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Goumasa Tokage (戸影 豪正, Tokage Gōmasa) was a combat instructor at the 2nd Academy.

He was once an Investigator serving at Cochlea and known for his sadistic tendencies. While Yamori was imprisoned there, Tokage tortured him to the point of madness but lost control of the situation. After Yamori's escape, he was dismissed from his position amid scandal and sent to work as an instructor.

Since then, he had continued his sadism through torturing and killing animals. The staff had covered up his crimes, placing the blame on Juuzou Suzuya.


His initial appearance was that of an average looking man.

After being assaulted by Yamori, his face is notably disfigured and riddled with scars, with one particularly large scar stretching across the left side of his face.


Little is known about his personality, other than his sadistic nature. He appears to be a psychopath, with absolutely no empathy and a great love of causing suffering to others. His primary targets were the Ghoul prisoners he oversaw, but after being transferred, he took to mutilating and killing small animals for amusement. It is suggested that Yamori's "Jason" persona is based partially on him, hinting at the depth of his depravity.



Tokage prior to getting tortured by Yamori.

Goumasa Tokage was once an interrogator working at the Ghoul Detention Center. During this period, he was assigned to interrogate a newly imprisoned ghoul by the name of Yakumo Oomori; he was someone who had a considerable amount of knowledge relating to the 13th ward. Because of his barbarous mentality, Tokage used this occasion to inflict excruciating torture on Yamori for an unspecified number of days. At some point, a moment came where Yamori was able to break free from captivity. Yamori grasped this short opportunity to subject the pain he received onto his torturer.[1]

Some time later, after Yamori's escape from the Detention Center, Tokage began working at one of the CCG Junior Academies. He continued his deranged habits by taking animals he acquired and slaughtering them. He would then leave the dead bodies scattered around outside the facility. He killed up to 10 dogs, 40 cats, and a number of other smaller animals.[2] One night, Juuzou Suzuya had stumbled upon him outdoors after recently killing a cat. He then threatened to kill Suzuya if he ever informed anyone of what he saw. At some point, Tokage was exposed to the other staff members. Because he was employed with the CCG, the rest of the staff devised a plan to use Suzuya as a scapegoat to cover for his actions, in order to circumvent a potential scandal.[3]

A few years later, wandering the academy's vicinity, Tokage discovers Tooru Mutsuki hidden within a thicket of trees, hunched over. While approaching to inspect the situation, he notices a small pool of blood at the base of Mutsuki's feet. As he kneels down beside, he observes Mutsuki dismembering a stray cat. Thereupon, he then provides words of advice in Mutsuki's action, and even lends his own knife to Mutsuki for an easier dissection.[4]

Rose Extermination[]

While Sasaki is visiting the 2nd Academy to give a lecture, Tokage approaches him. He inquires about Tooru Mutsuki, a former pupil that he describes as a problematic kid. He expresses dark amusement upon hearing that Mutsuki is training with another former student, Suzuya. As he walks away, Sasaki experiences a feeling of unease around him. The former torturer then cracks his fingers.[5]


In the years following the emergence of Dragon, he continued to work as an Academy Instructor. His actions eventually caught up with him, with a student stabbing him to death.


  • He has a distinct habit and way of cracking his fingers. This very habit was inherited by Yamori, who unintentionally passed it on to Kaneki and Naki.


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