Old Nines (旧九, Kyūkyū) is the eighth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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During Ken Kaneki's visit with Yoshimura, he asks for information about the One-Eyed Owl, and is told the tragic tale of a young ghoul named Kuzen. Kuzen is a strong ghoul who kills anyone in his way as a means of survival. His strength and brutality gains the attention of an organization who hire him to kill. Despite being in the organization, Kuzen still felt lonely and like he did not belong. He meets a waitress at the cafe he frequents and they start a relationship. Ukina discovers he is a ghoul, but before Kuzen can kill her, she embraces and accepts him. Their relationship grows and Ukina eventually becomes pregnant. Kuzen explains to her that a child between a ghoul and human cannot survive, but Ukina is determined to make a "miracle" happen. She gives birth to a healthy baby one-eyed ghoul, but the organization Kuzen works for disapproves of their family. Ukina is killed while they try to escape and Kuzen hides their baby to go fight their pursuers. He slaughters them, but when he returns to the hiding place, the baby is gone. Years later, emerged Owl who hated the world. Yoshimura confirms the Owl is his child.

The Anteiku employees and their friends enjoy their time peacefully. Despite Anteiku being unusually busy, the mood is light and energetic. Touka Kirishima has not returned to work yet, but after meeting Ken Kaneki, her anxiety slightly subsides and she is better able to enjoy her school life. With college on the horizon, she and Yoriko Kosaka are more concerned with the future. When Touka eventually returns to Anteiku, it is still busier than usual, but they manage at the end of the day. Enji Koma says that if things got really bad they would have to bring in their "ultimate weapon". When Hinami Fueguchi asks, it turns out that Renji Yomo used to work at Anteiku as a waiter. His coffee was excellent, however his manners left much to be be desired. After they close up, Touka goes to finish packing because she Hinami are staying with Yomo while Anteiku is being renovated. However, before Yomo brings them to to his place, he speaks with Yoshimura to confirm some bad news.

After visiting Anteiku, Yukinori Shinohara files a report. Itsuki Marude had read it, but questions Shinohara's lack of evidence. Shinohara is going by instinct and Marude finds it difficult to turn down a trusted veteran. Despite asking Shinohara about his report, Marude had already sent out a recon team. As information trickles in, the CCG office because lively with investigators darting to and fro Shinohara to exchange intel. This piques Hideyoshi Nagachika's interest who asks Seidou Takizawa what is going on. Takizawa is dismissive however, and plays ignorant before quickly leaving.

After Anteiku closes, Shinohara makes a sudden visit and asks if he can come in despite it being after hours. Yoshimura allows him and they drink together. Shinohara asks about the recipe, and Yoshimura divulges his intimate knowledge about coffee. The discussion quickly forms into an analogy about coffee beans and the importance of treating each individual one differently to bring out its full potential. Shinohara tries to pay before he leaves, but Yoshimura insists it be on the house. With understanding, Shinohara leaves accepting the offer. After he leaves, Koma and Kaya Irimi emerge reporting that their work is done and to have a final cup of coffee with Yoshimura. Yoshimura looks out the window and tells Ukina that his wish did not come true. Itsuki Marude and Yoshitoki Washuu ask CCG's chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu to authorize the operation to eliminate the Owl.Their target is Anteiku.

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