High Spirits (衝天, Shōten) is the eleventh episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul.

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The 11th Ward becomes the center of attention as everyone focuses on Aogiri Tree. The CCG prepares for their assault, Anteiku forms their rescue plan, and Hide watches the news in concern. The CCG evacuates all civilians in the area and Anteiku calls in Tsukiyama and Uta as reinforcements.

The CCG attacks the 11th Ward Base and faces more difficulty than anticipated as sniper ghouls prevent forces from penetrating the base. Juuzou steals Marude’s motorcycle and uses it to launch himself into the base and kill the snipers. They make it inside, but many are dispatched by Aogiri’s executives. Anteiku takes advantage of the chaos by sneaking in disguised as Aogiri members. Yoshimura, Hinami, and Kaya wait outside while the rest infiltrate. They split up to find Kaneki, but Tsukiyama, Yomo, and Uta run into Noro. Touka is confronted by Amon, but he is attacked by the Bin Brothers. Touka escapes while Amon fights the Bin Brothers and defeats them with his new weapon, Kura.

While the war brews outside, Kaneki is held in Yamori’s hobby room. Tatara decided that Aogiri had no use for Kaneki, so let Yamori have him. Kaneki is periodically tortured, given brief moments of rest to regenerate. During these intervals, Banjou and his friends enter to clean and promise Kaneki to save him.

CCG’s strongest investigators have entered deepest into the base and secured several sections. They arrive to the roof, but there are no ghouls. The absence seems strange until the One-Eyed Owl appears. They call Marude and he advises to let only a small number of their finest engage who are not afraid to die. While the CCG’s attention is turned towards the Owl, Touka frantically looks for Kaneki. She is attacked by ukaku shards, but Nishiki takes the blow for her. Ayato appears and they prepare to fight.

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