a weak and injured Touka finished off Mado.[8] Renji Yomo and Kaneki rushed to Hinami's and Touka's whereabouts and accompanied them back to Anteiku. During their walk back, Hinami asked if it was right for her to live and Kaneki answered that he believed it to be Ryouko's will.[9]

Hinami attacks Mado with her kagune.

Later on, as Kaneki went to Touka's apartment to pay Hinami a visit, he was surprised by Hinami's new, unprofessional haircut and gave her another book to read in her free time.[10]

Gourmet Arc[]

Hinami made an appearance after Kaneki returned from Shuu Tsukiyama's trap at the Ghoul Restaurant. She had brought the injured cockatiel Hetare to Anteiku, eliciting a fearful reaction from Touka. She listened to Yoshimura's speech to Kaneki about the ghouls who killed their emotions and forgot the value of life.[11]

Aogiri Arc[]

Hinami joined the others from Anteiku in rescuing Kaneki. With the Yoshimura and Kaya Irimi information collecting team, she was the one to determine Kaneki's location using scent.[12]

Raid of Kanou's Lab[]

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Hinami was mentioned by both Kazuichi Banjou and Kaneki about her excellent sense of smell, and how it could have helped them find Akihiro Kanou much faster.[citation needed]

Owl Suppression Operation[]

Eto befriends Hinami.

In order to cheer up Kaneki, she goes with him to a book signing event. The pair met and befriend author Sen Takatsuki, who took an immediate liking to Hinami.[1] On a later date, she secretly goes on an outing with Tsukiyama. At a coffee shop, they discussed their concerns over Kaneki's mood and behavior, agreeing to do what they could to help him. When he excused himself to use the restroom, Takatsuki approached Hinami and offered to give her advice about her worries. She was initially hesitant, but finally discussed her concerns about Kaneki and was surprised when the author told her there was nothing she could do. Takatsuki excused herself, and offered Hinami her business card should she ever need more advice or help.[13]

Afterward, Hinami and Tsukiyama ran into Touka and Nishiki, sparking a brief confrontation. She defused it by defending Tsukiyama, and the two groups parted ways.[14]

When Kaneki resolved to disband his group, she wholeheartedly supported his decision to return to Anteiku.[15]

She was next glimpsed in the aftermath of the raid on Anteiku, traveling through an alleyway with Banjou and his companions. She wore a downcast expression, and was seen staring at Takatsuki's business card.[16]

Torso Investigation[]

Hinami briefly appears in the opening montage of Tokyo Ghoul:re, speaking to Ayato Kirishima.[17]

Some time later, she hailed a taxi and instructed the driver to just continue on straight. She then greeted the driver as Torso and informed him that she had a message from Aogiri Tree.[18] She warned him that the CCG was pursuing him and Aogiri was concerned he might reveal information if captured. They briefly discussed the rumors about the Quinx Squad, and she warned him his vehicle smelled and it might give him away. After they exchanged a flash drive, she leaned against the window and thought how the Quinx were like Kaneki.[19]


Hinami analyzes the recordings.

She was next seen analyzing the audio recordings obtained from various informants, while Karao Saeki watched in amazement. In a room filled with computers and speakers, she listened to all of the recordings at the same time to pick out important pieces of information. When she finished, she greeted Ayato and informed him that the Doves were also concerned about the "floppies." He told her of his next assignment, acting as a bodyguard to Big Madam and asked her to come to the Auction as his "ears."[20]

During the beginning of the ghoul auction, Hinami sensed something off.[21] Her sense of unease proved to be true, as the building was quickly surrounded by investigators while Juuzou Suzuya attacked from the stage. While Ayato went to rescue Big Madam and fight Suzuya, Hinami told Karao to follow her and fled towards the exit. Miza contacted her to warn that Naki had gone out of control, and apologized for being unable to secure them an escape route.[22]

Hinami gathered numerous ghouls on the roof of the building, taking command while the other executives were busy fighting. She ordered most of their forces to retreat and regroup but was brought up short when someone mentioned the Spine User, Akira Mado, was fighting with Naki. Regaining her composure, she ordered reinforcements to head to Naki and Miza's position.[23]

Hinami rescues Sasaki.

