Name Fei
Japanese Name フェイ
Romaji Fei
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Affiliations Chi She Lian
Rc Type Ukaku
Manga Debut Chapter 141 (Mentioned)
Anime Debut Episode 17 (Mentioned)
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Fei (フェイ, Fei) was a Chinese ghoul associated with the gang Chi She Lian.

After their death, Fei's kakuhou was used to create the quinque Douhi.

Plot Edit

Past Edit

During Kousuke Houji's time serving in China, he took part in an operation to destroy the ghoul gang Chi She Lian. Among the members killed was Fei, an associate of Tatara — the ghoul that would become Aogiri Tree's second-in-command.

Houji would use the quinque made from Fei for some time, before passing it along to his junior partner, Seidou Takizawa.

Anteiku Raid Edit

During the Owl Suppression Operation, Takizawa and Tatara came face to face. When he used his quinque to defend himself and a wounded Koutarou Amon, Tatara recognized it as Fei's kagune. Enraged, he took revenge on Houji's subordinate.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ghoul Physiology: Fei was an ukaku ghoul, and a quinque of average strength was produced from the kakuhou.

Relationships Edit

Tatara Edit

The exact nature of their relationship remains unknown, though Tatara became enraged at the sight of Douhi.

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