Supper (晩餐, Bansan) is the fourth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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Anteiku is visited by the strange Shuu Tsukiyama who quickly takes an interest in Kaneki. Kaneki however is put off by his behavior. Touka has been annoyed since he walked in and eventually shoos him away with Tsukiyama promising to return. Kaneki wonders who he is and Touka warns him to stay away. Later, the eyes of virgins are served to Tsukiyama as a meal and he reminisces about Kaneki's scent. At school, Touka has lunch with her best friend Yoriko Kosaka. Yoriko is disappointed that Touka is not eating well, so convinces her to eat some of her homemade food. Touka plays off eating it with no problems, but later in the bathroom, struggles to not vomit. She is able to keep the food down, but is rendered weak. During his break, Kaneki reads and has coffee at his college campus when Tsukiyama visits him. Kaneki is suspicious, but they quickly bond over books. Tsukiyama notices that Kaneki is reading Sen Takatsuki's Monochrome Rainbow, so invites him to a café that the author is rumored to visit. He mentions that he was friends with Rize piquing his interest. After bonding for some time, Kaneki agrees to see him again. At Anteiku, Kaneki thinks about how Tsukiyama did not seem so bad when Yoshimura comes to relieve him of work for the day. Yoshimura informs him that Yomo would like to see him before he leaves. Yomo takes Kaneki to an underground area where he begins training him in hand-to-hand combat and wants to have sessions with him everyday after work.

Afterwards, Yomo takes Kaneki to Helter Skelter to meet the bar owner, Itori. She had heard a lot about Kaneki from Yomo and Uta, who is also at the bar, and wanted to meet him. They briefly talk about Uta, Itori, and Yomo's relationship before Yomo reminds Itori that she wanted to see Kaneki. Itori throws a glass of blood in Kaneki's face forcing his kakugan to activate. Kaneki is embarrassed, but Itori comforts him before telling him about one-eyed ghouls. There are rumors of another one-eyed ghoul and that they are born between ghoul and human parents, but since pregnancy is so difficult their existence is regarded as myth. Kaneki asks Itori about Rize, but there are only rumors. However, there is one rumor about Rize's death being on purpose and that there were sightings of a person standing on the building where she died. Yomo becomes upset and Itori assures that they are only rumors, but the idea sticks in Kaneki's mind.

Some time later, Kaneki and Tsukiyama meet at a café and begin talking about Rize. Tsukiyama talks about what they spoke of, but recalls a terrible memory of when he invited Rize to join his gourmet club and was rudely rejected. Angered by the memory, Tsukiyama breaks a cup and Kaneki cuts his finger on a shard while trying to check on him. Tsukiyama gives him a handkerchief and offers to take Kaneki to one of Rize's favorite places as an apology. Kaneki agrees and offers to wash Tsukiyama's bloodied handkerchief, but Tsukiyama goes to wash it instead. Tsukiyama speaks to himself in the bathroom about trying to keep himself together a little longer, bothered that he almost lost his cool in front of Kaneki. He inhales the scent of Kaneki's blood and is intoxicated by the aroma. Later, Kaneki is taken to Rize's "favorite place" where he is ordered by strange servants to shower and change into dress clothes. He is served coffee while waiting and soon after, discovers that he is on a lifting platform that takes him to a pit surrounded by watching ghouls. Tsukiyama appears introduced as Mr. MM, who enthralls the audience with Kaneki's human scent and declares him the nights' meal.

Madam A's scrapper, Taro, is brought out as the executioner and clumsily greets the audience before attacking Kaneki. Kaneki runs away and tries to escape through a door, but it is locked. Taro corners him and attacks with a giant saw, but Kaneki dodges all the attacks until the saw becomes stuck in the wall. Kaneki takes the opportunity to run, kicking Taro on the side of the head as he leaps over his shoulder, but it has little effect. While running, Kaneki's legs become numb and he falls. The coffee he was served was spiked and he is losing mobility. Taro kicks Kaneki into the wall then picks him up by the neck and strangles him. As the crowed cheers and Taro exhibits his enthusiasm, Kaneki's vision blurs. Kaneki's kakugan activates and the crowd is shocked to see a one-eyed ghoul. In a burst of anger, Kaneki forces his way out of Taro's grip and punches him away. Madam A orders Taro to get up, but he writhes in pain on the ground. Seeing that Kaneki is a legendary one-eyed ghoul, Tsukiyama is overcome with passion. Madam A and the crowed cheer until Taro gets up and approaches Kaneki, who is too weak from the drugs to fight anymore, but Tsukiyama arrives and pierces Taro through the back with his bare hands. He apologizes to the audience as he has to take Kaneki off the menu, so offers Taro in his stead. Tsukiyama critically injures Taro, and while he lays dying, Madam A insults him until he cries. Tsukiyama approaches Kaneki and plays the whole thing off as a joke, but leans in and sniffs him. He thinks of what a treasure Kaneki is and plans to make him all his.

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