Incubation (孵化, Fuka) is the second episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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Still refusing his new found ghoul nature, Ken Kaneki refuses to indulge in human flesh. He is disgusted as Touka Kirishima tries to force feed him and is beaten after he refers to ghouls as monsters. Touka has no sympathy for Kaneki's plight, so continues to assault and invalidate his issues as inferior to hers. Manager Yoshimura appears to stop Touka and remind her of Anteiku's purpose. Yoshimura invites Kaneki in for coffee and learns that it is the only thing ghouls can consume aside from humans. However, coffee cannot satisfy a ghoul's hunger, so he gives Kaneki a parcel and invites him to come back for more. After Kaneki leaves, Touka asks Yoshimura about why he would help him, and he tells her about the recent incident that has been on the news. Touka is shocked to learn that the individuals involved were Kaneki and Rize Kamishiro and that Rize was declared dead. Yoshimura believes that after the organ transplant Kaneki's body is becoming more like a ghoul's.

Kaneki returns home and sits in the dark, fighting his urge to eat the meat Yoshimura gave him. As his hunger intensifies, it becomes so overwhelming that he begins to hallucinate Rize. She taunts him about his half ghoul nature and tempts him to give into his hunger. Before he caves in he gets a text message from his best friend, Hideyoshi Nagachika and tosses the meat away. The next day, he returns to school and is greeted enthusiastically by Hide who regales Kaneki with what he had been up to recently. After the greeting, Kaneki remembers back to his childhood when Hide would greet him the same way when he was gone from school for a long time. After Hide shakes him out of his thoughts, he invites Kaneki to meet his upperclassmen. On the way, Hide's observant nature makes Kaneki uneasy. When Kaneki and Hide arrive at the classroom, they walk in on Hide's acquaintance and his girlfriend having an intimate moment, then she runs off embarrassed. The awkward moment quickly dissolves and Hide introduces Kaneki. To Kaneki's shock, it turns out that the upperclassmen is Nishiki Nishio, the ghoul who threatened Kaneki earlier. Nishiki acts casually then invites Hide to his home to retrieve something. Afraid for Hide's life, Kaneki insists he come along and Nishiki allows him.

On their way to Nishiki's home, Nishiki offers to buy them food. Kaneki is amazed to see that Nishiki can somehow eat human food and how well he blends into human society. They speak with each other casually until they reach an overpass where Nishiki attacks Hide and Kaneki. Nishiki punts Hide further beneath the overpass and forcefully tries to get Kaneki to reveal his intentions for Hide. After injuring Kaneki, Nishiki vomits the food he ate earlier onto Hide, who had been knocked unconscious, and taunts Kaneki by threatening to hurt his friend further. Kaneki tries to stop him, but he's too weak. Nishiki continues to torment Kaneki and ask him about his intentions, but he denies stalking Hide for food. Considering the fight over, Nishiki approaches Hide and is glad to see Kaneki is still conscious. Before he can engage, Hide grabs Nishiki's pant leg even though he appears unconscious. Nishiki is about to kill Hide when Kaneki recalls first meeting Hide as a child and becoming friends right away. Filled with memories of his best friend, Kaneki summons his Kagune for the first time. Kaneki defeats Nishiki, but is overcome with hunger. He hallucinates Rize again who tempts Kaneki until he forfeits to his hunger and is about to eat Hide. However, Touka intervenes and unable to reason with him, they engage in a fight.

Kaneki wakes up in Anteiku with the taste of blood in his mouth. Yoshimura checks up on him and takes him to see Hide, who is resting in another room. His immediate relief dissipates as he is over come with anxiety over what he almost did and the taste of blood in his mouth. Yoshimura admits that Kaneki was fed while he was asleep to satisfy his hunger or he would have killed his friend. Feeling more alone than ever, Kaneki begins to crumble, but Yoshimura assures him that with the way he is now, he has a place in both the ghoul and human world. Yoshimura invites him to join Anteiku sure that he can find the path he needs and hopes that he can understand ghouls. Kaneki accepts and Yoshimura takes him to learn how to make coffee. Left alone, Hide opens his eyes and smiles to himself. Elsewhere, Koutarou Amon and his partner, Kureo Mado just arrive at the 20th Ward and are investigating the binge eater and Jason cases. Mado finds their first major clue in the case - the pliers Rize stole from Jason then threw away.

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