New Surge (新洸, Shinkō) is the first episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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Hideyoshi Nagachika, upon seeing that Anteiku is closed, rides his bike to find Ken Kaneki. Meanwhile in the 11th ward, after defeating Yamori, Kaneki walks towards the exit of the torture building and wears his mask. Owl asks the ghoul investigators about the young man who took his arms in the battle ten years ago, and tells Yukinori Shinohara that he looks to have become successful as well and that he should have taken his dominant arm in their encounter in the past just like how he did with his superior. Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa decide that they must fight Owl and tells the other investigators to leave and finish off Aogiri Tree with the exception of Take Hirako. However, Koutarou Amon refuses to go. Kuroiwa and Shinohara activate their Arata proto, a kakuja quinque, then proceed to fight Owl. Hirako and Amon are able to land a hit on Owl, but his wounds regenerate quickly. They continue to fight and Shinohara, realizing that they are losing, decides to use their last resort. He and Kuroiwa activate a new function on their armor boosting its strength, but as a consequence, it eats at their bodies. Shinohara and Kuroiwa manage to put up a fight against Owl, but stop as Arata continues to eat Shinohara. Kuroiwa goes to Shinohara while Owl makes a speech about people trying to justify killing, but taking away someone's life is still evil. He tells them that if a soul does exist in Arata, then he has no plans of helping them. The area begins to shake and a part of the building is about to fall on Kuroiwa and Shinohara, but Owl saves them by destroying the debris. Owl retreats. Kuroiwa and Shinohara tell Hirako and Amon to take shelter and they will leave once they remove their Aratas. They try to leave, and Kuroiwa wants to say something about the Owl, but he then shrugs it off. Amon sees Kaneki passing by and wonders if he has been fighting too. Itsuki Marude asks for the casualty reports, and upon being told that roughly half of the investigators made it out alive, he throws away his earpiece in his fury and curses Owl.

Shuu Tsukiyama hits Noro with his kagune, but his attacks fail to harm him. Uta surprise attacks Noro from behind by piercing his stomach with his hands, but was surprised to see that Noro had no reaction. Yomo tells Uta to hold him while he kicks Noro hard enough to sever his upper body from the shoulders. Noro then displays astonishing healing abilities by reattaching himself, impressing everyone because his abilities are beyond that of a ghoul, and Tsukiyama wonders what he would taste like. Noro then walks away, while the three decided to leave him and continue to go forward. Kazuichi Banjou, Jiro, Ichimi, and Sante are sitting in their cell, wondering if this is how they die, but Tsukiyama arrives and saves them.

Touka Kirishima faces Ayato Kirishima and states that Aogiri Tree is not good for anything. Ayato states that ghouls can never coexist with humans as they fight. Ayato overpowers Touka and after he comments on her weak kagune he proceeds to eat it after pinning her down. After biting off Touka's kagune, Ayato says that it tastes foul and he proceeds to make a speech on how the world is run by power. He tells Touka that she is weak, and that is why she loses. Ayato walks away from Touka, but is enraged upon hearing his sister calling for their father. He tries to attack Touka again, but Kaneki appears and saves her before she gets hit. Kaneki tells Nishiki Nishio to look after Touka as he fights Ayato. After Ayato wounds him, Kaneki, as he lays on the ground, tells Ayato that he knew his reason for joining Aogiri which Ayato denies. As he attacks, Kaneki manages to stand up again and kicks Ayato's stomach, prompting him to get furious and want to kill him. However, Noro appears and grabs Ayato with his kagune, leaving Kaneki alone. During their sortie, Hide watches from afar through his binoculars. Eto has also taken interest and notes to Tatara that he has become stronger.

Hide looks at the shaking lampposts, and the 11th Ward Base starts to crumble. Kaneki carries Touka on his back and leaves the rooftop with Nishiki. As the building crumbles, the ghoul investigators try to evacuate from the area. Juuzou Suzuya happily drags away the body of Yamori while humming as he leaves disregarding the danger. Hinami Fueguchi and Kaya Irimi meet Nishiki as he carries Touka, and he tells them to leave the place too as it is not safe. Kaneki leaves suddenly, worrying Nishiki. Eto asks Tatara if the others will not come and asks how many have died in his opinion. Tatara thinks that about two-hundred have died, so Eto says that for the sake of those two hundred, they have to do their share of killing too. Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa watch the event unfold from afar and are then called to by a man in a coat. Nico sits on a bench and laments the loss of his love nest and Souta tells him to not forgot about 'them' as well. Nico wears his clown mask and says that the Clowns always get the last laugh, while turning around and confirming that with a figure reflected in his mask's left eye. Kaneki sees the bodies of the dead investigators all among debris and he sees Eto smiling at him. Hide walks towards his bike and looks over at the ruined building that was Aogiri's hideout. Kaneki returns to Touka, who tells him that when they go back, he must do something about his hair as he may stand out. Kaneki tells her that he will not go back to Anteiku and that he will join Aogiri. He walks away and Touka tries to go after him, but is too fatigued and collapses. Kaneki is welcomed to Aogiri Tree by its executives with Eto the most excited waving at him, but Ayato is visibly agitated. Kaneki follows as they all leave.

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