Deeper Layers (深層, Shinsō) is the fourth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Itsuki Marude and Yoshitoki Washuu discuss future operations. With Aogiri Tree’s increased influence Yoshitoki has been asked to participate in the front lines again. Yoshitoki asks Marude to be his second-in-command despite the botched 11th Ward Battle. Still no closer to learning Owl’s identity they decide to consult the ghoul, Priest, and have sent Koutarou Amon to interrogate him.

Amon recalls his past in the orphanage under the care of Donato Porpora. After walking in on him dismembering one of his friend’s corpses, Donato denounces their pretend family and Amon wonders why he was the only one left alive. Making their way through Cochlea, Akira Mado wonders why they are visiting, but Amon refuses to answer. While Akira looks through Donato’s file and concludes that rumors about Amon are true, Amon interrogates Donato in private. Donato claims to not know anything about Aogiri or Owl, so not having any of his questions answered, Amon prepares to leave. However, Donato mentions Amon’s crucifix, which Amon has decided to wear as remembrance.

Cochlea comes under attack by Aogiri and all armed personnel and investigators inside engage with them. Aogiri frees many of the prisoners and they join forces to combat the CCG personnel. Ayato Kirishima and Ken Kaneki are among the infantry and after descending far enough, split up for individual missions. Tatara and Noro slaughter personnel in mass while Eto gleefully watches. During the fray, Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa sneak in to find Kaneki. Akira and Amon try to survive against Naki and Gagi and Guge until backup arrives. Akira is almost attacked by Naki, but Naki is instead injured by her chimera quinque, Amatsu. Distracted by the pain, Akira tosses a Control Rc gas grenade weakening Naki’s and all the other ghoul’s in the area kagune. Naki still manages to fight and takes a bit from Akira’s leg. Amon saves her, but has to defend them both from the horde of ghouls. Amon rejects Akira’s offer to leave her behind and instead carries her to safety.

Receiving a distress call from Kousuke Houji, Yukinori Shinohara and Juuzou Suzuya arrive at Cochlea. Juuzou quickly separates from Shinohara and slaughters ghouls until he meets Kurona and Nashiro. They recognize each other but Kurona and Nashiro are unhappy to see Juuzou, who they knew as “Rei” before his admittance as an investigator. Juuzou questions them on why they chose to become ghouls. The twins state that they found the world to be a twisted place. Juuzou expresses desire to see what would happen if one twin were to die and they prepare fight. Ayato runs into Shinohara in a cleared area and they begin to fight. Ayato is a difficult opponent, so Shinohara equips Arata. Ayato recognizes the quinque as his father and becomes angered, attacking Shinohara more furiously. Kaneki reaches another vacant part of the prison where the cells are kept. He opens a cell to free Shachi who attacks him after he notes that Kaneki smells like Rize. They fight, but Shachi overpowers Kaneki, sending him through a wall. Before Shachi can finish him off, Eto arrives and asks him if he would like to see Rize. They leave Kaneki alone in the next room surrounded by the bodies of prisoners. He cannibalizes the corpses triggering his kakuja.

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