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Captivity (幽囚, Yūshū) is the seventh episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.



Kaneki notices Hinami alone in the street and rushes over to her. She is worried about her mother so they go to find her. In the alley she was cornered, Ryouko fought against the investigators but, she is not adept at fighting and Mado comments on her lack of experience with her own kagune. Mado mocks Ryouko for acting human and is both disgusted, but amused. He tells Amon that he will handle the rest, and to Ryouko’s despair, pulls out a new quinque made from her husband. Mado basks in her misery and tells Ryouko that he will give her some time for last words. Kaneki runs with Hinami wondering what to do until they reach Ryouko and the investigators. Hinami tries to reach for her mother, but Kaneki holds her back and they hide. Mado asks Ryouko if she is going to say anything, and as she is about to speak, Mado kills her. Kaneki is shocked, but manages to muffle Hinami’s screams. Later, Touka returns to work, but finds the shop closed and all the employees in the meeting room looking downcast. Yoshimura explains that Ryouko had been killed by investigators and considers moving Hinami to the 24th Ward as they have seen her face. Touka is infuriated and wants to take revenge. She tries to persuade everyone, but Yomo and Yoshimura firmly disagree. After she storms off, Kaneki begins to blame himself, but Yoshimura reassures him. Later that night, Touka sulks in her room as she gazes at her mask. Kaneki breaks down in his shower, Yoshimura’s words yielding no comfort.

At the 20th Ward branch office, a meeting is held and Mado concludes that Jason’s hideout is not in the 20th Ward and since the Gourmet and Binge Eater have been laying low, there’s not much for him and Amon to do. Mado ends the meeting and bids the others farewell when Ippei calls out to him. Mado explains that he does not have much of a life outside work, but advises them to lookout for themselves because suspect Number 745 was still on the loose. Ippei thinks that he is just trying to scare him and Nakajima since Number 745 was only a child. After work, Amon joins Ippei and Nakajima for dinner. Ippei probs Amon about the academy and asks about the women there. Ippei feels guilty when Amon explains that two female classmates had died in the line of duty. Amon leaves soon after and Nakajima scolds Ippei. After Ippei and Nakajima leave, they walk down a barren road, talking about work and Amon. Ippei is normally a laidback employee, but after meeting Amon, he is so impressed with his work ethic that he feels that he himself can work harder. Just then, they are ambushed by Touka wearing a rabbit mask, who kills Ippei. She targets Nakajima, but Amon saves him. He and Touka fight, but Amon is at a disadvantage without a quinque. Amon is prepared to fight barehanded when Mado comes and attacks Touka with his Fueguchi quinque. Mado figures that Touka must be friends with Ryouko and taunts her with her death. Furious, she attacks Mado, her moves quick but frenzied. Mado unbothered takes advantage of her weakness as an ukaku and tires Touka out, then interrogates her about Hinami. Touka recklessly attacks Mado again, but he injures her. Touka flees and just barely escapes the quinque’s reach.

At Anteiku, Kaneki worries about Hinami and covers her as she sleeps. A crash comes from the next room and he goes to find Touka injured. Yoshimura walks in and figures that Touka must have engaged with the investigators and refuses to give her medical attention. Feeling that her life was not his concern if she was endangering herself, Touka flees. Kaneki tries to chase after her, but Yoshimura stops him. Kaneki says he understands that he must have his reasons, but being inexperienced in their world, Kaneki wants to learn things firsthand and judge for himself what he thinks is right or wrong. Kaneki finds Touka outside and brings her a first aid kit, but she tries to get him to leave. Touka still feels that Kaneki is an outsider who would not understand, but Kaneki is insistent. Touka explains her feelings and Kaneki has a better grasp of what she is trying to do. Since becoming a ghoul, Kaneki has come to realize that regardless of the species, he would be sad if someone he knew died and that includes Touka. Kaneki asks Touka to let him help her.

At the CCG, a service is being held in honor of Ippei. A moment of silence is called and Nakajima notices that Amon has attended. Afterwards, Marude approaches Amon and pokes fun at the meaning behind Mado not having attended and that he would ignore Amon the same when he dies. However, when he approaches, Marude’s mood shifts and he tells Amon about an upcoming mission in the 11th Ward he expects Amon to participate in. As Marude leaves, Nakajima approaches Amon then they go have dinner. They talk about Ippei and Amon is surprised to hear that Ippei idolized him. As they eat, Nakajima starts to break down from grief and loneliness. He is used to having most of his meals with Ippei and always paying for them. Amon comforts Nakajima and asks him to pay for his food. Nakajima feels better at the gesture.

Touka sloshes through a dark, murky area looking around with Kaneki who wonders what they are doing. Touka says it relates to helping her, but she does not explain her intents and remains cryptic as she examines the area. She tells Kaneki that he has to do something next, making him nervous. Mado receives a message about a mysterious caller who left a tip about Number 745. The caller was suspicious though, so Mado researches the sighting area. The tip leads to the waterway of Shigehara Elementary School, an area where it would be difficult to use his quinque. He quickly figures that it must be a trap by "Rabbit" and is eager to meet her. Meanwhile, Amon workouts at home and thinks about the unfairness of lives being snatched away by ghouls and wants to correct the wrong world. Kaneki visits HySy ArtMask Studio where he receives his mask.