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Hachikawa Squad (鉢川班, Hachikawa-han) was a squad within the CCG led by Chuu Hachikawa.

The squad's current status is unknown, but former members of the squad are still seen working together.[1]


Former Members[]

Investigations and Operations[]

Owl Suppression Operation[]

Members of the squad were seen participating in the Owl Suppression Operation together with members of the Hirako Squad as a part of Squad 3, led by Hachikawa.[2]

They fought members the Black Dobers and eventually the Black Dog. Their joined forces were able to overpower Kaya Irimi, but their fight was interrupted by Centipede before they could eradicate Kaya. Hachikawa suffered a rib fracture during this combat and temporarily lost his quinque, due to it having been broken by Kaneki.[3][4]

They were among the forces to gather at the rooftop where the two Owls were fought and stood by while Koori Ui, Take Hirako, and Kishou Arima fought the One-Eyed Owl.[5]

Rushima Landing Operation[]

The squad was dispatched by the CCG to investigate Rushima and Aogiri Tree's presence at the island.[6]

They discovered a meeting of high ranking Aogiri members and witnessed Eto Yoshimura's speech about her not being the One-Eyed King. Only to be discovered by Owl while listening.[7][8]

They were later seen trying to flee from the island, but where found by Seidou Takizawa, Shikorae, and several other member of Aogiri Tree. They tried to fight against the ghouls chasing them, but were eventually overpowered, leading to the death of squad leader Hachikawa and injuries for Ayumu.[9]

While recovering in a cave were they ambushed by Torso, leading to the capture of Tooru Mutsuki.[9]

Ayumu Hogi was able to escape the island and report about the events, as well as Aogiri's presence at the island, to those at the CCG — eventually leading to the Rushima Landing Operation.[10]