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Dancing Flowers (舞花, Buka) is the second episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.



An investigation conference is held with all the Special Class investigators in attendance except for Kishou Arima. Kiyoko Aura wonders about his absence and Mougan Tanakamaru thinks him being a no-show is rude. Itsuki Marude thinks this behavior is expected of him, but Koori Ui also dislikes that he skipped while Yukinori Shinohara came straight after being discharged from the hospital. Yoshitoki Washuu arrives and they begin their meeting about Aogiri Tree and how it is centered around the "ghoul with the eyepatch". Since the 11th Ward Battle, Aogiri has aggressively been dominating the neighboring wards. As "the ghoul with the eyepatch" has been leading these attacks and is a suspect in the death of Kureo Mado, Yoshitoki asks Shinohara to investigate him. Aogiri appears to have a pattern in their attacks, so Yoshitoki predicts that either the 3rd Ward or 13th Ward will be next. He wants to call reinforcements from all the remaining wards and Kyouji Misaka is concerned this also means the 23rd Ward. Yoshitoki tells him that Cochlea is no exception and proceeds to discuss Owl's involvement. Yoshitoki is concerned about their rapid progression and wants to prevent another incident like the one from ten years ago. After the meeting Shinohara and Kuroiwa discuss Owl in private. Kuroiwa fought in the first Owl extermination where many died while Shinohara fought in the second where no one died. Kuroiwa feels that his encounters with Owl were different and shares his theories. Shinohara thinks that they should keep it between them for now. After their discussion, Shinohara is approached by someone and they make brief small-talk before he hands Shinohara his delivery. Hideyoshi Nagachika continues his rounds as the CCG's new part-timer.

The staff at Anteiku prepare to reopen after the break-in. Nishiki Nishio complains about the heavy workload and wants to take a break, but Enji Koma is disappointed that he is tired already when Hinami Fueguchi is working hard. Nishiki approaches Hinami and tries to convince her to take a break. After a fruitless effort, Nishiki is pestered by Hetare. Nishiki becomes angered after Hetare defecates on him and tries to catch him. Koma becomes annoyed and asks him to calm down. Nishiki remembers Touka Kirishima and wonders where she is. Kaya Irimi responds that she is at school studying for her exams. Nishiki is surprised to learn that Touka is trying to get into Kamii University because it is a difficult school to get into. Irimi says it is because she needs a goal to work towards. At Kiyomi High School, Touka has lunch with Yoriko Kosaka and had told her she was robbed to explain the injuries. Yoriko is glad that she will be able to go back to work soon, but Touka is more focused on studying. Later after Touka leaves the bathroom, she overhears students talking about evacuation drills because of the recent ghoul attacks. The students wish that ghouls would die, leaving Touka bitter, and angry at Kaneki. That night she and Yoriko stay late after school to study. On their way home, Yoriko asks what Touka's sudden motivation is and is surprised that she wants to go to Kamii. Yoriko concludes that Touka is following her "boyfriend", to Touka's dismay. They later part ways and Touka is left sad. She returns to work where they celebrate their reopening. Itori and Uta make a surprise visit and Uta gives Hinami a cockatiel mask.

Seidou Takizawa watches Juuzou Suzuya stitch his arm discontentedly and demands that he stop because of what civilians might think. Annoyed, Juuzou threatens to stitch his mouth shut which angers Takizawa who refuses to see him as his rank equal. Shinohara arrives and breaks up their bickering. Kousuke Houji arrives and Shinohara asks him about Koutarou Amon because he wanted to tell him about his new partner. Houji informs him that he went to visit Kureo Mado. At the graveyard, Amon speaks to Mado's grave and informs it of his current investigations and that he has been promoted. A woman arrives holding flowers and asks Amon what business he has with her father. She places the flowers on Mado's grave and Amon asks her who she is. The woman introduces herself as Akira Mado, his new partner. They return to the office and Takizawa is unhappy to see Akira. Shinohara informs Amon that they were classmates and had a rivalry. They begin a meeting and Shinohara informs the group that a conference was recently held about Aogiri Tree and Owl. The ghoul now given the alias "Eyepatch" is also a high priority suspect and the 20th Ward is being considered as a potential Aogiri territory because that is where he was first encountered. Takizawa interjects that perhaps other high priority ghouls located in the 20th Ward are part of Aogiri too, but Akira disagrees. Akira shares her research and ideas and Takizawa challenges her every step only to be frustrated. She concludes that another organization is probably running the 20th Ward and Shinohara approves of the idea. After the meeting, Amon asks Akira to try and get along with Takizawa and she gives him a dismissive agreement. He asks her to speak to him more politely as her superior, but Akira gives him a long winded response about why that would be a waste of time. Later in the bathroom Amon consults Shinohara who advises him to invite her out for dinner. Amon follows his advice, but when he invites Akira out, she rejects him because she does not eat after nine p.m. Amon is left so shocked that Shinohara checks on him.

Since joining Aogiri Kaneki has teamed up with Ayato Kirishima to raid CCG headquarters causing the deaths of many ghoul investigators. As Kaneki rests with a cup of coffee at an Aogiri base, Ayato retrieves him for another mission. They rendezvous at an abandoned subway station where Eto, who is excited to see them arrive, is waiting with other grunts. Ayato and Kaneki leave for the city flanked by troops where they wait for a convoy to attack. The troops attack first while Kaneki and Ayato wait on the rooftop of a building. Kuro and Shiro watch them from afar. Despite waiting with the troops Eto did not join the raid and wandered off alone. She enters a lavish area with many books and retreats farther back into a room where she undresses. She smiles and calls out to Kaneki.


  • This episode is adapted from:
  • The scenes featuring Kaneki's missions with Aogiri are part of the anime only, and parallel his role in the manga as leader of his gang. Anteiku's scenes in the episode are exclusive to the anime as well.