She next made her way to Naki's position when the investigators got the upper hand but one of her subordinates convinced her to stay since there would be no one left to take command if she left.[24] She once again asked Miza and Ayato to retreat saying the investigators dealing with Miza were heading towards Ayato and Naki. Hinami was visually disturbed when she heard Haise Sasaki's agonized screams on the building's PA system, seemingly recognizing his voice, and proceeded to rescue him from Seidou Takizawa.[25][26]

Hinami resolved to protect Sasaki even if he no longer remembered her and said that she would not let him fight alone anymore. She then proceeded to fight Takizawa in order to protect Sasaki. Hinami initially had the advantage as she used her new abilities to wound Takizawa, cutting off his hand. However, once her opponent activated his kakuja, Hinami found herself overwhelmed but was still determined to protect Sasaki.

Haise claims "ownership rights" over Hinami.

Sasaki regained consciousness and asked Hinami to leave, telling her that he was no longer the person she once knew and even though he had Ken Kaneki's body, he was still Haise Sasaki, but he said Kaneki must have been a great person for Hinami to remember him like she did. Hinami reached out to him and called him "big brother" while mentally begging him not to fight. After hearing Saiko Yonebayashi beg Sasaki not to leave, Hinami retracted her hand seeing that Sasaki was not just Kaneki's vessel and even without any memories the person before her, Haise Sasaki, was her big brother Ken Kaneki.[27]

Her injuries and fatigue left her at the mercy of Arima and Squad 0, who arrived as reinforcements. She was saved by Sasaki however, who lied and claimed he cornered Hinami and asked for rights over her, which Arima granted.[28]

Rose Extermination[]

Since the events of the auction, she had been imprisoned in Cochlea. Akira and Sasaki discussed the situation with her, and how she has proven a valuable informant. Sasaki noted that the subject made Akira tense since Hinami was involved in the death of Kureo Mado. Akira warned Sasaki about the period of ownership rights, something that left him troubled.[29]

During her imprisonment, Ayato attempted to get permission to rescue her but was turned down by Tatara. After the meeting, he recalled how he first met Hinami, when Eto brought her to the organization. She was confronted by him because of her crying but recognized him as Touka's younger brother. Their similar expressions cheered her up, prompting the beginning of a friendship.[30]

Sasaki visits with Hinami in prison.

Some time later, Sasaki paid a visit to Hinami in prison and brought her several books. She thanked him and referred to him as "big brother," which bothered him. He insisted he was a different person from Kaneki, something Hinami admitted may be true. Even so, she stated his way of worrying about things and bringing her books to cheer her up are the same. She told him that she and the many others who loved Kaneki were all probably feeling the same confusion.[30]

As he departs for the day, Sasaki remains troubled by his growing attachment to Hinami and how this conflicts with his duties.

Post-Rose Extermination[]

Hinami became depressed and withdrawn because Sasaki had not visited her in the six months since the end of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. Kuki Urie visited her in order to get intel about Aogiri Tree. Expressing her wish to speak to Sasaki, Urie responded that Sasaki had a busy schedule, but he would deliver her message to him nonetheless. He then left, feeling pity for her since she was scheduled for disposal, and thought that Sasaki's current self would not be showing that kind of warmth to her now.[31]

She was in her prison cell during Eto's press conference when a guard informed her that her disposal date had been confirmed.[32]

Third Cochlea Raid[]

Sasaki and Hinami reunite.

During the Third Cochlea Raid, Hinami was finally reunited with Sasaki when he came to her cell to rescue her.[3] She then slapped him, admitting to herself that she was happy to see him but angry he was doing something that was likely to get him killed, which, unbeknownst to her, was his intention. They began their escape, but their path was quickly blocked by Nimura Furuta.[33] Furuta attacked Sasaki with his quinque, Rotten Follow, and a brief bout ensued. However, Hinami intervened mid-battle by impaling Furuta with her kagune, incapacitating him before she and Sasaki continued their escape.[34]

Later on, Sasaki left Hinami in a hallway while he went up ahead. After some time, she was reunited with Ayato, Touka, and Yomo who fled from Arima with Sasaki's help. After a tearful reunion, they proceeded to the drainage route that was the only available exit in Cochlea.[35] As a part of the group survived, they closed in to Cochlea's exit, only to be blocked by Special Class Investigators Mougan Tanakamaru and Kiyoko Aura. As Mougan fired his Higher Mind quinque, Hinami stepped in and blocked it with her koukaku but immediately fell down due to the sheer force of the blast.[36]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation[]

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She accompanied Banjou to an unknown facility in order to help Akira. Banjou asked if it is was acceptable to heal her and she approved because Akira was important to Kaneki.[37]


She takes care of the orphaned ghouls at the United Front and teaches them how to read and write. She often goes out of town with Ayato to go shopping.


