Dove (白鳩, Shirohato) is the third episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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Doctor Asaki Fueguchi is attending a patient when he gets an unwelcome visit. With a threatening aura, Jason demands the doctor make him new pliers before leaving the terrified Fueguchi family, promising to return. At Anteiku, Ken Kaneki is becoming accustomed to his new job as a waiter and a ghoul. Manager Yoshimura teaches him to brew coffee, but Kaneki feels the quality is not as good as the manager's coffee yet. Yoshimura explains Anteiku's purpose as a special place in the 20th Ward. It is a place where ghouls and humans converge and it is important that ghouls learn about humans to blend into their society. He remarks that he likes humans before sending Kaneki downstairs to help his coworker, leaving him wondering in what way he likes them. Kaneki reaches the service area of the cafe where Hideyoshi Nagachika has made a surprise visit. He came to thank Touka Kirishima for helping them after the "accident" as Hide made no indication he remembered the incident with Nishiki Nishio. Hide leaves and right away, Touka warns Kaneki that if his friend ever found out they were ghouls, she would kill him. Kaneki is shocked, but before they can continue their conversation, they are visited by Ryouko and Hinami Fueguchi. Touka hurriedly orders towels for them to dry from the rain before letting them see Yoshimura. Kaneki asks about them, but Touka snaps at him and refuses to tell him about their situation. Touka asks if Yoshimura has told him about the guys in suits yet.

At the CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office a meeting is being held to discus critical ghoul investigations. The meeting is being held by Itsuki Marude who is wrapping up his report about the potential of a rising ghoul gang in the 11th Ward. Afterwards, Koutarou Amon introduces himself and delivers his report on the investigation about the binge eater, Jason, and the pliers his partner found. Marude is impressed with Amon and after short banter with Kureo Mado, orders them to lead the investigation in the 20th Ward. Marude then addresses the room and reminds the investigators what CCG's purpose is before adjourning the meeting: to eradicate all ghouls in Tokyo. After the meeting, Mado and Amon speak about their freedom to investigate the 20th Ward. Thinking of all the dangerous ghouls, Mado grows excited. At Anteiku, Yoshimura teaches Kaneki how to eat human food. After Kaneki vomits on his first try, Yoshimura shows him special techniques. He then gives Kaneki special "sugar cubes" to curb his hunger and while they are on the subject of food, Yoshimura asks Kaneki to help acquire food on Touka's behalf as she is busy studying. The idea terrifies him, but he agrees. That night, Kaneki accompanies Renji Yomo to pick up food where he learns that Anteiku scavenges for suicide victims.

Mado and Amon wander the streets at night, tricking a ghoul into attacking them. Caught off guard, the ghoul is subdued then interrogated about Jason's pliers. Providing no information, Mado kills him. At Anteiku, Yoshimura tells Kaneki that he should have a mask and asks Touka to take him to get one made. She is annoyed and reluctant, but Yoshimura convinces her once he says that there are Doves in the area. The next day she takes him to HySy ArtMask Studio where they meet Uta. Kaneki is immediately put off by Uta's strange behavior, who introduces himself by scaring him and invading his personal space. Uta takes Kaneki's measurements and asks questions that seem unrelated. He eventually asks if he is interested in Touka, but Kaneki finds her scary. However, Uta thinks she is a hard worker and explains the difficult lives she and other ghouls live, especially when they associate with humans. After his fitting, Kaneki has a new appreciation for Touka and the staff of Anteiku. Feeling worthless, he asks Touka about Hinami's situation again and insists on wanting to help. Relenting, Touka explains that Hinami has to be away from her father and is acting more differently than usual because of it. Understanding the situation better, he then asks why he needs a mask. Touka is annoyed that Yoshimura did not explain anything, so she tells him it is to protect his identity from investigators.

During their investigation, Amon and Mado corner two ghouls and again ask about Jason's pliers. They know nothing, so Mado attacks them both, but one survives. At Anteiku, Kaneki musters up the courage to speak with Hinami, but walks in on her eating. Terrified, he rushes back downstairs. He talks to his co-worker, Enji Koma, about it and he agrees that it is an awkward situation. Koma gives Kaneki a cup of coffee to give to Hinami as an apology. Kaneki brings Hinami the coffee, apologizes, then turns to leave when Hinami asks what he is. Kaneki tries to explain that he is both human and ghoul, but Hinami senses his discomfort, so apologizes too. Kaneki quickly changes the subject and they begin to talk about her art, family, and the book she is reading. The book is Monochrome Rainbow by Sen Takatsuki and they immediately start bonding. Kaneki teaches her kanji and promises to teach her more. Elsewhere, the ghoul who survived Mado and Amon meets with one of his friends and they talk about how the 20th Ward has become dangerous with the increase in investigators and dangerous ghouls. The injured ghoul complains about his wounds until his companion suggests he go see Dr. Fueguchi, then is immediately killed. Mado and Amon had been watching and now feel that they have another piece to the puzzle. Hinami and her mother visit Anteiku and Hinami is in a much better mood to everyone's relief. Soon after they head upstairs, Anteiku is visited by a strange man with a strong presence.

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