The Ghoul Restaurant (喰種レストラン, Gūru Resutoran) is a secret society with a strict membership system, most members are a part of the higher class society. They provide the bodies or the body parts of the humans themselves.

A special feature is the "Dismantling Show." Members lure unsuspecting human "guests" to the restaurant, where they are ordered to shower and change into formal wear. These victims are then trapped in an arena with a human slave called the "Scrapper," who was trained to make a show of killing the "meals" for the entertainment of the members. Afterwards, the bodies are prepared by the staff and served to the attendees.[1]

The primary Restaurant featured in the series was located in the 7th Ward, and was eventually destroyed by Kaneki's group. Other locations are known to exist, though it was unknown at the time whether these establishments are the same organization. However, the CCG's Auction Mopping-up Operation confirms these establishments are connected to an extensive black market and human trafficking network. The deaths of Big Madam and Nutcracker ensured a major disruption against the Ghoul Restaurants.

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  • The Restaurant seems to be based on The Restaurant with Many Orders, a short story by Kenji Miyazawa. Kaneki mentions the story upon realizing the truth of the restaurant.[1]



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