Rift (裂目, Sakeme) is the fifth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Reuniting for the first time since their days in the Academy, Juuzou Suzuya, Kurona Yasuhisa, and Nashiro Yasuhisa recall their time as cadets. After hearing a lecture from Koutarou Amon the twins and their friend Shizuku Kawakami approach him about becoming ghoul investigators. After being reassured that women can becoming noteworthy investigators they become hopeful for the future. However Shizuku dies sometime after and Kurona and Nashiro mourn her death. After visiting her grave they run into Juuzou and are disturbed by his lack of sympathy. He does not see the significance of Shizuku dying and is annoyed by Kurona and Nashiro’s disapproval. Kurona stops her sister from confronting him after she notices Juuzou vigorously killing ants. In Cochlea Juuzou enjoys fighting the twins who have difficulty keeping up with him. They are able to disarm him of his 13's (Juuzou's) Jason and think they have the upper hand until he reveals his hidden quinque knives. Juuzou assaults Kurona until she collapses then attempts to kill her sister to further punish her. After Juuzou severely injures Nashiro, Kurona takes her and runs.

Kousuke Houji and Seidou Takizawa arrive at Cochlea to find all the guards dead. Tatara emerges from the control room and confronts Houji, demanding Fei and Yan back. Unable to return them, Houji instead draws out his quinque. They fight until Houji becomes exhausted and Takizawa backs him up by firing at Tatara from afar. Tatara recognizes Takizawa's quinque as "Fei" and notes that Takizawa is one of Houji's men. An alarm sounds and Tatara retreats as the place fills with CRc gas.

Ayato Kirishima continues to fight Yukinori Shinohara but is unable to overcome him while he is wearing Arata. As he is about to be defeated, Ayato is overcome with memories of his childhood. He remembers his father reading him and his sister a bedtime story before leaving in the middle of the night. Shinohara is shocked by the distant look on his face before he collapses. Shinohara is then attacked by Ken Kaneki using his kakuja. He manages to damage Kaneki's kakuhou, but Shinohara discovers he has multiple as Kaneki regenerates more tentacles. He is further taken aback as Kaneki's sanity decreases and Kaneki lands a hard hit against Shinohara.

Amon helps Akira Mado walk as they wait for reinforcements to arrive. As they pass a hallway they notice Kurona and Nashiro resting. Amon and the twins recognize each other and the girls take off. Amon notices they each have a single kakugan and the possibility of humans becoming ghouls haunts him. As they continue they notice that the CRc gas has been deployed and assume that Aogiri must have left. They encounter Kaneki who appears to be eating Shinohara, infuriating Amon. Amon fights him and expresses his disappointment over Kaneki being like any other ghoul. As Amon is about to defeat him, Kaneki expresses regret and retracts his kagune while crying. The One-Eyed Owl then descends from an upper level bringing a cascade of corpses with it. It grabs Ayato and Kaneki then flees.

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