Circular (円環, Enkan) is the eighth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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Amon and Mado discuss their plans to confront Rabbit and Number 745. They plan to split up and Mado is bringing something special. At Anteiku, Kaneki meets Touka in the locker room, worried and still wanting to help. Touka brushes him off and goes to check on Hinami, but she is gone. Having caught the scent of something, Hinami went looking for it.

Touka and Kaneki search for Hinami to no avail so they split up. Hinami’s screams could be heard from a distance and Kaneki tries to find where it came from. He sees Touka running from a distance and Amon is behind her. Amon tries to catch up and realizes that Touka must be Rabbit from her speed. Before Amon can proceed, Kaneki steps in front of him with his hood pulled up. Amon realizes that Kaneki must be with Touka and demands that he let him through. Kaneki removes his hood revealing his mask and refuses to move. Kaneki tries to fistfight Amon, but is no match. When Amon feels that Kaneki starts fighting seriously, he takes out his quinque and swings it with enough force that the wind sends him flying over a railing. Amon speaks to Kaneki as he approaches. He wants to understand ghouls’ behavior why and they cause despair. He holds his quinque over Kaneki and demands to know if ghouls ever take the feelings of their victims into consideration and tells him about the death of his friend and feels that it was unjust. Overflowing with emotion and blaming ghouls for everything, he smacks Kaneki away. Amon approaches again and Kaneki thinks about what he said. It seems wrong that humans perceive ghouls the way they do and comes to understand that he is the only one who can understand both sides. Kaneki tries to express these feelings to Amon, but he does not know what he is talking about, so Kaneki wants to make him understand. Amon repeatedly attacks Kaneki until he is unable to stand and makes his way past him. Unable to defeat Amon, Kaneki embraces “Rize”, then fights Amon, taking a bite of him. Able to break his quinque, Kaneki begs Amon to run, not wanting to kill him. Amon escapes and rests on a stoop wondering why Kaneki let him go. He notes that Kaneki was crying.

Touka finds Hinami at the waterway beneath the elementary school holding a bag. When Touka asks about it, she says it is her mother. Touka tries to get her to return home, but Hinami refuses. Unsure if ghouls deserve to live and wanting to see her mother, Hinami breaks down and Touka comforts her. Mado arrives and gleefully confirms Touka as Rabbit. Mado teases Touka for her weak attempt to set a trap and asks Hinami about the present he left her. Infuriated, Touka unleashes her kagune. Mado fights Touka against with his Fueguchi quinque and he is impressed with her abilities. Distracted, he does not realize that Touka tricked him into wrapping his quinque around the pillars of the waterway until it is too late. Touka attacks Mado and swings him against a wall. She asks Mado if he knows what it feels like to be hunted and to have loved ones taken away, and he laughs angering Touka. She thinks of Ryouko and wants people like Mado to die. Before Touka can kill Mado, he unleashes a new quinque made from Ryouko and Hinami watches in horror. Touka attacks Mado who dual wields his quinque and pins her against a pillar. Mado basks in the idea of making a new quinque out of Touka and the fine weapons Hinami’s parents made. After Touka swears at him, he picks up Hinami with one of his quinque and begins to crush her. Touka tells Mado that ghouls only want to live like humans and it can not be helped that their bodies are the way they are. Mado has no sympathy and is about to kill her when Hinami severs his hand making him drop his quinque. Hinami is upset that Mado is using her parents to hurt Touka and continues to attack him. Mado is amazed that Hinami inherited both of her parents' kagune and is excited to make her into a quinque. Hinami severs Mados’ leg sending him skidding across the floor, and Touka tells Hinami to kill him. Hinami refuses feeling lonely without her parents, but does not care about revenge. Mado hobbles towards Hinami still determined to kill her, but Touka severs his jugular. After he falls, he drags himself towards Touka, refusing to die until he takes revenge on the "one-eye”. He then succumbs to his injuries and collapses. Touka sees the glove on Mado’s hand and assumes he was so disgusted by ghouls that he did not want to touch them. She pulls off his glove and collapses after seeing his wedding ring.

By the canal Kaneki struggles with his kagune and succumbs to his hunger. Someone approaches from behind and he impales them with his kagune. Yomo gently speaks to Kaneki and brings him back to his senses. He brings out a parcel for Kaneki. Kaneki and Yomo find Touka and Hinami and they set home. Hinami is unsure of her existence, but Kaneki reassures her that before Ryouko died, she was trying to tell Hinami to live. In the waterway, Amon finds Mado’s body. After closing his mentor’s eyes, he screams in anguish.

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