Thousand Paths (千路, Senro) is the sixth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Ever since Ken Kaneki had activated his kakuja he has been unable to control it. He suffers random spasms that cause him immense pain and his kakuja destroys everything when he is unable to contain it. Holding it back takes much willpower that leaves him exhausted. Meanwhile, his participation in the Second Cochlea Raid has further increased his reputation as a dangerous ghoul as the entire 23rd Ward is now considered a danger zone. Rumors about him spread among humans and ghouls and he has become a subject of fear and fascination. Anteiku's new clumsy employee, Roma Hoito, is infatuated with him and pesters Hinami Fueguchi for information. Touka Kirishima, who has been missing work to study for her entrance exams, also cannot escape the rumors about Kaneki as he is the topic of misinformed whispers. His reputation at the CCG does not fare any better as Yukinori Shinohara has survived his encounter with Kaneki and confirms that he is a dangerous kakuja.

After Shinohara’s hospitalization, Juuzou Suzuya has been spending his time alone. He relaxes at the zoo until a passing by parent and child triggers his memories. He remembers his days as a Scrapper under Big Madam and racking up "Good Boy Points" with torture as the prize. He was rescued when the CCG invaded the Ghoul Restaurant during a dismantling show and he was left behind in the ring. The CCG took him in, but his behavior made him difficult to work with so the investigators working on his case were ready to mark him as unfit to interact with other humans. Shinohara disagrees with them and thinks that Juuzou should be regarded as a victim. Afterwards, Shinohara takes him as his partner. Juuzou's memory ends and he is approached by Shinohara who had just been released by from the hospital. He takes an interest in Juuzou's drawing of giraffes, which Juuzou likes to imagine with their guts spilling out. Juuzou asks if Owl is strong, which Shinohara confirms, exciting him. Shinohara brings up his mortality, but Juuzou is unconcerned with death. However, Shinohara says that he would be sad if Juuzou died. Afterwards, they happily leave to eat together.

After what he experienced at Cochlea, Amon has been bothered by the prospect of humans turning into ghouls. He investigates Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa and something about Eyepatch also weighs on his mind. After bumping into Hideyoshi Nagachika, who brings up Eyepatch and calls him "scary", Amon tries to shake the strange feeling off. Trying to get Eyepatch off his mind, he agrees to get dinner with Seidou Takizawa and invites Akira Mado. She joins this time, but she and Takizawa end up engaging in a drunken argument. Takizawa is called back to work leaving Akira and Amon alone to confront their feelings. Akira holds many grudges; she despises Owl and Rabbit for killing her parents, the CCG's achievement system and the mentality behind it that caused her father to be held back and ridiculed, herself for feeling like she also held him back, and Amon for not protecting her father. Amon agrees that her father's death was his fault, but says he will protect her as his mentor's daughter. After Akira passes out drunk, Amon takes her to her apartment and tries to take care of her. After misunderstanding Akira’s intentions and interpreting her loneliness for her father as advancements, Amon punishes himself by doing push-ups all night on the balcony. The next day Akira teases him as a pervert over breakfast, but apologizes for being a burden.

Yoshitoki Washuu holds a meeting with the group of investigators hand chosen as the Owl suppression team. It has been concluded that Owl is the leader of Aogiri Tree and their top priority is locating it and Aogiri's base and wiping them out.

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