Scars (残痕, Zankon) is the fifth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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With the increase of Ghoul Investigator activities in the 20th Ward, the patrons of Anteiku grow nervous. Kaneki listens to the worried customers when Yoshimura comes to relieve him of work and asks him to visit Touka. She stayed home sick that day and resides in the apartment upstairs. Kaneki visits her and notices the name Ayato Kirishima by the door before Ryouko emerges from Touka’s apartment leaving her to watch Hinami. While helping Hinami with her studies, Kaneki learns that Touka is sick because she ate too much. Yoriko makes a surprise visit and brings Touka food, but quickly departs when she sees Kaneki, leaving the stew for them to share under the impression they are romantically involved. Touka forces herself to eat Yoriko’s food despite Kaneki's protests, and he understands that Yoriko must be an important person. Meanwhile, Tsukiyama obsessively mulls over what to do about Kaneki going through every book in his library. While sniffing the bloodied handkerchief, he hatches his plan. Kaneki walks home sore after training with Yomo when he comes across Nishiki being beaten up by some ghouls. Kaneki considers leaving him after what he did to Hide and himself, but decides to save Nishiki. After fighting the ghouls, Kaneki helps Nishiki home where he meets Kimi at his apartment. She is at first suspicious of Kaneki, but Nishiki eases her before falling unconscious.

While Nishiki sleeps, Kaneki and Kimi talk about their relationship. Kimi is a human who knows that Nishiki is a ghoul, but does not care as long as he does not hurt anyone she knows. Feeling pity, Kaneki agrees to help Nishiki. While Kaneki goes to Anteiku to try and retrieve food, Kimi goes shopping for coffee but is abducted by Tsukiyama. The refrigerator at Anteiku is locked, and Kaneki considers how there are humans who accept ghouls despite the danger. Kaneki hears a knock and finds a rose and note left by Tsukiyama stating that Kimi has been abducted and where to find them. After being gone for so long, Nishiki dragged himself out of the apartment and somehow made it to Anteiku where Kaneki shows him the note. Furious, Nishiki accompanies Kaneki to rescue Kimi. Nishiki and Kaneki go to a church where Tsukiyama is waiting with Kimi tied up on an altar. To have his ultimate meal, he wants Kaneki to eat Kimi while Tsukiyama eats him. Nishiki and Kaneki are disgusted by Tsukiyama who is only concerned with his meal. They fight, but Tsukiyama overpowers them both knocking Nishiki out.

As Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki, he is suddenly attacked by Touka who is eager to fight. Despite a slash to the eyes, he instantly heals and their sortie continues. As they fight, Tsukiyama recalls the crush he had on Touka when they were younger. Distracted by his own memories, Touka kicks him in the face and is disgusted by his infatuation. Kaneki joins in and after landing a hit, declares that he will not be Tsukiyama’s meal and is going to take Kimi back. Touka and Kaneki attack together, but he overpowers them as well. Wanting a sample, Tsukiyama pierces Kaneki through the abdomen and tastes his blood. He is overcome with desire never having tasted anything so good, but holds himself back to continue with his plan believing it will increase the pleasure. Touka attacks him again, but Tsukiyama takes her down with his kagune, leaving her too wounded to fight along with Kaneki. He approaches Kimi to Kaneki’s concern, but Tsukiyama reminds him that he wants Kaneki to eat her. Kaneki does not understand how Tsukiyama can hurt people so easily, but Tsukiyama sees ghouls as less consumptive than humans in the long run. He approaches Kimi and pulls down her sweater, wondering about the ugly scar on her shoulder.

Nishiki stirs from the pews and watching Kimi, remembers his childhood. He and his older sister were orphans and had to resort to eating the homeless. His older sister begins working young to support them as they live meagerly for years. When they get older, Nishiki’s older sister develops feelings for her manager who turns her in as a ghoul, and she is killed by investigators as a result. After she dies, Nishiki seeks revenge on the man who betrayed her, then begins to attend college. At Kamii University, he meets Kimi and they start a relationship. After his fight with Kaneki, Nishiki’s wounds are unable to heal and he writhes in pain at home until Kimi comes. He attacks her, but as he is too weak, he soon gives up. However, Kimi offers her flesh and Nishiki takes a bite of her shoulder. She tells him that the day they met, her family died. She was incredibly depressed, but Nishiki reached out to her and Kimi feels that he saved her, so she wants him to live. Nishiki decides that he does not need to eat anymore. In the church, Nishiki repeatedly tries to fight Tsukiyama, but it is no use. Tsukiyama explains that fighting is futile if a ghoul could not use their kagune and they needed the fuel of human flesh to do so. At this, Kaneki lets Touka eat his flesh seeing her skills as their only chance. Tsukiyama is enraged, feeling that Touka is trying to take Kaneki away from him and attacks her. Touka summons her kagune deflecting Tsukiyama’s attack and lets him know that nothing here belongs to him.

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