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Hanged Man (吊人, Tsurushibito) is the third episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.



Ken Kaneki and Ayato Kirishima stop a truck that is transporting Naki, the subordinate of Yamori. The twins, Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa, attack Kaneki then reveal their faces, revealing that they are one-eyed ghouls. They then disappear while Kaneki and Ayato secure Naki who bursts from a flaming truck. Naki fights Ayato while screaming for Yamori until Ayato subdues him. He throws a tantrum believing that it was his feelings that caused the truck to explode and becomes further agitated when Ayato calls him an idiot. Later in an abandoned mall, Naki ruins a toy store, grieving over Yamori's death. He tries to write Yamori's name on the floor with a red crayon, but does not know how. Kaneki writes Yamori's name with a black crayon in hiragana for him, confirming for Naki that it reads the name he wants. As he leaves, Eto observes Kaneki from afar with Tatara. Elsewhere, Aogiri Tree guards gossip about Kaneki. It is rumored that Kaneki is strong and that he had cannibalized Yamori. Shuu Tsukiyama becomes excited over the news and exposes himself as one of the guards in disguise. Kazuichi Banjou, Ichimi, Jiro, and Sante arrive as backup. They capture one of the guards and interrogate him.

While sitting in Touka Kirishima’s apartment, Hinami Fueguchi reads an excerpt from The Hanged Man's MacGuffin out loud and Touka asks her if she is enjoying her book. Hinami tells her about Sen Takatsuki’s book signing and Touka asks if she would like to be be taken. A news broadcast comes on and reports an incident on Shuto Expressway. Witness reports claim that a truck was attacked by ghouls lead by a figure with an eyepatch. Before the news reporter finishes, Touka turns off the television. Hinami believes that Kaneki must have a reason, but Touka does not want anything mentioned about him anymore because he is no longer part of Anteiku. After shutting Hinami down, Touka turns in for the night. The next day at Anteiku, Kaya Irimi notices that Touka looks gloomy and they talk about the incident with Hinami. Enji Koma offers to be their mediator, but Irimi gets him to leave. Irimi convinces Touka to be the bigger person because she is older, so she tries to take the opportunity when Hinami arrives. However, Hinami is dressed up in Touka’s cloths and says that she is going to Takatsuki’s book signing by herself. She rejects Touka’s offer to accompany her because she does not want to be a burden. Touka is concerned, but Irimi reassures her because Koma is following Hinami. Nishiki Nishio enters Anteiku and proudly talks about Hinami growing up. Embarrassed, Touka tries to attack him, but he is unfazed. Nishiki should have been at Kamii University, but came because he forgot his notebook. Remembering that Touka is applying to the same school, he offers to give her a tour.

Touka goes with him to Kamii, but Nishiki only shows her part of the school before going to meet Kimi Nishino. She wanders the rest of the school alone before she finds a missing persons poster for Kaneki. It is suddenly taken down by Hideyoshi Nagachika and they come face to face. They sit together for coffee and Touka asks Hide to tell her about Kaneki. He explains a bit about Kaneki’s past and how he was the lead in a school play. He was a surprisingly good actor, but always seemed to be wearing masks. Hide figured it was to keep things bottled up inside and perhaps he left because it was too much. Touka tries to cheer him up and Hide tells her about Kaneki’s “tell”. She would know if he is hiding something if he touches his chin. While Touka tours the campus, Hinami arrives to the signing event where Takatsuki arrives late. Hinami tells Takatsuki that the book is a present for Kaneki, making her pause. Takatsuki asks Hinami if Kaneki is her boyfriend, but, flustered, Hinami replies that he is her older brother figure. Takatsuki thinks their relationship is adorable and signs Hinami's book before she departs. She thinks about Kaneki after Hinami leaves.

Yukinori Shinohara takes Juuzou Suzuya to the CCG Laboratory Division to retrieve his new quinque. They are greeted by Kouitsu Chigyou who takes them to another part of the facility where he reveals Juuzou's quinque made from Jason. Excited, Juuzou grabs his new quinque and destroys a large block of quinque steel. He asks Shinohara if he could name it and is informed that investigators are free to name their quinque. Juuzou names it 13's (Juuzou's) Jason. At the CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office, Kousuke Houji and Seidou Takizawa conduct research in the archives. Something Akira Mado said had been bothering Houji, so he searched through old articles until something caught his interest. Later Takizawa sorted through documents on his own and was approached by Hide making a delivery. Hide began asking him about his research and ghouls, displaying above average insight. Takizawa spoke to him freely about Naki, Eyepatch, and several ghoul organizations until Akira arrives and chastises him. She notes Hide’s unusual knowledge about ghouls, but he cuts their conversation short citing work as an excuse to leave. After Houji and Takizawa finish gathering information, they hold a meeting to discuss their new theories about Eyepatch. Houji brings up the accident from four months ago that involved Kaneki and a woman. Shortly after the accident, both Kaneki and the doctor who performed the organ transplant disappeared. Akira notices that Kaneki happened to be a Kamii student.


  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • The episode incorporates plot points and scenes from the manga alongside its own storyline exclusive to Root A.
    • The book signing scene only features Hinami and Sen Takatsuki, whereas in the manga, Kaneki was there too.