A floppy (フロッピー, furoppī) is an experimental sample from Akihiro Kanou's experiments labeled a failure by him and Aogiri Tree.[1]

It is unknown whether this includes the failures given to Madam A.

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When Eto approached Ayato Kirishima with a message from Tatara. Before leaving, Eto tells Ayato to "tidy up" should a floppy show. Ayato seeming displeased at the request.

Ayato met with Hinami, who was busy analyzing audio. Ayato inquired about the data and Hinami confirmed the Doves were concerned about the floppies as well.[2]

In the aftermath of the Auction, fleeing members of Aogiri Tree were ambushed. The Robed Giant stood over a dying ghoul, who called out "f... lo... ppy...". The figure mentioned "Yasuhisa" and departed from the scene. The bodies discovered by ghoul investigators display evidence of cannibalism.[3]

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Analyzing the audio recordings made by Torso, Hinami Fueguchi concludes the Doves are concerned about the floppies. Parts of the recordings are known, containing rumors pointing to:

  • Individuals uncertain whether they are ghouls or not.
  • Individuals posing as investigators with a badge.[2]

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