Ryouko and Asaki Fueguchi[]

Hinami had loving relationships with both her parents and missed them dearly after their deaths. Her mother Ryouko taught her to live in the human world and educated her in literacy. After Hinami was orphaned, she confined herself in sorrow for days but decided to live on in respect to her mother's last wish.

Touka Kirishima[]

Hinami sees her as an elder sister and loves her, willing to fight back against whoever harms Touka despite her own pacifistic nature. In return, Touka is fiercely protective of Hinami. After the death of her parents, Hinami lived with Touka until she joined Kaneki's group of ghouls. When they reunite Hinami breaks down in tears and starts apologizing.[35]

Ken Kaneki[]

After the two bonded over reading, Hinami and Kaneki quickly developed a close sibling-like relationship. In later chapters, she expresses worry to both Tsukiyama and Sen Takatsuki over his sad and stoic demeanor, desiring his happiness. She is one of the few able to make Kaneki genuinely smile after his torture at the hands of Aogiri. Even years after Kaneki's disappearance, Hinami still thinks of and misses him. During the Auction Raid, she still cares for him deeply and broke from her position to rescue him from Takizawa. She has come to the conclusion that Sasaki is not just an empty, former vessel of Kaneki, but that Sasaki and Kaneki are one and the same.

Shuu Tsukiyama[]

When Tsukiyama joins Kaneki's group, Hinami is wary of him at first, aware of his past attempts to eat Kaneki. However, when he takes her outside against her curfew and conspires with her to make Kaneki feel better, Hinami begins to trust and enjoy his company. When encountering Nishiki and Touka, she defends Tsukiyama against their accusations. Because of the flowers he regularly brings to the group's hideout, she affectionately refers to him as "flower man."

Sen Takatsuki/Eto Yoshimura[]

She has long been a fan of Takatsuki's works, enjoying them despite their advanced level. When the two meet in person, there is an immediate connection between them. Takatsuki later seeks her out and offers her advice and assistance in the future. Back then, Hinami was unaware of her new friend's true identity as the "One-Eyed Owl" Eto, but after Kaneki's disappearance, Eto manages to recruit her as a new member of Aogiri.

Kazuichi Banjou[]

Banjou is one of Hinami's caretakers and companions in Kaneki's group, and she enjoys his company. The two watch horror movies together, even though he is easily frightened.

Ayato Kirishima[]

The two work closely together as members of Aogiri and seem to have a comfortable relationship. His similarities to Touka brought Hinami comfort when she was starting out in Aogiri and they would eventually form a close bond. Ayato would often cover for her, such as berating her in front of Tatara to spare her from having to commit murder. After her capture, Ayato was visibly distraught and insisted on saving her. When Tatara refused, he reached out to Banjou instead to assist in breaking her out.

When Investigator Mougan Tanakamaru's Higher Mind was shot at Hinami's Koukaku, she falls to her feet as a result of the sheer force inflicted upon her. Ayato rushes to Hinami's aid and angrily attacks Investigator Tanakamaru to only be heavily injured by Investigator Kiyoko Aura's Zebizu quinque. Hinami later cries out for Ayato and is stopped from attempting to save him by Banjou.

After hearing about Akira Mado's recovery, Ayato asked if Hinami if she was content with the news. Hinami replies by stating that Akira never directly harmed her. The fact that she spoke to Ayato about such complex feelings relating to her parents deaths implies a closer relationship between the two of them. Afterwards Hinami silently cries in despair and Ayato is shown to comfort her upon seeing her saddened.

In the last chapter of the manga, it seems that Hinami and Ayato have a friendly relationship, showing that she enjoys to pick on him for going to visit his niece.

Karao Saeki[]

She has acted as his primary contact for Aogiri, delivering messages to him and retrieving the data he prepared for them. They seem to be comfortable with each other, and after he officially joins the organization, he seems to spend time in her company. Torso is in awe of her unique abilities and admires her.


