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Cloudburst (驟雨, Shūu) is the sixth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.



After Touka takes a bite from Kaneki’s flesh, she is able to summon her kagune and fight Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama is excited that she puts up a good fight and plans to use her organs as a garnish. When she proves too tough, Tsukiyama tries to eat Kimi, but Nishiki stops him. Angered, Tsukiyama repeatedly stabs him, but while distracted, he is critically wounded by Touka. He struggles to reach Kaneki, but Touka finishes Tsukiyama off and tells him to eat himself. Nishiki unties Kimi, but Touka feels that she knows too much and has to kill her. Kaneki pleads with Touka, but nothing he says works and only makes her angrier. Touka shoots ukaku shards at Kimi, but Nishiki shields her with his body. Kimi’s blindfold comes off and she sees Touka. She comments on Touka’s beauty, sending her running and confused. Kimi checks on Nishiki who passed out. After the church incident, Kaneki goes back to his normal life working at Anteiku. Hide arrives early and is served despite the café not being open yet and is shocked to see that Nishiki is now a waiter. They tease each other and banter until Nishiki threatens to kick him out. They bring up Touka who has not been to work since the church incident. Suddenly, Hinami and Ryouko break into an argument at the other end of the café and Hinami runs off. Hide and Nishiki wonder about it, but Hide has to leave for school. After Kaneki fails to speak with Hinami, he talks to Ryouko and learns that she wants to see her father. Due to the shady past Hinami's father tried to leave behind catching up to him, they have to be apart for a while. Ryouko tries to talk to Hinami, but she is still angry. After a heartfelt conversation, they apologize and Ryouko promises to buy Hinami a present.

Yamori visits Dr. Fueguchi to pick up his pliers and is eager to use them on Rize. Dr. Fueguchi asks Yamori not to return and he agrees before attacking him. Yamori sends Dr. Fueguchi flying through the wall and he lands outside where Amon and Mado are waiting. Yamori decides to stay for a while to fight them and holds them back on his own until he loses interest and leaves. Dr. Fueguchi is injured, but wanting to see his family again, tries to fight the investigators, but is instantly defeated. Afterwards, other CCG personnel arrive to investigate the scene. Despite not apprehending Yamori, Mado feels they accumulated leads for another case at the Fueguchi residence.

At Anteiku, Kaneki checks on Touka, but she still does not plan on returning to work. She is upset that she was not able to kill Kimi. Kaneki brings up Hinami and her mother’s fight and how he observed no difference between the love of a parent and child regardless if they were ghoul or human. He would not have known that if he was not made part of the ghoul world and feels that Nishiki’s and Kimi’s relationship shows the potential for greater things. Touka still does not know what Kaneki wants and he apologizes for bringing up her and Yoriko’s relationship back at the church before leaving. Kaneki thinks about how he and Touka must think similarly about their relationships with humans and the potential repercussions they would face if they were rejected by Hide and Yoriko.

Kaneki goes to the meeting room to check on Hinami who is worried about Touka, and they hope she feels better soon. Hinami asks Kaneki about a new word and he explains what a cloudburst is. Ryouko arrives and after she thanks Kaneki for spending time with Hinami, he sees himself out. Hinami shows off the new words she learned, many of them from Monochrome Rainbow. Deciding she wants to impress her father with her new vocabulary, Hinami asks for a new book. Out in the streets, Yasutomo Nakajima and Ippei Kusaba ask passing civilians if they recognize the clothing in the photos. Hide watches from afar and comments on the weather. Hinami and Ryouko exit a bookstore and it has begun to rain. Hinami explains what a cloudburst is, proud to have learned it from Kaneki, and eager to talk to her father about it. In a good mood, Hinami bounces around despite the rain. Up ahead, Ryouko notices suspicious men and pulls Hinami the other way, but the men notice them. Hinami is confused, but Ryouko makes up excuses for her behavior. Hinami catches her father’s scent and excitedly runs ahead leaving her mother behind and Ryouko frantically calls after her and tries to catch up. Hinami turns down an alley calling for her father, but is confronted by Mado and Amon. Ryouko catches up, and they are surrounded, but she summons her kagune and swings at the investigators as she wraps it around Hinami and herself as a barrier. Inside, she tells Hinami to run back to Anteiku and promises to meet her there. The investigators shoot at Ryouko, but she swings at them again, giving Hinami time to escape. Mado mocks Ryouko for displaying what he sees as fake motherly love. Hinami runs through the streets calling for help, crashing into people and dropping her new book. She calls out for her mother and Kaneki, walking through the rain, notices her.


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  • The scene in which Amon and Mado attempt to bring down Asaki Fueguchi, Hinami's father, and end up getting attacked by Yamori, is exclusive to the anime.