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The Ghoul Countermeasures Law (喰種対策法, Gūru Taisaku-hō) provides the legal foundation for the prosecution of ghouls by the Commission of Counter Ghoul.

Law Provisions[]

The Ghoul Countermeasures Law and related legislation contain provisions for the handling of ghouls:

  1. Foremost, outlaws all ghouls.
  2. Sets requirement standards for ghoul identification.
  3. Outlines procedures of a confirmed ghoul.
  4. Includes ghoul prosecution conduct.
  5. Defines the employee duties of the Commission of Counter Ghoul.
  6. Adds the protocols of punishment for human involvement.

Known Articles[]

Some articles of the Ghoul Countermeasures Law were fully reproduced.


Peace is valuable above all else, and members of the Commission of Counter Ghoul shall spare no effort in its preservation.[1]

Article 12[]

  1. A species, against which special precautions should be taken, known as ghouls, are distinct in that it is confirmed that they can produce kakugan and kagune.
  2. In relation to the subjects distinguished as ghouls, there are no laws that protect these individuals.[2]

Article 13[]

  1. The ghoul investigators have the duty to make the safety of the citizens their highest priority.[3]
  2. It is prohibited to cause more pain to a ghoul than necessary.[4]

Article 88[]

  1. Persons harboring or otherwise preventing the arrest of a ghoul will be severely punished.[5][6]

Article 119[]

Article 119 declares human involvement in harboring or preventing the arrest of a ghoul an offense punishable by the death penalty.[7]

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