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A half-human fetus gestating.

A half-human (半人間, Han ningen) is a human-ghoul hybrid with mostly human-like traits. They are specimens with mixed blood from the copulation of a ghoul and a human.[1]


The characteristics of half-humans are closer to humans than ghouls. Like humans, they cannot manifest kagune nor kakugan and are able to consume normal food. However, they differ from humans in two traits:

  • Highly developed physical capabilities.
  • Accelerated aging that causes a shortened lifespan.[1]

Because of these physical capabilities, Hairu Ihei was able to continue fighting after a heavy injury from being pierced through the abdomen.[2] Due to the accelerated aging, Kishou Arima suffered from glaucoma, a well-known illness among the aged and elderly that slowly deteriorated his eyesight.[1] Though half-humans lack a kagune, they register as ghouls when passing through the Rc Scan Gates.[1]

Biological half-ghouls such as Eto Yoshimura are very rare among children of humans and ghouls, and the "failed" Sunlit Garden experiments are classified as "half-humans."[1]

According to Souta Washuu-Furuta the majority of "half-humans" are illegitimate members of the Washuu Clan and the personnel of V.[3]


All known half-human individuals hail from the Sunlit Garden, where they are bred for the purpose of hybridization in breeding experiments.