They seem to get along well, and she expresses concern for his well-being during the Auction Raid. Naki also voted for a rescue to save her when she was caught by the CCG.

Seidou Takizawa[]

She seems to fear him, and for good reason. While he refers to her as a comrade and speaks to her with a mockingly, affectionate tone, she opposes him to protect Sasaki and is seriously wounded in battle against him.

Akira Mado[]

Though the two never had any encounters with each other in Tokyo Ghoul and Aogiri, Akira seems to know of Hinami's connections to Kureo Mado's death. In Tokyo Ghoul:re, the two have a brief encounter with each other in chapter 120, which was also their first meeting with each other. Akira seemed to hold a grudge against Hinami, given how she coldly and bluntly admitted that it was her father who murdered Ryouko Fueguchi, but when Hinami warmly embraced her, Akira seemed to have a slight change of mind in her opinion of Ghouls and shed tears.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ghoul Physiology: Hinami was born with both a rinkaku and koukaku kagune, as well as heightened senses.

  • Koukaku Kagune: This kagune resembles two flowers petals that act as shields. After the time skip, Hinami could create four koukaku petals, which was strong enough to block one of Higher Mind's blasts.[36]
  • Rinkaku Kagune: This kagune takes the shape of flexible red and yellow spines. As a child, Hinami could produce up to two rinkaku tentacles. As time passed, Hinami displayed the ability to create four rinkaku tentacles while having greater control over them.[27]
  • Superhuman Senses: Having a great sense of hearing, Hinami can easily sort through sounds for information. Having an abnormal sense of smell, Hinami can use this information to find peoples’ locations from long distances.[20]

Manga Depiction[]

Anime Depiction[]


Tokyo Ghoul[]

  • To Touka (about Mado's defeat): "I can't... do more than this. I don't care about getting revenge or not... I... was just sad."[8]
  • To Banjou (about Kaneki): "I can't do anything, but I can keep someone company. So I want to be together with onii-chan in place of onee-chan, because onii-chan seems so lonely."[38]

Tokyo Ghoul: Void[]

  • To herself: "I love Touka and Kaneki. If I could make a wish, I'd ask for the strength of two people so I could help. But to them I'm just a kid, not somebody they can rely on. That's why, like Koma said, we're not 'equal.'"[39]
  • To herself: "If someone can't hear you, you need to go closer. If your words don't reach them, you grab their hand."[39]

Tokyo Ghoul:re[]

  • To herself: "He's not a vessel or anything. Even without any memories... Haise Sasaki (this person) ... is Ken Kaneki (my big brother)."[27]
  • To herself: "I'm happy, onii-chan. But... more than that, I am sad. Aren't you just going to do the same thing again?"[33]
  • To Ayato: "Ms. Takatsuki... Eto told me... 'You're not doing anything. It is your fault that the people important to you are taken away from you. It's the fault of your weakness.' And she's right. Both mother and brother... That's why I thought I'm going to save someone next time. But it's useless. I'm still as weak as ever. I wish I was strong."[33]


  • The name Hinami means "chick, squab, duckling, doll" (雛) (hina) and "fruit, good result, truth" (実) (mi).
  • Hinami's surname Fueguchi means "whistle, flute, clarinet, pipe, whistle, bagpipe, piccolo" (笛) (fue) and "mouth, entrance" (口) (kuchi/guchi).


  • In the first character popularity poll, Hinami was ranked sixth.
    • In the latest, she came in as twelfth.
  • Hinami loves her parents, studying and Touka Kirishima.[2]
  • Hinami is interested in Sen Takatsuki's works, human society, and Ken Kaneki.[2]
  • Hinami is associated with the Tarot Cards II. The High Priestess [18] and VIII. Strength.[23]
  • The members of Aogiri Tree refer to Hinami as "Yotsume," in reference to the Japanese crest.
    • It symbolizes vigilance, good fortune and protection from evil spirits as well as something that appears weak but possesses great hidden strength.
  • Hinami was the first ghoul shown to possess a dual kagune.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, Hinami is featured as the "Ten of Hearts."
  • The person that Hinami wants to share her last conversation with before her death is Ken Kaneki.[40]


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