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Kuki Urie undergoing the Frame Release surgery.

The frame release surgery (フレーム開放施術, furēmu kaihō shijutsu) is a surgical operation Quinx must undergo in order to increase their Rc cell output. Allowing less restriction on their implanted kakuhou results in an increase in their viability in combat. The operation itself is done by releasing one or more frame layers of quinque steel coated on their implanted kakuhou by either weakening or opening them. Initially, the starting point of a Quinx, in terms of kakuhou regulation, allow 40% of the kakuhou's potential output, beginning at F2 (frame 2). The surgery enables the output to go beyond this in intervals of 20% per frame.

Due to the level of risk involved, to proceed with this surgery, members of the Quinx Squad require the signature of at least their acting superior or an individual of high rank.

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