Birdcage (鳥籠, Torikago) is the ninth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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Amon begins working for the CCG and meets Arima who introduces him to his partner, Mado. They begin working on a case investing the Applehead ghoul and Amon is shocked to learn that an elderly woman is the suspect. They speak with the elder woman, Kie, and her medical records appear normal for a human. After her, Amon is upset that Mado had not told him about the records, but Mado informs him that they are easy to forge. Mado assures a nervous Amon that it is all part of his plan. After Mado tries to persuade Amon to show his quinque, Amon becomes upset feeling that his partner is not taking the job seriously then storms off. He runs into Kie having trouble with her rolling luggage and offers to help. Once secluded, Kie reveals that she is the ghoul, Applehead, and attacks Amon. Mado arrives and saves Amon.

Amon bumps in Yukinori Shinohara on his way to visit Mado’s grave and they plan to talk more later. The CCG prepares for their mission in the 11th ward and brings in Seidou Takizawa and Kousuke Houji to assist in the 20th Ward.

Life goes back to normal at Anteiku despite the tragedy. They welcome their new pet, Hetare, and Hinami begins to live with Touka. In his pursuit to learn more about Rize, Kaneki visits Itori. However, the only information about Rize she has is that she came from the 11th ward and advises him to check it out. The next day, Kaneki tells Hide about having been pick-pocketed on his way home. Kaneki could not see the thief properly, but takes it in stride. The news announces forces are to be deployed to the 20th ward by the CCG in response to increased ghoul activities. Hide tells Kaneki his theory about a ghoul organization in the 20th Ward and expresses his fascination with a research book on ghouls by Hisashi Ogura. That afternoon, the Anteiku staff talks about their concerns with an aggressive ghoul organization killing investigators. Kaneki goes to find Touka and they talk about their families.

Hide drinks coffee alone when Yamori and Nico pass him. He overhears them talk about Rize. Kazuichi Banjou and his crew arrive in the 20th ward in search of Rize. Elsewhere, Ayato plans to join them.

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