Hidenori Tateshima
Hidenori Tateshima.png
Name Hidenori Tateshima
Japanese Name 縦島 秀徳 (たてしま ひでのり)
Romaji Tateshima Hidenori
Species Human
Status Alive
Affiliations CCG
Occupation Ghoul Investigator
Rank First Class
Manga Debut :re Chapter 19
English VA Howard Wang
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Hidenori Tateshima (縦島 秀徳, Tateshima Hidenori) is a First Class Ghoul Investigator who participated in the Auction Mopping-up Operation as the squad leader of the Tateshima Squad.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tateshima was modeled after one of the 20 winners among the applicants to the ghoul investigator recruitment campaign. He is associated with "thick luck" (運濃, un ko) in the operation reports attached to the chapters.

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