"We will continue our activities just below the water's service. In the hope that the ghouls will one day be granted rights in our society."

— Hisashi Ogura, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 116

The Great Wheel Act (大環アクト, Taiwa Akuto) is a human organization comprised of ghoul-supporters. As a result of Sen Takatsuki's book, King Bileygr, many organizations were established that were eventually halted, but the Great Wheel Act has managed to survive and continue its activities. They avoid violating the Ghoul Countermeasures Law and have useful resources, such as a medical team. They are described as a "cult."[1]

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The organization actually began as a small group of students from Kamii University, believing that humans and ghouls are merely divided by the accident of their birth. Early members, led by a medical student, experimented on providing medical treatment to ghouls and humans alike. Over time, the organization was disbanded and underwent changes into its current form, thanks to the renewed public interest following Sen Takatsuki revealing herself as a ghoul. [2]

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