Permeation (透過, Tōka) is the seventh episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Hinami Fueguchi continues to worry about Ken Kaneki and how his activities affect others, especially, Touka Kirishima. After watching her vigorously study to get into Kamii University, she asks Nishiki Nishio about love. It is hard for him to explain, but says it is when one wants to spend time with someone else and do things for them. Afterwards to quell Hinami's concerns, Shuu Tsukiyama reassures her that Kaneki is alive and takes her to a cafe they once visited. While Tsukiyama is in the bathroom, Sen Takatsuki arrives and Hinami divulges her problems to her. Takatsuki gives her painful, but honest, advice about how she is unable to help Kaneki as she is now. Takatsuki leaves, but not before giving Hinami her business card to call her if she needs help.

After leaving the cafe, Takatsuki goes to the CCG and asks to have an interview with someone from the staff. Although interviews are closed to the public, an exception was made because of her celebrity status, so Yukinori Shinohara and Juuzou Suzuya discuss with her. Takatsuki plans to write a novel about ghouls in the future and wants some questions answered. Namely, if artificial ghouls can be made by putting a ghoul's body parts into a human. Shinohara doubts the possibility and does not understand why someone would contribute to making more dangerous creatures. Their interview ends, but before Takatsuki leaves, she tells Shinohara a rumor about a cafe in the 20th Ward.

Kaneki continues to be troubled by his degrading mentality and is plagued by nightmares. After a night of unrest, he goes back to Anteiku to speak with Yoshimura. Yoshimura, who has been concerned about Kaneki and trying to gather information on him, agrees to speak privately. Hinami arrives and is told by Roma Hoito that Kaneki is there. She goes to the library to inform Touka who catches up with Kaneki on a bridge after he had left. Kaneki explains his intentions in joining Aogiri Tree as wanting to protect her and Anteiku. Touka does not believe him however and claims that he is doing it out of selfishness. After he continues to lie to her, Touka attempts to fight him. Kaneki easily dodges her attacks until Touka demands he not return to Anteiku, throwing him off guard. She assaults him, wondering why he had to change before leaving him beaten. Kaneki wonders why as well.

Juuzou and Shinohara visit Anteiku and have a meal while they ask Yoshimura some questions. Shinohara is investigating the whereabouts of Kaneki and came to Anteiku because it was his previous place of employment. Yoshimura claims they had lost contact with Kaneki since he disappeared two months ago and the only information he could offer was that Kaneki at the time had just undergone an organ transplant, but was constantly sick. Feeling familiar to him, Shinohara asks if he and Yoshimura had met before, but Yoshimura denies it. Their meals and investigation finished, Juuzou and Shinohara complement the service before leaving. Shinohara plans to return.

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